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Expulsion of the Cuban Ambassador is an extreme over reaction-VJ


Vernon Mwaanga
Vernon Mwaanga

Veteran Politician and Diplomat Vernon Mwaanga has described as extreme, the expulsion of Cuban Ambassador to Zambia Nelson Pages Vilas.

In a statement, Mr. Mwaanga said when he first heard about the expulsion, he took it as a 1st April Fools Day joke.

“When i first heard about the expulsion from the country of the Cuban Ambassador, for attending the launch of the Socialist Party and for the general public remarks of support, attributed to him, i thought it was a 1st April fools day joke,” Mr. Mwaanga said.

“It has now turned out to be true and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been directed to work out the diplomatic channels to put this Presidential decision into effect. I hold no brief for what may have happened or said at the launch of the Socialist Party on Saturday 31st March and my views on Socialism in Zambia are a matter of public record.”

He said the decision is ill advised, extreme and inconsistent with what happened in the Past.

“Just in case memories have conveniently faded, in 2011 when PF held its Convention at Mulungushi Rock, they formally invited the then American Ambassador to Zambia, Mark Storella to attend, accompanied by a political affairs officer from the US embassy and while there, he announced that the United States of America, supports democratic developments, whenever they occur. I was then a member of the MMD government of then President Rupiah Banda and no issue was made of Ambassador Storella’s attendance or remarks he made there,” Mr. Mwaanga recollected.

He said the decision to expel the Cuban Ambassador is extreme and uncalled for.

“At the most, he should have been summoned to the Foreign Ministry and given a demarche. It does not augur well for our relations with Cuba, a country which has been supportive of Zambia in good and bad times,” he said.

And Activist Laura Miti says the decision to expel Cuban Ambassador to Zambia Nelson Pages Vilas is an over the top action by President Edgar Lungu.

“From my observation, President Lungu’s hatred or fear of Fred M’membe is 2nd only to that he has for HH. In dealing with these two men, he therefore tends to overreact,” Ms. Miti observes.

“So the President has expelled the Cuban Ambassador simply for attending the launch of Fred’s political party. That action is as astoundingly over the top, as HH’s arrest last year.”

Ms. Miti said, “It is at times like this when you realise how desperately the President needs someone wiser, more experienced and less emotional than Amos Chanda and the crew at State House to give him advice.”

“To think the whole State House thought expelling an Ambassador for attending the launch of an opposition party was smart, is remarkable.”


    • VJ times have changed. You can not compare that to what was done a decade ago. Cuban ambassador knew pretty well that he is not suppose to support an opposition party but the government of the day. Cuba will surely send us another ambassador.

    • Fanike bwana njombe must investigate and charge him with drunken ruling this chap.
      I bet it’s the impeachment debris fallout.
      A right thinking government would have handled this matter much better.
      I know that some Zambia’s ambassadors in other countries have done worse things but they are just called and reprimanded. For example Japan, USA any many other missions. Drunken driving, prostitution bouncing of credit cards etc.
      EXPULSION is extremely unfair.

    • Vj your govt of RB was a lawless one and none of you understood the role diplomatic services. Villas action was undiplomatic and hence should be treated as such. Whenever ecl keeps his cool you’re the same cretins who condemns him. Anyway whatever ecl does and don’t receives criticism therefore this us also one of them. If mmd fuksup doesn’t mean that everyone should.

    • Is it really true the Cuban ambassador was fired by Lungu?
      I also thought it was foools Day.
      Whats wrong with Socialism kanshi?
      When Kabimba was Secretary of PF, he used to frequent to Cuba.

    • Its very extreme fuelled by the fact that Cuba doesn’t give Zambia any dead aid. Had it been Britain Lungu would have restrained himself

    • @ 1.5 Miguna Miguna

      How quickly we forget. Cuba has been Africa’s evergreen ally. If you asked the late Nelson Mandela, he too would tell you that. At one time, during the turbulent 1990s, out of the 36 medical doctors at Chipata General Hospital, only one was a Zambian. The rest were Cuban doctors. That was not dead aid.

    • This man VJ was the youngest ever well trained Diplomat, was former Ambassador to USSR, UN then Minister of Foreign Affairs…he was not these cadre fooooools like Ka Anthony in Germany, the crook Mwamba in RSA or Father Bwalya who go for 2 weeks workshop and they are given Diplomatic Passports.

