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Indian President arrives in Zambia for a 3 day State Visit


The Arrival of Indian President in Zambia
The Arrival of Indian President in Zambia

PRESIDENT of the Republic of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, has arrived in Zambia, for a three- day State Visit.

It is the first time in three decades that a President of India is undertaking a state visit to Zambia.

The Presidential plane touched down at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport- KKIA at 14:26 hours Zambian time.

President Kovind is accompanied by India’s First Lady, Savita Kovind, senior Government officials and a business delegation.

He was received at KKIA by President Edgar Lungu, First Lady Esther Lungu, Patriotic Front – PF Secretary General Davies Mwila, Cabinet Ministers, Service Chiefs, Senior Government officials, heads of missions accredited to Zambia and Zambia’s High Commissioner to India Judith Kapijimpanga among others.

President Kovind inspected a full guard of honour and was accorded a 21 gun salute.

Zambia has enjoyed excellent relations and cooperation with India with support accorded to Zambia on a bilateral level as well as under the framework of the India- Africa Forum Summit, in the fields of energy, health, infrastructure, capacity building, agriculture and trade among others.

Private investment in Zambia by Indian companies currently stands at over USD 5 Billion in sectors such as mining, infrastructure, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals.

There has been a steady increase in bilateral trade which stands at USD 1.2 Billion from April 2017 to January 2018.

India is an important and strategic partner in the quest of the Patriotic Front- PF Government to deliver development to the Zambian people as articulated in the Seventh National Development Plan.

During the state visit, the two Heads of State would hold bilateral talks and witness the signing of several Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) between India and Zambia aimed at enhancing cooperation in various sectors including the establishment of Entrepreneurship Development Institute in Zambia, taxation, visa exemption on diplomatic passports and judicial cooperation.

President Kovind and President Lungu will also officiate at a ground breaking ceremony of the decongestion of Lusaka roads which would result in fly over bridges.

India and Zambia will also sign a USD 40 Million Agriculture Mechanisation agreement during the visit.

The Indian President leaves Zambia on April 12, 2018.

The Arrival of Indian President in Zambia
The Arrival of Indian President in Zambia


    • LT have not seen that size of Plane before they are convinced India itself has arrived in Zambia hehehehehe Please people change that headline

  1. Visa exemptions for diplomatic passports, what is the purpose? Instead of negotiating visa exemptions for business persons, they only think of themselves, a bunch of c@nts!

  2. In 1987, China represented 1.618% of the global economy but by 2012 it had grown to 11.47% of the global economy and this is projected to rise to 15.5% in 2018. In 1964 India made up 3.1% of the global economy and in 2018 it is projected to make up 3.5%

    My question would be: Why would anybody ever take advice from an Indian politician?

    Another question is: If the World’s 6th-biggest economy only ranks 131st on the Human Development Index, why haven’t you had a violent nationwide revolution?

    • Well stated, this is actually an insult to send a ceremonial president. Even Israel the apple in God’s eye had Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu personally visit Kenya for Uhuru Kanyatta’s presidential inauguration. Zambia should have sent the home affairs minister and the foreign affairs minister to receive India’s super model representation of their government. I love president Lungu, but this is just ridiculous.

    • Everybody at there at airport is unnecessary for this tourist visit, only necessary people are the security personnel of Zambia and India. President Lungu should have sat his happy humble self somewhere at state house working, and sent his tourism and foreign affairs minister to welcome every one on that gigantic Boeing. Everyone on that plane should return to India after paying fees and buying Curios in Livingstone and our national parks.

    • Well what do you expect from the lazy useless thieves. They have nothing to do other than stealing and shaking their nyanshi dancing to dununa regret.

  3. The President?All pomp and nothing more. I would be probably think, the Indian Prime Minister. Zambian’s being hoodwinked all the while. To be a peasant is hard work.

  4. And our Lazy Lungu has gone to the airport himself to welcome him further increasing security and congestion!!

  5. Welcome Mr. President. Don’t listen to HaGayGay, son of a lazy bum father who was a polygamist and never received good care so he projects this on others.

    • I am a supporter of president Lungu Sharon, but this is one time we should not be all too happy for a ceremonial president visiting Zambia.

    • I hear there a lot of you PF cadres there in NY doing nothing but wiping old people’s a$$es? Useless.

  6. “It is the first time in three decades that a President of India is undertaking a state visit to Zambia.”

    What do we have to gain from India?

    He is only visiting Africa because China has been Africa’s best trade partner, like they once were 2000 years ago. India has not apologized for the killing and mistreatment of our fellow African brothers and sisters last year. It is time as Africans we start doing for ourselves and not welcome every rat like it is king.

  7. If presidency was a horse,who would ride? sometimes one dreams is at nkwazi house commanding everything in Zambia only to be come more bitter on waking up!!!!

    • For once I shall support free mason HH, poor hungry tax payers of India are paying for that out dated Jet fuel guzzler. While HH recouped his chopper fees, which were payed more or less by his south African sponsors.

  8. I can imagine how bitter Kainde and all his tribal followers are today!!this is the good news about mother Zambia which upnd followers hate most-kekekekekeke….!!!
    WELCOME TO ZAMBIA MR PRESIDENT!!!today’s Zambia Daily Mail is full of welcoming ads for the visiting Indian president done by Indian firms operating in Zambia!!THINGS KEEP ON GETTING BETTER FOR ECL BY DAY!!!I simply cant see how Kainde can defeat Mighty PF in 2021 with all these positive developments!!
    Am sure this is the major reason why HH is now behaving like a headless chicken blaming everyone for his 2016 loss!!
    Dont be surprised if you hear Kainde blaming this Indian president of having rigged 2021 elections in favour of PF….kekekekeleke!!!!


      Hehehehe , to be a bootlicking fontinee must be painfull…..

  9. Can India Fund the US$2.3BILLION EASTERN RAILWAY LINE, CAN INDIA FUND US$1.2BILLION LUSAKA NDOLA DOUBLE TOBELA ROAD CAN INDIA FUND us$42million fire tenders ? so u know who is a strategic partner for ZAMBIA

  10. He has just come to dump more of their jobless unemployed mwenyees on Zambia and you have the PF rats singing praise hoping for kickbacks…..

    after this visit expect no less than 10,000 unemployed broke Indian investors taking up more of your jobs …

  11. Figurehead president.. Nothing to be excited about here. Modi’s presence would have meant a whole lot more.

  12. Ceremonial he may be but he’s the one who invites the party to form government. He’s also the one the prime minister hands resignation. He’s not as impotent as we want to make him.

  13. Let us be honest guys, be it the President or Prime Minister of a country makes no difference. See beyond current realities period!!!

  14. nice seeing the Boeing 747-400 parked at Lusaka International Airport how i wish we had a local airline with such big planes…

  15. Come on guys, lets just swallow this bitter pill of strengthening the relationship with India. Already we have Indians here in Chingola under KCM who have become our brothers in law by impregnating our sisters. So we have Indian nephews and nieces here. We still have people with problems like BP, Heart, Bellies, Brains, Dicks, especially the politicians whose destination is always India once the ailment triggers. Welcome Mr. Kovind and please try to meet HH so that you wont be blamed for helping rigging 2012 elections.

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