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Veteran Journalist Chanda Chimba III has died

Headlines Veteran Journalist Chanda Chimba III has died

Chanda Chimba III, the producer of the infamous television documentary, dubbed "Stand up Zambia"
Chanda Chimba III, the producer of the infamous television documentary, dubbed “Stand up Zambia”

Veteran Journalist Chanda Chimba III has died after a long battle with prostrate cancer.

He died on Friday morning at Fairview Hospital in Lusaka where he was admitted.

In the run up to the 2011 general election, Mr Chimba produced controversial documentaries dubbed Stand up for Zambia which were highly critical of then opposition leader late President Michael Sata and organizations seen to have been pro PF. He was later arrested, charged and sentenced to two years in prison for producing the controversial Stand up for Zambia series on ZNBC.

Mr. Chimba was also fined 500 Kwacha each in default 6 months for count 3 and 4 in which he had been convicted for not registering his business and failure to register his publication at the National Archives. He was also convicted for disposing off property reasonably suspected to have been obtained from unlawful sources.

In his mitigation, Mr. Chimba asked the court to exercise maximum leniency as he was the 1st offender and was remorseful for his involvement in the saga.

At the time, he asked the court to take into consideration that he had a very serious illness which was stage 4 prostate cancer that was in its highest level entailing that he has to go to the Cancer Diseases Hospital for medication.

Mr. Chimba through his lawyer further asked the court to take into account that he was a family man, married with 5 children, two are in university while the other three were in primary school. He also told the court that he was also a breadwinner taking care of his ailing mother.

However, Ndola Principal Resident Magistrate Obbyster Musukwa said he took note of his mitigation for the court to consider his illness but that Mr. Chimba failed to present his medical report before the court.

In April last year, Republican President Edgar Lungu announced that he would consider exercising his prerogative of mercy and pardon Chanda Chimba, in accordance with section 1118 which deals with the release of terminally ill patients.

Upon release, Mr Chimba thanked President Edgar Lungu for pardoning him and said that he spent most of his time at the cancer diseases Hospital.

Mr Chimba further urged Zambians to avoid crime as the conditions in Prison were not good. Mr. Chimba also wished President Lungu well as he governed the country.

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  1. Hated by PF cadres , Killed by an overzealous PF aligned Judge and regarded a brave soul and Prophet by many right thinking Zambians. Go well my friend. Rest In Peace. You did your part and your predictions came true.


    • @Nostradamus
      My condolences brother, my bags are packed as your all weather friend am coming along to support brother, I know chimba ta a leufwa, but that’s past, the guy repeated. Ba PF this is chililo,, NO Pangas allowed please

    • Really laughable …he was a naive clueless Velvet monkey involved in a fight between a King Cobra and a Leopard…he should stayed well clear instead of remaining in the tree forgetting that both fighters can climb.
      I hope that patasite Tayali is also learning some lessons.

    • @jayjay
      Hau!! Jay Jay my English lozi brother, let remaind you that in lozi we don’t laugh when someone dies,,,, please find time to revisit barosteland so that you can be re-cultured,,, ,, please take back your laughable expression.

    • So he was a veteran. Waw! I thought he was just another chap. Field Ruwe, Frank Mutubila (for all his fallings, don’t we all have?), Margaret Chimanse would be classed as veteran!

      Lungu must be drunk right now!

      He led a ka lonely life for being used by one selfish RB. Chanda Chimba the 3rd really knocked the hell out’a M’membe. A tantalising and sensational freelancer journalist I must say. He managed to dig meat out’a politician’s and newspaper editor’s teeth. He really managed to expose M’membe for what he is. Holier than thou indeed. You will be remembered both for the good and the bad. I hope yours is not for the animosity in the political arena. Life is short and while you are at it, be LEVEL headed. RIP.

    • He threw it in double H’s face too. A canny individual who did it for the money. Like I said be careful with what you say nowadays, youtube and other social media platforms record your mouths and typos at their vilest tones. Those negative UPNDied comments here are weighing in for Chimba’s negativity against double H’s shots at plot one. The end game is usually self reflection. I wonder what I would say if double H died tonight. God forgive us.

    • @Jay Jay, this is not “laughable” boyi. This is not cool man. Apologise to us and Chimba’s family.

    • @Analyser Margaret Chimanse and Chanda Chimba are from the same generation. If one is called veteran then the other too must be.

    • RIP you may not agree with his methods but clearly he seems to have been visionary with regards where the PF would take us. Please greet Mr Sata for us

    • @JayJay & @Ndobo, please STOP fighting pa Chililo.
      You started above, and go on all the way down. Stop guys, in Bemba we have cultures, I don’t know much about your tribe.

  2. Look at this silly boy Chanda all that rubbish he was writing for RB against Sata only for MMD to end up in bed with PF him dying alone like stray dog…lesson for bootlickers Politicans dont have permanent enemies…

  3. This is a lesson for all cadres of PF and UPND …stop following blindly you will be used like tissue and die alone like this boy. In developed countries there is no such thing as a cadres, only members who are loyal to their Party constitution not leaders.

    • Kindly have your prostrate checked regularly for tumours; you may be in a collision course.

