Thursday, May 30, 2024

Zambia’s economy is collapsing, says UPND.


The United Party for National Development, or UPND, says Zambia’s economy is collapsing due to governing Patriotic Front, or PF’s, allegedly incompetence.

Trio of UPND – deputy secretary general, Patrick Mucheleka, chairperson for mobilization, Sylvia Masebo and Northern Province chairperson, Nathan ILunga, said this during a live programme on Radio Mano yesterday.

The UPND officials claim that the lack of know-how is contributing to PF’s failure to live-up to its promises, citing ineptness in the implementation of the E-voucher, high taxes and high poverty levels.

But, the Patriotic Front, or PF, in Northern Province through its vice chairperson, Peter Mwansa, charges that it remains resolute to improving the warfare of Zambians.

In an interview with Mano News today, Mr. Mwansa says the UPND is merely applying cheap politics when it says that PF has failed to govern.

He states that contrary to claims by the opposition UPND, PF is initiating unprecedented developmental projects and that this is proof that it means well for the nation.

Mr. Mwansa cites the construction of roads, schools, hospitals among others as some of the projects it continues to initiate.


    • Too many potholes in residential areas, potholes even in central business areas of cities like Kitwe and Ndola. This is a major problem and money which is meant to repair these roads is going to buying of Luxury Suvs what a real shame, there are more Luxury Suvs in Lusaka than they are in the city of London, Copenhagen or Paris! Why??? Misallocation of scarce resources. The govt however has tried with the keeping the exchange rate stable and paying govt employees on time. Otherwise the rest has not been a success, even the infrastructure projects are poorly managed. 2021 Vote Green Party, Vote Peter Sinkamba a leader who cares for all Zambians!

    • Lungu! Drinks too much, even in your in house, if you as the head of the house drink too much your economy will collapse , you will fail to pay rent….
      I can tell you, me as edgar’s friend I advised him many times,,, we even advised him to drop kaizer and bowman,,,, Edgar doesn’t listen mwebantu!!

    • …….charges that it remains resolute to improving the warfare of Zambians.

      The reporter has some bad competence in the English language. It’s not WARFARE but WELFARE.

    • Even mental patients know the economy has collapsed. Edgar simply has no capacity to run a business and that is what it take to a president

    • Don’t live in unplanned career settlements and makeshift mental structures. Get back to the land and help frail granny farm rather than sitting their drinking chibwantu and complaining all day. Time for manna was in the biblical era and perhaps KK era, Thorn in the flesh.
      “If you have time to whine and complain about something then you have the time to do something about it.
      Anthony J. D’Angelo“
      “The tendency to whining and complaining may be taken as the surest sign symptom of little souls and inferior intellects. Lord Jeffrey“
      “Be grateful for what you have and stop complaining – it bores everybody else, does you no good, and doesn’t solve any problems. Zig Ziglar“

    • Really laughable…he says Lazy Lungu used to spend more time in Parliament Bar than in the house leaving Guy Scott to answer questions for him!!

  1. because your leader all the money offshore accounts

    you stood on upendi and lost because we know what your boss did

    he will never rule. just wait.

    he will do what Odinga did.

  2. Zambians should just DUNUNA & enjoy poverty!!
    They have asked for it.
    Enjoy poverty, while Chakolwa Jona & his cronies enjoy Goodumililie.

  3. his workers the farm how much do they earn. yet they vote for him and blame ecl for walking barefooted

  4. his workers at the farmer. how much do they take home. do they have napsa contribution for working for the richest man in zambia.

    the excuse is chakolwa. vote him out you ll be getting more money .

  5. You guys behave as if you are from the outer space. Zambians economy collapsed lomg befoe PF was even fomed. You probably should say PF is failing to revive the collapsed country’s economy.

  6. With UPND everything is collapsing. Nothing is good with UPND. They oppose everything except their leader from heaven HH.

  7. Upnd is full of prophets of doom!!!they think by making such sensetional statements,then we shall vote for their Kainde-NEVER!!
    I would rather continue voting for a hard working,humble,God fearing chakolwa ECL than your tribal,arrogant,privatization thief HH!!
    We have got eyes to see so we dont need upnd to see for us what PF is doing or not doing!!Patrick Mucheleka will never be MP again as long as he continues to stand on tonga party upnd in the Northern Province!!!it is the same with Levy Ngoma in Eastern and Sylvia Masebo in Chongwe.under upnd all these wont make it to parliament unless they stand in dundumwezi or bantustan areas!!

  8. How can one be “God fearing chakolwa” sure? Mentality of cadre and poverty is anaza! U see born poor, living poor, u cannot have any clue how life of plenty looks like, for u dont miss what u have never had. Imagine in usa or europe to say vote for me i have no vision, but am humble and poor! Here its big qualification for one to claim he is poor, so because the pipo are poor they must vote for him. And surely the pipo do.

    • If you think hard and pull yourself from the KK era where everything was free, poverty will free. In the US of A people work hard. Find yourself something to do and don’t wait for double h. You may wait forever and die complaining. No sweet without sweat. Get rich or Die trying.

  9. “…Mr. Mwansa cites the construction of roads, schools, hospitals among others as some of the projects it continues to initiate….”

    We told you pf is hard coded to work with borrowed money… them creating funds means more tax….now no more borrowed money , you will dance tax dunnuna in straight lines….those 18,000 bicycles PF are giving away is from stolen money….where they have dinner dances and donations and auctions were the thiefs bid and donate with stolen money….badala it is a vicious cycle of greed, corruption and looting feeding each other.