    • Freedom Sikazwe and Kaizer Zulu are the special advisers to the president.Look at them do they look like ones to pump sense in the president’s head? The answer is absolutely yes because whatever Sikazwe and Kaizer say make sense to Mr Lungu. That is a global embarrassment we are faced with.

    • The hate for Lungu by Vernon and Laura makes them fail to think straight. What the Ambassador did is very wrong. That is called interfering in internal polit is and is not allowed anywhere in the world.
      Look at how Britain and USA are reacting to Russian interference in their internal politics. Sorry VJ & Laura here you are disgrasing yourselves.

    • I agree with VJ 100%. The decision to expel the Cuban ambassador is extreme. The PF government would have done well to call the ambassador and explain to him the importance of maintaining the good bilateral relations his country has had with Cuba for many years by keeping away from Zambian partisan politics. Am sure he and his country would have appreciated this. The decision to expel him does not bode well for our relations with Cuba. We benefited a lot from the support of Cuban doctors and scholarships that enabled Zambians to study there. There is still a lot we can still learn from Cubans in the medical field and the control of tropical diseases like malaria which Cuba has eliminated.

      Hehehehe VJ looking strong and healthy. Is that an old or latest photo?

      Precedence set. No diplomat should be at the launch of a political party let alone addressing such a gathering. It doesn’t look well everywhich way you look at it. The ambassador is remorseful, meaning he regrets the crossing of the red line.
      Get over it VJ.

    • This is the most stupid thinking I have yet seen from PF numbskulls like don’t care. Embassies in foreign countries as independent representatives of their governments. The Cuban like other embassies are not in Lusaka to support the government of the day. They are here to peform duty in the interest of the Cuban government. It there is an organisation at anyone time in Zambia that seeks to pursue a socialist agenda, a phylosophy which Cuba espouses, the Ambassador has a duty to study this interest and report to his goverment about how other peoples are practising socialism in parts of the world. The Cuban Ambassadors did not even give a statement to document his countries position on the new party but was a mere observer to the event and his interest was nothing but “socialist idea” of…

    • Boko Haram – Do not confuse people. While the Cuban Ambassador had a right to attend the launch of the Socialist Party, it was highly undiplomatic and dangerous for him to publicise his support for the opposition like that. The American Ambassador at the PF Convention talked about the merits of democracy and not support for PF.

    • Pantu VJ Shalamwana Mwanga has said so. Bufi, the guy is bitter because he can’t be president due to his mischievous past. Zambia is a sovereign and peaceful country. We don’t need foreigners to come and cause disturbances

    • Folly of the highest order…you think everyone is bitter because the disagree with you…get your facts right VJ has never had those ambitions, these guys are strategists well travelled….he would tell Lazy Lungu politely that he is a fooool with a smile without the lazy thing knowing what he said.
      You Dingbats are selling the country to the selfsame foreigners I mean you are selling off strategic institutions very soon you will be kicked out and thrown into the Indian ocean.

    • VJ left politics sick and bitter. Don’t sit there and lie. Dontcare (your account version) is 110% correct.

  1. My opinion is that the behaviour of the Ambassador was extreme, and that is before I read the obviously and expectedly biased opinion of VJ, which I will read after more sensible and balanced opinions.

    • Cuba, a socialist country, ambassador Nelson, himself obviously a socialist, attracted to the formation of a socialist party in the country he is domiciled. How may that be deemed extreme?

  2. Zambians save your country from Chagwa and his bunch!
    They will shut down everything!
    An example is the politically motivated closure of a number of institutions and retirement of professionals in PF interest without good cause. This cancer has potential to engulf everybody in Zambia. Your various institutions are now run by cadres – regulatory institutions (EIZ, HPCZ, IBA, etc) MOH, Magistrate courts and the entire Judiciary, Prisons, Home affairs and now Foreign Affairs where entry into out country is now restricted. Something is not right in Zambia at the moment!

    • It’s called rule of law. Is this what you always preach about. Unless you don’t understand what rule of law means

    • I am happy that you did not include Min of Finance, ZICTA which are run by two groups the Lozis and Tongas. But does PF complain about it? Now they want to control ECZ.