    • Thorn in the flesh – this has nothing to do with the cancer, do not try to spin this in that direction …this has everything to do with you dumb cadres who follow blindly to appease your equally greedy dumb selfish leaders; this boy Chanda Chimbwi as Old man Sata called him threw his ethics out of the window just to appease RB whilst misusing State machinery, what is he being remembered for? He could have done better but opted for that route.
      I am not a two faced clown who respects someone after they have died…maybe that’s what your white man’s religion teaches you.
      Wake up!!

    • Ndobo – A demon is a supernatural and often malevolent being prevalent in religion and folklore…the scriptwriters really played a number on you. Wake up from your folly and research about self. Don’t be a schmuck all the time.

    • @jayjay
      Okay!! It’s Friday and we have a funeral on our hands. You and me have one common thing, justice and fairness for all.
      I promise to take you to church after the funeral, okay!!

    • ndobo – You and your halfwit brother Nostradamus are both Sideshow Bobs always passing wind and jokes in the background on LT…even when you are serious no one takes you seriously as they think its a comedy act I mean who can take a clown with makeup on his face.
      Trot off to your brother Nostradamus!!

    • @jayjay
      Come on! Jay Jay, I won’t go down into the gutter with you, I have a strong internal locus of control, am not an emotional doughnut like you,,,,, you see now!!!! , you make me say things I would normally say to you…

  4. (HH) can learn a lesson or 2 from the story of Chanda Chimba.
    Kaponya (HH) and his Gay African nephew Lloyd Himambo at Zambian Witch Doctor

  5. Death is a reminder of our mortality. We will all meet with it sooner or later. Therefore let us learn to number our days aright that we may gain a heart of wisdom(psalm 90). The passing of another must not be used as a platform for political jousting, but as a moment for solemn reflection.
    Let us also bear in mind that there may be some who were close to this man who may be reading our comments. Let us show them compassion by restraining our words even if we did mot agree with the man.

  6. Comrades, crime does not pay,unfortunately our late brother was convicted to prison and cancer clopped in,same PF president pardoned him but it was too late.

  7. RIP Chanda and sincerest condolences to his family. I believe his condition worsened because of the poor state of our Prisons and this once again highlights the importance of improving the prison conditions. To the powers that be you too one day will feel the poor state of the Prisons you are failing to improve so do the wise thing while you have the means because the next govt will most likely be sending you there. Kampyango as Home Affairs minister work on these prisons and Lubinda as Justice minister make it a reality to stop custodial sentences for misdemeanours such as this. God will judge you guys harshly history proves me right on this!

    • You sometimes feel sorry for this useless crap.They are overwhelmed but as should be expected from dull pipo they cant consult.They have an opportunity to work and retire peacefully but they cheer on as they are being driven off the cliff.God help them

  8. You did your part Chimba. Had we listened, all this debt could not have been with us now. MYSRIP

  9. May the Good Lord recieve Chimba with Grace.
    To those of us remaining: Politicians will abuse you and then abandon you at an opportune time. Please be principled and summon all your morals. One of those who abused him is a Bishop at his Church as well as a politician but he washed his hands like Pilato when it came to the crunch.

  10. M.H.S.R.l.P whatever wrong thing chanda chimba did to you jay jay have a heart to forgive, because God is watching you, and whatever you sow, so shall you reap,M.H.S.R.I.P

    • The onus is not on me to forgive him…God is always watching that’s why you need to be true to yourself be professional in your job don’t be a cadre and a bootlicker.

  11. My foot!
    Veteran, what veteran journalist? The boy was insolent and unprofessional.

    It is only sad that he fell ill and has now sadly passed away.

    His family and friends will definitely miss him. May God comfort them.

  12. Tayali wake up and torn down. Just work for yourself not to be used or seek wealth through evil means of labeling others

  13. RIP. Chanda. My prognosis: It seems people who rant and try to cause hate and divisions tend to be on quick path to death. Why is it so? I have lived to see it in a number of Zambian politicians Those who rant much seem to be on quick list to die.

  14. There is more to the life of Chanda Chimba than some of you are alluding to. He was not completely ‘worthless’. Sometimes we harbour to expose evil and advance justice – and along the way we may, for one reason or another lose our initial noble endeavours and succumb to uncouth methods, selfishness and greed. How long we each hold out to our principles and stick to a robust sustainable struggle for justice is what differentiates us. But remember, most of us cannot claim to be entirely ‘innocent’ in our choices all of the time – in word or deed. This includes @Jay Jay above.

  15. @JayJay,
    In African culture, no matter how much you disagree with someone’s ideology, there is nothing laughable when that person dies. It’s not double faced. It’s called ubuntu. That’s how God created us.
    But then again, last time I checked, you were an Atheist. So, this could explain your reaction.

  16. This is sad news to all Zambians. Chanda Chimba III contributed courageously in the profession of journalism. Our heart-felt condolences to the bereaved Family. MHSRIP.

  17. May his soul rest in peace. Meanwhile his backers, Gen Shikapwasha and Dr Sam Phiri are enjoying their pensions. I opposed his arrest and I still say it wasn’t necessary. …hitting a fly with a sledge hammer. Of course Mmembe played a part.

  18. Chanda Chimba formed an organisation that was dealing with cancer. Where was it located or just the phone number. Please

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