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Keith Mukata asks Speaker to reverse the decision to declare his seat Vacant


Convicted Chilanga Member of Parliament Keith Mukata
Convicted Chilanga Member of Parliament Keith Mukata

Convicted Chilanga Member of Parliament Keith Mukata has asked speaker of the national Assembly Patrick Matibini to reverse his decision to declare the seat vacant.

Mr. Mukata’s lawyer Milner Katolo says this is because the High Court Judgement that found his client guilty of murder cannot be executed following his appeal to the Court of Appeals.

Mr. Katolo says there is no need to stay the execution of the Judges because it has been halted by the appeal.

He has told ZNBC news that as things stand, Mr. Mukata is not serving any prison sentence.

Mr. Katolo wonders why speaker of the national Assembly Dr. Matibini decided to write to the Electoral Commission of Zambia Chairperson Esau Chulu informing him of a vacancy that has occurred in Chilanga Constituency.

This follows the sentencing to death of Mr. Mukata by the Lusaka High Court for allegedly murdering a security guard at his Rhodespark law firm last year.

Mr. Katolo says if the speaker does not reverse the letter, Mr. Mukata will move a motion in the Constitutional court to challenge the decision.

He says his client wants the speaker to wait until the supreme court has pronounced itself on the matter


  1. The solution does not even lie in the technicalities of the appeal system. I believe it lies in the expeditious manner in which court cases are disposed of. Allow this reversal on a stay BUT expedite the conclusion of the appeal so that the constituents get a representative according to constitutional provisions without delay. Same applies to other nullified seats that have been on the back-foot forever.

    • But umu guyz uyu Keith alitumpa. Instead of humbling yourself and seek “guidance’ from people like Ba Godfriday Sumaili, he is busy erecting his ka ego.

    • @Nostradamus
      Kekekekekekeke, Godfridy is still dealing with zondwa, and zondwa is proving to be something, that’s why lungu went to South Africa to apologize

    • STYOPET F00L Mukata. Tu ndalama twasila ku ma Lawyers. You should have thought first before pulling the trigger.

      You thought you were above the law just because you went against your mates & bowed down to your god Lungu.

    • The speaker and a lot others are being mislead by PF cadre Isaac Mwanza who interprets the law on social media where he tags them

    • Very unlikely that the appeal will work in Mutaka’s favor given the circumstances. His moral bankruptcy led to all this.

      He’s wasting everybody’s time but the fact of the matter is that he’s entitled to his constitutional right to appeal including asking the Speaker to back off while his appeal is going.

      It’s the rule of law not withstanding the fact that all this came out of a moral wrong of adultery. Fate has him jailed for life since no one has been executed since 1990 pa Zed.

    • I am shocked that Keith’s mind at this point in pre-occupied with the Chilanga seat at the moment and he is no reflecting on what happened on that fateful day. If this is indicative of the politicians’ attitude towards life, it scares me that we citizens can even entrust them to be custodians of our security, well-being, and lead all of us to leaving this world a better place for our future generations. Keith you are lost in your own ego mate! You are alleged to have killed a human being like you, the Chilanga seat is secondary, tertiary, quaternary even beyond.

    • There’s a change he could be free. Kambaranje Kaunda won a similar appeal in 1992. I am sure others, too, since.

      What’s the appeal about if I may ask? Against the murder case or death sentence or a bid for manslaughter?
      This chap wasted an innocent guard’s life on cold blood. A convicted killer. Why would such a low life psychopath and sociopath cling to the MP seat with blood stained hands. He is bad example for leadership. What’s with UPNDEAD with never wanting to lose at all costs even when the writing is on the wall – in plain sight. Holding on to a bid of trying to change what is obvious till who knows when. Crazy and strange adopted idiosyncrasy.

  2. But the laws are clear. You cannot have a convic t- a murderer as a member of parliament – just where????. If the courts reverses this that when we can talk of the seat. But for now he is a murderer and murdrer have no room in parliament. I just wonder where some lawyers get their scattered knowledge of the law hell from.
    Anyway tonga lawyers!!!! Mwatisebanya!!!!
    Its a disaster.

    • @ RudeMonk, please g back to school. This discussion is clearly above your scope…….try and understand this…..Mr. Mukata’s lawyer Milner Katolo says this is because the High Court Judgement that found his client guilty of murder cannot be executed following his appeal to the Court of Appeals.

  3. Keith Mukata you have enough pressing issues on your plate…I know our MPs are overpaid to the point where they become instant millionaires on the first payday but please concentrate on your case. Your lawyer just wants to be paid from your salary.

  4. I disagree. A convict is a convict. The current position is that Keith Mukwata is a convict. This remains the position until such a time when Supreme Court reverses the decision (which is highly unlikely). In fact Supreme Court may increase the sentence to “Death by public stoning”.

    Otherwise there will be no one in prison if all appeal even on clear cases like this one.
    You are not representing the people of Chilanga.

    The only thing Keith has got the right to do is appeal against his sentence and not any other rights. He can’t even ask for his wife now, even though someone tried to lobby for conjugal rights for prisoners.

    • WE need to amend the constitution….he wants to continue enjoying salary at the expense of Chilanga people when he was committing adultery with his girlfriend he didnt for once think of the consequences.
      Any way his friend Lazy Lungu will pardon him as he is morally bankrupt as well..