    • Rule of law was practiced during LPM but there were no restrictions out of screening by the party. This is now rule-of-cadres.

  3. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. This diplomatic spat will boomerang in someones face shortly. What exactly is the PF scared of? I may not support what this ambassador did but did we have to go to such extreme measures? This is a guy who was just sworn in on Thursday and maybe he was not conversant with such protocols. We should not presume that these white guys know everything, we are all learning everyday. I wonder if the ambassador was an American, would they have expelled him?

  4. Mr Lungu is a desperate man, he is a “new kumulu Lesa, panshi kaunda”. Never lead a country with hatred, he is now a time bomb.

  5. In everything we do, the first option must be censure, especially on such issues. The MMD expelled Iraqi and Iranian diplomats and closed their missions on mere suspicions that they were sympathetic to UNIP. These extremes are signs of a leadership in self denial. We knew then that there was leadership failure because eminent persons left MMD and founded the National Party. Among them were Humphrey Mulemba, Baldwin Nkumbula, Emmanuel Kasonde,. Edward Shamwana, etc and they all accused their colleagues of serious corruption. At least FTJ acted and we Ephraim Chibwe fired from Works and Supply

    • @Ayatollah,
      LOL So, according to you, it was okay for the American Ambassador to Zambia, Mark Storella to attend PF convention, but NOT okay for the Cuban Ambassador to attend the Socialist Party’s convention?

    • No ambassador is allowed to take sides in tuma political party businesses you dull characters. They have relationships with Governments.

      The precedence starts with PF not with Storella and whatever.

      @8.1 what a stone age kind’ a reasoning.
      Okay if Sata or RB you insulted year in year out tolerated it, ECL safuna ichibeleshi.

  6. In my opinion. The Zambian government should have communicated with his government, and let them deal with him accordingly. But the problem with lungu is that he likes public announcements, and who is better to do it than Amos the lap dog.

  7. How do we relate those events to the current happenings? It seems Edgar is venting his anger in the wrong direction. What he needs to sort out is the growing perception that he leads a very greed and corrupt regime. His praise singers are not different from Kambwili, some are even worse. Even very junior officers drive several SUVs and have properties they can’t explain. Zambians don’t know how tenders are awarded. In the face of so much hardishp, how are officers doing so well? This is were Edgar should vent his anger, otherwise he will be shocked

    • He has done it by laying off kambwili and what is happening now is that you cretins are sympathising with the corrupt. Do you know what you want or fighting for.

  8. Zambia is now like a TIME BOMB ticking and now; loudly…

    My dear Zambians please be warned that these new thieves and looters of “Abena Malawi” are bent on destroying Zambia our Land. Indeed how can we embarrass ourselves like this and get away with it? Please guys regardless of what we’re going through as a nation today, let’s DO SOMETHING about this Nyasalanders!

  9. I fully agree with VJ that the decision to expel the Cuban Ammbassador is a gross over reaction. First we betrayed the people of the Saharawi Arab Peoples Democratic Republic. Now this. What ever happened to our commitment to international solidarity and fraternity with progressive forces everywhere in the world?

  10. EXTREME OVER REACTION FROM THE OLD MAN MWAANGA………..IN VJ’S OWN WORD, “I hold no brief for what may have happened or said at the launch of the Socialist Party on Saturday ”




    • So you think because the west is expelling Russians , you can join the band wagon ??

      Cuba has been an all weather friend of Africa and Zambia…..lungu must have been drunk.

    • Its extreme reaction because its not as serious as CUBA sending assassins to come and take out Zambian citizens on Zambian soil…do we need crayons to the picture for you twerps. I mean how thick can you be not to understand what extreme is in the diplomacy, maybe you should learn how to use the keyboard and when to use CAPS LOCK button.

  11. By diplomatic and geopolitical strategies , this is an own goal by lungu…..the superpower in our region , South Africa , ruled by the ANC is firmly in the Russian Cuban camp in terms of taking sides.
    Owing to the help Russia and Cuba played in defeating boer aggression in our region, the ANC never forgets their friends.

    That is why Israel finds it hard to penetrate SADC…..because of the superpower S.A. in our region never forgets their connivance with the boers….

