Robbers invade Catholic Bishop resident in Chipata


Armed Robbers last night invaded the resident of the Catholic Bishop in Chipata with intent of committing a felony.

The robbers who entered the Bishop’s resident by breaking the front door, climbed a two storey house to the bedroom of Bishop George Lungu searching and demanding for money from him.

Both Eastern Province Police Chief Luckson Sakala and Father Mathias Mchona Phiri who spoke on behalf of Bishop Lungu confirmed the incident to ZANIS that happened at about 23:30 hours.

Fr Phiri said the robbers who were armed with guns and machetes first tied up the security guards before attacking the resident Priest, Fr Richard Chiyanjano Phiri.

And in a press statement released to ZANIS, Eastern Province Police Chief Luckson Sakala said he received a report on the robbery that took place at the Catholic Bishop resident at St. Anne’s Cathedral that Catholic thieves broke into bishop’s resident last night.

Commissioner Sakala said the criminals were ten (10) in number and that they were armed with pistols and machetes.

Mr. Sakala said criminals broke into the house through the main door by breaking it and that in the process got away with a laptop and two phones belonging to the bishop.

He said the robbers got disturbed and run away after the alert priest Fr Mathias Phiri pressed the alarm button to alert the G4 Security and police.

The Police Commissioner added that police have since launched a manhunt for the criminals who are believed to be hiding within the city of Chipata.

He stated that police will intensify patrols from 18 to 06 hours every day, adding that the operations are not meant to scare people in the community but rather enforce security particularly in Chipata.

Mr. Sakala has since appealed to the general public to be alert and report any suspicious looking persons they might come across.

In 2016, criminals again invaded Catholic Bishop Lungu at this same resident and got away with various items.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sakala also reported the attempted bank robbery that happened in Lundazi at ZANACO bank on 10th March, 2018 around 23:00hrs.

He said three criminals broke into the bank, but run away when Lundazi police raided the premises after the tip from the general public who alerted police about the presence of criminals from Lusaka in the district.

Mr. Sakala said police in Lundazi have launched a manhunt for the thieves who in the process of running away left various instruments for breaking the building, and that the vehicle number they were using is known but said it could not be disclosed to avoid jeopardizing with investigations.


  1. Yes, poorly written story indeed. “Catholic thieves broke into….” Did yo mean to write this? I commiserate with Bishop Lungu and his Priests and congregants on this sad incident. We have too many hungry, unemployed and unemployable people and their numbers can only go up. Not when the school system itself has been employing fake teachers. What can such people do in terms of preparing children for life after school?

    Obvious: How about a word of sympathy for the humble Bishop Lungu?

  2. 5th sentence of the 5th paragraph, “that catholic thieve broke into the bishop’s residence last night”.

    Ba Lsk Times how do you know these chaps were catholic?

  3. Armed Robbers last night invaded the resident of the Catholic Bishop in Chipata with intent of committing a felony. St. Anne’s Cathedral that Catholic thieves. THESE ARE FELLOW BROTHERS AS CONFIRMED BY LT. FURTHERMORE THEY ONLY WANTED TO COMMIT A FELONY , A FELONY MEANS MAN MAKING LOVE TO FELLOW MAN OF THE SAME FAITH OR CHURCH.

  4. Our police officers only know how to chase opposition party members while thieves from the same family of uubomba mwibala alya mwibala walk freely. If you ask Eastern Province Commissioner of Police the only job they did was to plan how to cancel opposition Political Rally. Ask junior officers the only briefing the get is HH or Kambwili should not be allowed meetings here. No time to hunt thieves by our unprofessional police force .

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