    As the great pilato says , lungu puts his face on school books but fails to put books in libraries …..

    • Pwahahahahahahahahaha ati great pilato. No wonder there is no trace of sanity in UPNDEAD. Dobo (weed) too much.

  10. Assuming that it was true the economy is collapsing, the sad truth is that upndeez with its current crop of leadership is nowhere near the option.
    First of all just look at the speakers Mucheleka, Masebo are they qualified to tell me about the economy, or indeed to tell Standard & Poors? What do the know about an economy? Or are they talking about their personal economies? It does not take rocket science to know that Masebo’s economy collapsed is dead, not dying but dead. Mucheleka’s too. And Mr h.h? Totally clueless “politician” just hallucinating about Mukobeko which he thought would put him in the same league as Mandela but Zambians have taken no interest at all, not even his upndeez are praising their leader about his stint in maximum security prison. Yes have you ever…

  11. … Yes have you ever heard any upndeez official Gary or Jack or Katuka praising h.h for that? They can’t come out in the open what they really think of him because they fear what he can do to them.
    Just go to Nairobi nimupepi apa, go and learn some real and mature politics for free.

  12. Mucheleka and Masebo must know that my economy and that of many other citizens are doing well because unlike them our economies are not tied to politics, we workhard and a is well for us. For them their economies are tied to politics, to serving h.h specifically in the misguided hope that if he came to power they can start driving VX cars again, assuming of course there are not enough people from his tribe to give positions. That is what they are bitter about isn’t, that Masebo sees Jean Kapata in a VX?

    1) “Now, 10 years later, the person who talked and complained is still talking and complaining and still remains in the same position. The person who took the initiative and found solutions has been promoted several times.” – Catherine Pulsifer 2) “When a person finds themselves predisposed to complaining about how little they are regarded by others, let them reflect how little they have contributed to the happiness of others.” – Unkown 3) “ The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.” – William Arthur Ward 4) “Had we not faults of our own, we should take less pleasure in complaining of others. -Francois Fenelon 5) “ It is a…

    • … general popular error to suppose the loudest complainers for the public to be the most anxious for its welfare.” – Edmund Burke 6) “ The squeaking wheel doesn’t always get the grease. Sometimes it gets replaced.” – Unkown. I thank you.

  14. When you do wrong – wrong things happen – RudeMonk 2015. We have overborrowed from the Chinese and they are just waiting to take over the country because we shall definitely fail to pay them back when that time of reckoning knocks on our doors. Overborrowing is wrong and the wrong thing that will happen is that the country will be taken over by the Chinese. Just come to think of it big countries like UK, USA Japan have pulled out. They know China will just come and claim the country to recover its cash that we have used to construct all over. You cannot overbuild without money.

  15. Give PF a solution, you cannot keep those solution to yourself until HH becomes a Republican president. Easier said than done. Poverty knows no colour nor political party .

  16. Indeed our economy is collapsing and collapsing fast. we are now spending more on debt servicing than we spend on education. you would have expected that by now austerity measures to contain our debt situation would have been rolled out but the ruling class continues looting, driving around in top of the range fuel guzzlers. recently I witnessed a ministerial convoy of not less than 20 big engine ministerial GRZ vehicles each with one or two passengers. wouldn’t we save if these looters could travel together ??

  17. This is a well written piece by LT, the main features are that you have two sides to this coin, the opposition and the governing party. Any emotive story needs these two sides to respond to a given situation so that the electorate/readers can judge for themselves. Biased reporting arises when you report one side only. Well done LT.
    Anyone who thinks that Hakainde’s UPND will praise the Govt for the massive infrastructure development in Zambia is wrong. The politics of HH are not that mature to do that hence they will continue with the old ” Kill” politics. So for now let them continue to campaign but the truth will come out just before the 2021. Let PF develop the country or give them enough rope to hang themselves. People will decide in 2021 so UPND don’t waste time on cheap…

  18. continue…
    People will decide in 2021 so UPND don’t waste time on cheap politics, the economy of Zambia is not at its best, but tell us what you will do if Hakainde goes to state house not just condemning even where people can see for themselves.

  19. Who’s better, a pompous, privatization thief who contributed to Zambia’s economy collapsing in the early 1990s or a humble hard-workning, down to earth , God-fearing Chakolwa who’s rebuilding Zambia’s economy? Drinking beer is not a trait and can be controlled, but thieving and pomposity are in-born traits and cannot be controlled! Your Hakainde cannot stop stealing and being pompous! People have been known to have stopped beer-drinking! So what’s the big deal about ECL drinking beer! Even in the bible beer drinking is not condemned, but Advise in the bible is thou shall not steal privatization money, thou shall humble yourself before others! Read between the lines Citizens! Don’t support a privatization crook! He’s responsible for our hardships now!

  20. Haha is collapsing in his mind.he has lost count of the many times he has lost such that he is now collapsing….hahahahahahahahaha. You see you always sound useless and bitter that’s the problem with the united petition for national delayment. The day you will become mature and debate issues intellectually,maybe you can become president of Zambia Mr Haha.

  21. He actually has been collapsing for a long time! He has collapsed five times before and he will collapse Hagain, for the sixth time. But he will still be in denial, just like you! And that is not hate speech like that of UPND cadres online! This is true!

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