    Weather this is pure amature thinking by lungu or him hoping to join the expelling of Russians by the west….very poor strategic thinking…..

    • To you everything Lungu does is an own goal. Can’t say more because your mind is running on rails and cannot make a uturn.

    • Yeah And in your mind amidst the moral , political harrasment , violence, moral rot and corruption , everything is ok…

  12. sad issues unfolding in our beloved nation!! even Membe thinks he can be president in 2021, is this how weak the gvt is been thought of?

  13. Bwana vj l think you should give good guidance on this one. You saved in many missions and this is the crap you can give us. Please shut up then. Did you ever do that your self?

    • @Chinkingili,
      LOL – VJ has just done precisely that, i.e. given good guidance on this one. Which of the points he has raised don’t you understand?

  14. Diplomats are accredited to the govt not political parties including the ruling party. His actions were overboard. Point of correction, it’s not Cuba been expelled but a diplomat from Cuba. Cuban govt will soon send another diplomat to represent them. So what’s the fuzzy all about.

  15. Am disappointed with VJ,are you telling me if a Zambian diplomat was to do that in a foreign land he would be treated with kind action as you put it, you are a living example of someone who has be banned in other countries for drug dealings,Cuba can be a friend indeed but she must have limits, take it that one of the diplomats attends a political gathering for EFF in SA what would be the reaction of the authority that side. It’s only in Zambia where foreigners find it easy to control.

  16. You’re kidding me!? I thought it was a Fool’s Day joke too. Every political party allowed to operate within a country scape is a potential government in waiting. Access to launches of political dispensations, observance of political debates and such activity should not raise any eyebrows. If there is active involvement like participation in political activity of a partisan nature is what becomes worrisome. Come on PF. You should be better than this!

  17. VJ what of expulsion of Iraq ambassador and close of embassy when you were Minister of Foreign Affairs when that country was leaked to the planned activities of the opposition party UNIP

    • He is too old to remember he presided over the closure of Iraq embassy over rumours of supporting opposition. He also want to be relevant to the debate. Please allow him to debate.

    • What VJ is saying is that what the Cuban Diplomat did was wrong but the reaction by Lazy Lungu is EXTREME…I remember MMD complaining to State Dept when US Diplomats were at a PF event or summoning the Diplomat to Foreign Ministry.
      Cuba is a country of great importance to the Liberation struggle, the US and Zionists you seek acceptance from didnt want anything to do with us…just ask ANC why they are forever indebted to Cuba or better ask Old man KK.

    • JJ, these PF corrupt thiefs dont care about history……as long as they think they can borrow to steal , they will do anything…..heck they even had Chinese police men ready to be arresting Zambians in Zambia and guarding their mukula thefts….

    • Spaka like lilo – Its a real shame Lazy Lungu surrounds himself with people more daft, more alcoholic as himself…I mean he watches CNN News and sees US sending home Russian Diplomats and he thinks its fashionable to do so..what a plonker..oh my god..Cuba was there when all these countries turned their back on us, they sent doctors when we were short staffed. Its a disgrace…if Zuma or Mbeki was in power they would have called the lazy thing, look how swift he is when its Fred but look how he drags he feet when it comes to corruption.

  18. This is the most stupid thinking I have yet seen from PF numbskulls like don’t care. Embassies in foreign countries as independent representatives of their governments. The Cuban like other embassies are not in Lusaka to support the government of the day. They are here to peform duty in the interest of the Cuban government. It there is an organisation at anyone time in Zambia that seeks to pursue a socialist agenda, a phylosophy which Cuba espouses, the Ambassador has a duty to study this interest and report to his goverment about how other peoples are practising socialism in parts of the world. The Cuban Ambassadors did not even give a statement to document his countries position on the new party but was a mere observer to the event and his interest was nothing but “socialist idea” of…

  19. This is just typical clan thinking by VJ, the usual “h.h is my clansman” rhetoric started by Sejani in 2006 and echoed by those two professors. The same reason h.h shall remain the president that never was, till our loving God exercises his mercies and calls him to rest. Perhaps allow Sejani to propose another name or allow upndeez to r.i.p. too?

