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Zambia to boost bilateral relations with Israel


President Edgar Lungu meeting with The Israeli Prime Minister BENJAMIN NETANYAHU at His office in Jerusalem on Tuesday 28-02-2017- Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza/Statehouse.

President Edgar Lungu says Zambia is eager to learn from Israel how that country has utilized the military to boost its agriculture and the economy.

The President Lungu notes that Israeli military has helped the country boost agriculture stating that the Zambian military should learn from that country.

President Lungu said this when he met Israeli Minister of Defense Avigdor Liberman at state house today to discuss how Zambia and Israel can boost their economies through agriculture.

The head of state noted that the bilateral relations between Zambia and Israel should result in economic growth if best practices especially in agriculture which Israel has implemented well are emulated.

He said during his visit to Israel last year, he learned how the defense had helped boost agriculture, technology growth and other industries.

The President stated that he met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Kenya where they agreed to scale up cooperation in various sectors including peace and security.

President Lungu said he was glad that the Defense Minister considered coming to Zambia during his visit to Africa as he was looking forward to his visit.

He said Zambia is also looking forward to the much anticipated Israeli – Africa summit which he said would scale up cooperation between Israel and the region.

And Liberman commended Zambia for the efforts to scale up bilateral cooperation with his country following the meeting between his Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Lungu last year.

Liberman said President Lungu’s visit to Israel has contributed greatly to the strengthening of bilateral relations between the two countries.

The Israeli Minister of Defense was accompanied to state house by non-resident Ambassador to Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia Gershon Kedar, Ministers Chief of Staff Sharon Shalom, Advisor of International Relations to the Minister Sigalit Chaham, Director Policy and Political Military Bureau ZoharPalti and Minister Military Secretary Yair Kulas.

The Israeli Minister of Defense’s visit is a follow up to the visit President Lungu undertook last year when he was invited to that country for a state visit by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


  1. That photo speaks volume of the submissive posture of the lazy one who has no foreign policy whatsoever..don’t be surprised if the clueless entity is in Egypt next week!!

    • NETANYAHU in the photo may as well have patted Lazy Lungu on the top of his head….this is a country that detests Africans would gladly pay them to leave their country as they are a threat to the gene pool of the chosen ones.
      Here is this ignoramas of a president in Lazy Lungu of ours kissing up to them.

    • @ Jay Yay you really are a reactionary. Would you expect the Head of state to just sit at state house issueing order and signing papers and somehow expect investors, good international relations to present themselves. So your HH will just be in statehouse issuing press statements and thinking, and expect Zambia to move forward. And you call Lungu lazy. Guys please stop being petty air travel is normal now its no the exception. This is a modern world, one is only remembered when one is seen. Abenda ebalenta amakasa yankalamo. I just wish HH would

    • Yes I am reactionary as I am responding the article like you…you look at Tanzania president he has no travelled yet he gets things done four times over excuses.

    • That’s because he knows Lazy Lungu inside and out as mosad briefed him…he knows Edgar is an unprincipled worthless beggar willing to sell his land …the Isrealis value their land with their blood..I mean surely how can he respect such any individual. Would you yourself? A work shy AWOL President.
      You should see NETANYAHU in the presence of his sponsor Trump.

    • @ Jay Jay. You’re right. It surprises me how Zambians worship Israelis. Our president is so gullible that he thinks close ties with Israel can result in a miracle that can get Zambia out of the many problems we’re facing. The problem with lazy people is that they believe in miracles. How can we have such a non confident person like this as a president? Our president is very misinformed about Israelis. He doesn’t know how much Israelis hate black people. In the picture, ECL Looks like a kid being given instructions. I am sure in privacy he was kneeling before Netanyahu. We understand and appreciate the achievements of Israelis as a people but I believe it has nothing to do with their race but their decision to work hard develop and protect themselves

  2. Africa, my Africa! Vision less leadership; How can the whole continent be taken for a ride by a small nation of barely 3 million people? Come on; let’s be serious, for once; please!!!

    • It is more than just size and numbers. It comes down to discipline, oneness, strong mind and determination to succeed. This has always been the credo for the success of “little” nations like Israel or Japan.

      We still have a lot to learn from countries like Israel.

