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ConCourt sets Monday as date to hear Lusaka Central petition preliminary issues


Charlotte Scott

The Constitutional court has set Monday 19th March 2018 as the date to rule on preliminary applications by UPND 2016 Lusaka Central Parliamentary candidate Charlotte Scott in relation to the appeal by PF’s Margaret Mwanakatwe against the nullification of her election as Lusaka central MP

Dr Scott through her lawyers have asked the Concourt to lift the stay of execution which allows Margaret Mwanakatwe to remain in office after her election victory was nullified.

Dr Scott also wants the Court to dismiss the appeal on grounds that the record of appeal was incomplete and defective.

And in a related development, Ndola High Court Judge Edward Musona has set Monday 19th March 2018 as date on which to review the authenticity of the video footage submitted in the Munali Constituency parliamentary appeal case.

The Concourt directed that the trial judge reviews the video and ascertain whether it is the same video adduced in the High court or not.

This followed an application by PF’s Nkandu Luo asking the Concourt not to accept the video as part of the evidence in her appeal against the Nullification of the Munali seat.

The reviewing of the video will be held in chambers at the Lusaka High Court.


  1. Is Charlotte Scott performing a dub? How cool could she be. 🙂

    • @1
      You sound very much an uncle Tom…just from your comments you sound like you worship bazungu but they still don’t like your black ass..the fact that you spend time on LT you are Za

    • @1
      The Bazungu gave you whatever papers to stay in their country and now you busy insulting where you came from…one day you will come back to the same sh*&thole country..i know someone who stayed for 53 yrs in Australia and guess what..when he became sick and there was no one around him he decided to come back to Zambia…and when he came to Zambia in 2014 he was a destitute and he died within 4 months..so mwilaponta

    • @1
      Why are you interested in the news from a sh#$thole Country…you should be busy reading the Australian publications or the New York times or some British Tabloids…You sound like you lead a very boring life

    • I kinda always knew that this Nostradamus diasporan was ‘eggplant’ or ‘uncle-tom’ LOL! I can even hear his ka struggling accent…..

  2. Calling someone a foreigner doesn’t constitute electoral breach. Kambwili called his opponent a ka Chokwe from Angola. The petition by the opponent was thrown out by the court. Charlotte is not a native simple.

    • Ka Chokwe is not derogatory. Ka Lunda is not derogatory either. so is ka Luchazi or Luvale or Kaonde. Just do not mention the colour of the person. That is discrimination and is unlawful in Zambia. Unless you are a minister under Lungu. You can do say what you like. However, do not mention the Chinese. The Chinese are sacred ‘cows’ under Lungu. ‘Thou shall not say the chinese are foreigners’. That is discrimination. Pathetic !

    • So by your Khaki logic – if Charlotte said do not vote for Mwanakatwe because she is black, would this be OK under the electoral code? Yes or no? Just answer

  3. 18 months and starting to hear preliminary issues? I think Mwanakatwe calculation is that the next election will come before the court makes any ruling. Sad really, if she won fairly then why avoiding court any time? And why illegally acting as Minister when the election was nullified?

  4. I feel sorry for Charlotte, her husband Guy has abandoned her with Tongabulls in UPND and has followed Kambwili. It’s better she abandons the case otherwise she’ll be embarrassed in the event that a by-election materializes. By the way, Tongabulls have no manners, they know how to slaughter women. No size badala

    • You seem to be out of touch with issues.UPND lawyers Keith and Gilbert are also legal counsels for Kambwili and NDC as well.You need to start seeing issues far beyond your nose.

  5. This is precisely why Zambia is doomed. Trouble is we want Zambia to be better than its voters but how? Tribe has already become an issue in a matter that is before court and only yesterday ECL was preaching national unity as a principle and quoting liberally from Kaunda, the man who failed to fight tribalism at a UNIP meeting in Chilenje in 1967. When naked tribalism was on show at that meeting KK offered to resign instead of confronting the tribalists. Go and read Sikota Wina’s book THE NIGHT WITHOUT A PRESIDENT where it is recorded.Hatred for Tongas has reached intolerable levels but ECL the same man preaching national unity as a principle tolerates it.

  6. Doesn’t Concourt mean confused court? Nothing clean has ever come out of this court. I wonder what precedence or is it jurisprudence they are setting for posterity! One year down the road, that is when we are starting this appeal case. What is keeping this Concourt so busy all this time? How many cases have they handled this past year? – and to imagine this is the outfit that is expected to determine a Presidential election petition in 14 days! Unbelievable!!!

  7. #5 Chanchima, “hatred for Tongas has reached intolerable levels”, you seem to be confirming what I keep saying and I repeat, upndeez are fighting for a tonga to rule, through h.h but they have no balls to say it because Zambians cannot and will not tolerate their tribalism. That cowardly attitude explains why no one understands what they are fighting for and why they look like a bunch of confused people without direction and ALWAYS contradicting themselves. We all know that you are fighting for a tonga to rule and you have said it many times. “Sakwiba cannot succeed Mazoka”, ‘tonga only for upndeez president” by Sejani, “time for a tonga” by Munkombwe, Chief Mukuni “only tongas celebrations”, “GBM cannot act as president of upndeez because he is not tonga” etc. Just come out…

  8. What logic are you using? Telling people not to vote for someone because he’s a Ka Chokwe sounds ok with you? Just because you hate a party doesn’t mean you should be choosing what’s right when it’s very wrong.

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