  20. VJ is absolutely spot on. This is clearly an overreaction.

    Can we for once put Country first and debate in that manner. Cuba has been an all-weather friend and active supporter of the Zambian people for decades and decades. For example, Many Zambians are alive today thanks to the Cuban Doctors.

    The fact that those opposed to VJ’s points are failing to give credible counter-points, but degenerating to childish ad hominen, speaks for itself.

    The fact of the matter is:- Its either President Lungu has got WRONG advisers around him and they are ushering him thru wrong corridors, OR Lungu himself is in over his head and misleading himself, OR both.

  21. VJ and Laura Miti are on point on this one. I have run out of adjectives to describe this government and their emotional, dumb decisions. This is all because they have seen Britain and allies expelling diplomats and they think “me too”; forgetting that even in serious cases in these countries, no actual ambassador has been expelled. Rather it’s the ‘spies’ masquerading as support staff who have been sent home.

    Even in cases where there is extreme interference, the normal protocol is to summon the ambassador for a chat and if found culpable, you send your own ambassador based in the other country to launch a formal complaint. His/her country would then secretly recall their erring ambassador and replace them with another one. The public shaming of expelling an ambassador (even…

  22. …The public shaming of expelling an ambassador (even if they have committed a serious crime) is a big deal and will certainly affect diplomatic relations.

    I think they could have handled this much better.

  23. Anyway today is Monday, the most intelligent and most democratic person in Upndeez is scheduled to give a press briefing, lets wait for his opinion. Without exception, his opinions are always warped, but give him a chance to express himself anyway.

  24. Yes Yes Yes!!! Now to me it is the Ambassador himself who over reacted. If you listened very well to Amos he said “…the ambassador did not only attend the party meeting but he also said that he was in full support of the newly formed Socialist Party…” So reading between the lines I feel if he had just attended the meeting minus vomiting words which he vomited, I feel the gov’t would not have gone to the extent of expulsion. For sure how can you be an ambassador and a cadre of an opposition party in a foreign country. I don’t think any gov’t can tolerate that. Yes Cuba and Zambia have had warm relations but we can’t and I don’t expect this to change anything. Isn’t it UK who has sent packing the Russian Ambassador/diplomats last month. I’m not supporting PF/Gov’t but I feel…

    • Yes as an observer it’s ok. But backing an opposition against a government you’re expected to cooperate with is tantamount to distabilizing the country. What would stop such a person from sponsoring terrorism in order to install the party of his preference? This is beyond party loyalty, but as usual we’re only patriotic if it’s HH in State House.


    • Are you surprised? This guy comes from a country that’s been ruled by one person close to sixty years and as if that’s not bad enough, he’s got the audacity to hand over to his young brother. A country where people have no access to Internet, where those luck enough to own a car can only manage a 1957 Pontiac. Where free thinking is termed treason.

  26. @Ndanje khakis


    • A BIG NO!! But then the Upnd cohorts have deposited their brains with HH and therefore will support anything no matter how dangerous, useless.

  27. Mwaanga and Nevers Mumba were sacked by Mwanawasa because they had interfered in the DRC. Just go to the archives if you’ve time.

  28. Uushumfwa patunono napafingi takomfwe. I think some of us easily forget what happens in other countries. Even if l have never been to Cuba l think l would know how to conduct myself when there. I wouldn’t be stupid to say what l would regret cause you would be lucky to leave alive let alone.

  29. Ba vj so being in oppositio in Zambia bulyele ka , how can an upright man like vj support this nonsense this leaders very. Selfish

  30. VJ’s wish is to be both HH’s spokesperson and campaign manager to trigger the ‘TONGA MUST RULE CAMPAIGN’ into reality. Pwahahahaha

  31. Until VJ publicly apologizes for being a convicted DRUG peddler, I will take his advise with a pinch of salt even though he wishes to be taken seriously. Pwahahaha. Better luck next time Venon Mwanga aka Abdull Alhedji Elmwango Hahaha

  32. Standard and typical of Zambians! Wasting time talking useless thing when people are using pit latrines, no water, no proper housing and no food…..
    We are a poor nation with no money and going nowhere!
    So irritating!

  33. May be just may be VJ wishes to sneak into MmEmbe’s newly formed Socialist Party. In this case the right salutations should be Comrade Elmwango . I then tip my hat for you Comrade Elmwango for exorcising those sinews that have hereto imprisoned you to earn you the unfortunate tug of CHIEF TRIBAL MONGER of all things Tonga. Bravo Bravo comrado Elrumwango.