  3. Know the background of israel, conscription, so is it really the military. We have 78% of our pipo dependant on small scale farming, when the army becomes the major force in agriculture how do our farmers earn an income.
    Zambia is zambia israel is israel compare apples with apples.
    We have army doing building now, how can the youth find work when the work is being done fir nothing by the armed services. The poor are suffering. , tbe youth have what future

  4. “Israel is looking to boost the amount of money the U.S. State Department sends it every year for military aid to as much as $5 billion, a number that would give it not only the largest chunk of U.S. defense aid money, but also more than triple the amount any other country receives in total aid from the U.S.“ VOA

  5. The army is into everything in Zambia. Cholera, agriculture etc. I find no problem with the article. The army can be into agriculture too.
    However, what would be great is to boost agriculture through small-scale farmers

  6. Mr Lungu can’t even look Netanyahu into the eyes… he is scared shyless. Lungu thinks he has met Jesus or Jesus’ descendant in Netanyahu, he might as well go to heaven right there and then. He is almost seeking repentance and forgiveness of the sins he has committed. That’s just s!lly low self-esteem of a wannabe president. All the stolen money hasn’t lifted their confidence!

  7. Who said Israelis were whites? Hate knows no color, its just our interpretation. The Irish hate the english, and visa versa, who is black there?

    • They are. The current Israelis originate mostly from Europe where they obviously cross married with whites. In Jesus time Jews were brown skinned flat nosed more like the Ethiopians.

  8. But this looks humble alas how he is taxing poor Zambians.Bena aba ni yes bwana yes bwana.Everyone wants to make money coz of his lazeness.He is not using his political will of helping Zambians.Where on earth a president can allow stupi–d organisations to tax pipo who have boreholes?U think pipo who have spent K20,000 if they had water?Come on lungu will lose votes to everyone who has boreholes.Pipo are annoyed.A president should protect pipo but for anything its yes bwana yes bwana.How do u behave like that on the pic?Show the world leaders that u know something but that pic awe it shows a beggar with o data

  9. Patronising and condescending. Our leader doesn’t look humble, he looks like a lamb. A picture is worth a thousand words!! Chinyau could very well be saying “Manje nvela mufana……”

  10. @ Jay Jay, Tanzanian President has destroyed the mining industry in that country so you can not compare him with ECL. When minerals and metals are doing well there is turbulence in Tanzania which has seen thousands of locals out of employment.

    • Tanzania just recently discovered natural resources…you should see the win win deals they signed. They have also taken serious measures against investors who were externalising funds here in Zambia…this bum in the photo with his head bowled has been protecting FQM.

  11. He said Zambia is also looking forward to the much anticipated Israeli – Africa summit which he said would scale up cooperation between Israel and the region.
    So ECL is still demanding for the Israel – Africa summit which the Israelis don’t know anything about?

  12. The only technic that Zambia needs to learn from Israel is how to deal with Hichilema should he misbehave again at this year’s Kuomboka.

  13. Lungu is ill informed, isreali Army is too busy fighting Arabs to start farming….the Israelis use kibbutz systems, a form of cooperatives , which are guarded by the army yes, but the army is not into agriculture…

  14. What wasted years Zambia! ECL lacks confidence and powerful “demenour” expected of the Head State. Why is he avoiding eye contact? Zambians can’t wait to vote out this clueless incomplete and visionless man.He is such a shame, ECL>”

  15. Simple and stright forward, who ever blesses Isreal will be blessed,who ever is an enemy of Isreal is the enemy of God,who ever fights Isreal is fighting God.Let us pose there.Honestly who can fight God?Let us put politics aside,iginorance as no defence, especially when it comes to the word of God.Isreal is the blessed nation of God.

  16. Anyone who as appeared more than 2 times on the voters register should not stand, good ideal and must go through paliament.


  18. Way to go Zambia and well done Mr. President! THe chronic loser will never be president in Zambia! Tribal Hagenda!

  19. Write off the president at your own peril! This is the man who held three portfolios including that of defense and justice and he excelled in all and Sata knew that and why! Do not let his looks deceive you! Do you think Sata did not know what he was doing? After all is said and done, the man will go into history as one of the greatest presidents Zambia has ever had! He is slowly but surely developing this thing to the pain of Satanists! Tribal wars!

  20. I admire Israel and what it has achieved since it conquered Palestine, but Liberman the Defense Minister immigrant from Russia is a punk as hardline they come, heartless when it comes to the Palestinian struggle.

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