    • Jay jay as you point an accusing finger, three fingers are pointing back at yourself. You are thrice as bankrupt.

    • Jay Jay, ninshi anakupoka gelo Keith? Nikulimba. Just find another one or you can reclaim her since mu boyizi ali mu ma celo

    • there is a difference, Luo and margaret never committed any offence, its about the elections not the MPs in the subject. so there is a difference certainly

  5. The issue here is that there is a precedence set i.e. Proff Luo and Margaret Mwanakatwe whose seats have not been declared vacant after being convicted of malpractices including racism and violent conduct. But due to appealing to a subordinate court, the speakers hands were tied, so to speak. So why rush for Keith Mukata? Wait also kaili!!!

    • there is a diference, luo and margaret never commited any offence, its about the elections not the MPs in the subject. so there is a difference certainly

    • Keith Mukata should have stepped down on moral grounds, the moment he realised what he had done, and allowed the people of Chilanga to elect another MP. But, due to his greed, he wants to shamelessly cling on and pocket huge wages that he does not deserve. Only a f00l will stand by him.

    • 6.2…one needs to have morals first to be able to step down on ‘moral’ grounds. It is no wonder African politicians never step down on such grounds

  6. So what will it mean when Mukata ‘wins’ the appeal? He is not a killer? He is set free and goes back to Parliament?

  7. Zambian judiciary is for sale! This guy killed someone but he is still worried about his parliamentary seat???

  8. Keith is just wasting his time. Maybe he has money to spare for his lawyer because the law is very clear and it cannot change just because Keith is involved. The man has been convicted of murder, so he is a convict. Even assuming, but without conceding, that he wins his appeal to the Supreme Court, that will not change things. He will have to wait until 2021 to stand as an MP again . If earlier, perhaps in a by -election. Comparisons with Luo and Mwanakatwe’s election petition cases are completely misplaced because the two were not convicted of criminal cases. Lawyers should have the defence to advise their clients properly instead of behaving like Shylocks.

    • Mtolankhani, You’re funny! How do you say maybe he has money to spare…? The guy is to hang, money to spare for what? The guy is fighting for his life. What can’t he give to save his own life?

  9. Let the by election come this guy is not helping us he is lockup let some free come to our aid we people of chilanga have no represtative , we shall remain behind in development its now or never

  10. Sometimes people must have the right conscience. This lawyer killed a person whom he had known for some time. He needs healing and he needs to forgive himself first. Then he needs to ask for forgiveness from the Zambian public whose subset he did manage to delete from the face of the earth. I see that there is no humility in this man’s heart. He is pregnant with selfishness and greed. As if committing adultery in the office was not enough, he shoots the watchman. His ending might be very bad. The blood of the watchman can’t go to waste just like that. Wina azalila.

  11. Our banana republic, how do you declare a seat vacant before someone exhausts his legal options. Luo and Mwanakatwe are not even supposed to be in government before their cases are disposed off. We are too docile, Zambians the same illegal Luo even shut down our higher learning institutions, how can a whole learned speaker lawyer declare a seat vacant what if the guy appeals, now you are going to waste time and our resources defending things you were not supposed to do. Luo and Mwanakatwe seats were voided up to now they are serving because they are abusing our appeal process, why can’t this guy also do the same because if I’m a good lawyer I can argue on the basis of Luo and Mwanakatwe, what the two did was also criminal also.

  12. Iam already going out with his colored wife NOT the BLACK GIRLFRIEND, When killing him ZNBC should be their and THE MAN SHOULD BE SHOT BY A SNIPER

  13. Why do rich men regard the poorest of the poor as rats that can be butchered at will. Tonny Blair and his friend – a US president – lied to the British and US people just to wage a war that has triggered endless massacres of the Arabs in the Middle East. I pray that this atrocious phenomenon does not infect the minds of rich men in Zambia. Of interest to Zambians is that Courts must expedite to dispose cases that obviously requires few weeks to administer justice. This will nurture civility on the Zambian political landscape.

  14. Akusabaileni fye the best Keith will get is the sentence being commuted to life. Wishing my friend Joseph Milner K.the best of luck.

  15. Keith You are a muderer on death roll, how do you expect to serve your constituency sure while the hang man is waiting for your neck

    • This is not Keith’s problem. It is a legal issue. He is within his rights to appeal. No need rushing to address the symptom and ignoring the root cause. We have a legal system that can take years to decide an election malpractice appeal case on one hand while we have a constitution that says a Presidential election petition must be determined within 14 days. There is a problem with our legal system.

  16. Other than a conviction and sentence of that magnitude, there should be other conditions that can trigger the declaration of a vacancy in a Constitutional office like that of an MP. And one such trigger should be absence from Parley for a specified period of time. We’re just looking at whether his appeal will be successful, but what about the period that he remains absent from duty? It looks like it’s a one sided law or the crafters were mediocre good for nothing idlers

  17. Mukuta is serving death penauty unless the court proves otherwise. For now is a convict and sebtenced to death. There are many prisoners who have been sentenced to death and have appealed to the supreme court, but still in prison as they are convicts.
    I don’t know which law His lawyer is using. The other hope is the supreme court reducing to manslaught which is still a conviction. Firing three bulletd dont know which judge will aquit him

  18. The lawyer says he is not serving any jail term. IS HE AT HOME NOW THAT HE HAS APPEALED OR HE IS IN JAIL? Can this fake lawyer answer

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