  34. Why do Zambians feel inferior? Even a Rohingya can just come and dominate us and when you complain the opposition will rise to his support. A Rohingya is the most down trodden person in India but because of his colour the Zambian will worship him.

    • Rohingya is human, respect human rights. In Zambia Rohingya has all the rights. Support for ethnic cleansing is worse.

    • You just missed the point. I didn’t say they are not human. My point is they’re looked down by their own people but if they came here niba bwana.

  35. …what does the law of diplomacy and international law stipulate ? categorical response is imperative…
    objectivity is the norm .. either side

  36. … there are actually two sides … of the story subjectivity is not a virtue were as objectivity is the norm…

  37. Mmembe is a self centered capitalist. The only reason we say the expulsion was harsh is because the current perception is that Edgar and PF are now too quick to crush any dissenting view while too slow to address people’s concerns on topical issues. What has made Mmembe’s entry into politics is the expulsion of an ambassador and Edgar should have avoided to fall into that trap. He could have quietly expressed his indignation with his Cuban counterpart. It’s like the PF can’t handle such issues differently

  38. When good act is done, we applaud but when a wrong is done, we must condemn and correct. This is our moral obligation as responsible citizens regardless of our political opinions or positions. There is a clear distinction between right and wrong. And this we must always expose. So be open minded fellow Zambians

  39. Imwe tu UPND, please be patriotic for God’s sake, that man whatever they call him is wrong and did that on purpose. Does he know what it means to take oath before God and the President? Imwe fyonse bupubafye, what’s wrong with you? Anyway, what do you expect associates of Ichilema to behave?

    • It seems there is no finess with you rats….no one is saying he was not wrong , but the reaction is extreme , seemingly a drunken reaction, that is what we are saying……you do not understand the world beyond borrowing and stealing and brutallising opponents……

  40. We are informed that Mr. VJ Mwaanga is a seasoned Diplomat with vast experience on international affairs. Apparently we are also alert to the fact Mr. Mwaanga is a staunch supporter of UPND who believes in the supremacy of the Tonga. He has just awakened from his slumber for an opportunity to castigate ECL’s Govt. If he truly believed that HH will one day become Republican President of Zambia, why did Mr. Mwaanga conveniently opt to gaze into the ceiling when HH has been exposed conniving with the Brenthurst Foundation, General Obasanjo and officials of Cambridge Analytica to cause chaos in Zambia and SADC region in general. Which side of Mr. Mwaanga’s slice of bread is buttered? Foreign supremacy or Zambia’s sovereignty? Mr. Mwaanga is just a political FOSSIL.

  41. I feel sad for Zambia if Zambia’s well-experienced diplomat and politician cannot see the violation of the diplomat and misjudgment then this man has lost my trust!

  42. Both the attendance of the US ambassador at the MMD meeting and the Cuban ambassador are wrong. So VJ a past wrong does not make a current wrong right. I thought you just trafficked drugs, its seems you tasted too

  43. Am disappointed with you ba VJ, what happened was undiplomatic. This kind of behaviour can’t be taken lightly, this is a sovereign state.

  44. The conduct of Foreign Policy is strictly between respective governments. Governments achieve that through government officials, particularly the head of State and Foreign Minister. Special envoys and other senior diplomats can not be excused for provoking host governments. As for appropriate sanctions for perceived transgression, it also depends on the appreciation and judgment of the government of the day. Hence, the recalling of senior diplomats is also one of the options open to host governments. With regard to invited dignitaries, including judges, again some of formal invitations would help. Unlike personal invitations, such political or such formal invitations would require government approval. Perhaps some videos expressing solidarity could be played without necessarily…

    • As for appropriate sanctions for perceived transgression, it also depends on the appreciation and judgment of the government of the day. Hence, the recalling of senior diplomats is also one of the options open to host governments. With regard to invited dignitaries, including judges, again some of formal invitations would help.
      Unlike personal invitations, such political or such formal invitations would require government approval. Perhaps some videos expressing solidarity could be played without necessarily inconveniencing foreign dignitaries.

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