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President Edgar Lungu says he will not respond to wild claims that he is not Zambian


President Edgar Lungu, Copperbelt Minister Jophen Mwakalombe and PF National Chairman Samuel Mukupa during the meeting with PF officials in Ndola
President Edgar Lungu, Copperbelt Minister Jophen Mwakalombe and PF National Chairman Samuel Mukupa during the meeting with PF officials in Ndola

President Edgar Lungu says he will not respond to wild claims that he is not Zambian because they are being propagated by a mad man and his response will legitimise the nonsense.

Addressing party officials in Ndola today at Lowenthal theatre, President Lungu observed that he would equally be a mad man if he responded to mad people.

“Uko nashika umutoto nalikwishiba, oko nalesambilila nalikwishiba ( I know where my umbilical cord is buried and where I went to school) and even the friends I was with in school are still around. Nomba waisa ima kwati naupena noku bwata (you suddenly get up like a mad man and start talking nonsense.)
Nganaasuka ninshi naine nalipena (If I respond then I am also a mad man),” President Lungu said.

He mocked, in apparent insinuation against Mike Mulongoti, that he has eaten too much beans that it was now affecting his thought process.

“Nomba namwishiba kwaliba ubulwele nga ulenwa sana utubulugwe..beans ilya nga walya sana wanwa sana ilekata kubongo,” President Lungu said to a laughing hysterical crowd.

“So forgive them, let us not give legitimacy to hallucinating people who are dreaming, abukafwe alebilima noku bilima… come on man, let’s be real.”

President Lungu then recalled his conversation with one of his ministers recalling that this whole thing was now unburying embarrassing moments of his childhood.

“Yesterday I was laughing with the minister, I was telling him ati this thing ba nsebanya nuku sebanya,” President Lungu said laughing.

“Elo baile ku Chimwemwe, pa house number 4001 balisa kumanya ba shikulu baleibepusha ati ulya umulumendo aleikala pesa. Nabena ati aleiyikala apo, naba wishi twalebeshibe, aliwakupepekafye tale samba. (He responded yes the young man we know him, he used to stay at that house, we know him and we even knew his father. We used to chase him around for him to finally get a bath, he did not like bathing.)”

President Lungu narrated that the old man said; “They used to chase him around ati Chagwa ka sambe, (Chagwa go bath) Chagwa kasambe, all this te proof?”

He said if this was not enough proof, his growing in Chimwemwe, he had no idea what these mercenaries were after.

Additionally, the lawyer in him reawakened and said those who want him to now produce his NRC should know; “In law we say he who alleges must prove.”

He then said this was the last time he will ever speak on this ‘useless trivial’ matter and directed the party to concentrate on more important things such as realising the party development manifesto.

“You mean u want to spend time talking bout this, come on, let’s be real… so ine e last nalandapo because balya batata mashilu, mashilu. (This is the last time I am talking about this, those men are mad, they are mad).”

President Edgar Lungu addressing PF Copperbelt Officials in Ndola
President Edgar Lungu addressing PF Copperbelt Officials in Ndola
President Edgar Lungu addressing PF Copperbelt Officials in Ndola
President Edgar Lungu addressing PF Copperbelt Officials in Ndola
President Edgar Lungu addressing PF Copperbelt Officials in Ndola
President Edgar Lungu addressing PF Copperbelt Officials in Ndola


    • If he thinks this issue will die a natural death, he’s mistaken. Not all Zambians are brain-washed PF00ls.

      Remember what the citizenship question did to FTJ? After the Kafupi saga, it was downhill till his 3rd term bid got rejected & he died a miserable man.

    • Talk of intelligence with unpallaled measure of wisdom 101, my President anf statesman ECL has it all mbwembwe. Madam Obama says, “when they go low, Chagwa takes the highway”. The scheme of insanity is to fall on acts of aberration to detract a working leader fratinh vome 2021, he will have unparalleled political capital to expend into victory. Go Chagwa go leave perential losers in dust choking.

      The Mwanawasa chola boy/bootlicker talekota bwino.

    • Come 2021, Chagwa will have accomplished a lot giving his stamp unparalleled measure of expendable political capital. His embattled opponents will have only insults, envy, malice, defamation and delusions to show all they have pick up from watching too much Nigerian movies. Glad that defaming him has no room to slow his national development momentum.

    • President Edgar Lungu says “he will not respond to wild claims that he is not Zambian because they are being propagated by a mad man and his response will legitimise the nonsense”. Ladies and Gentleman, now that he has responded what should we conclude?

    • Is he Edgar Chgwa Lungu or Janathan Mutaware? That is the question that has to be answered, by him! The we can piece other things together.

    • After FTJ got elected in 1991, all the cr00ks & thieves migrated from C/Belt to lusaka. The thieves who destroyed ZCCM through theft & mismanagement are now in charge of national treasury. Imagine a wolf convincing you that he will be the best custodian to take care of your sheep

      Today we hear Dr. Bishop Chomba PS for ministry of water affairs has been exposed as having a fake doctorate. Even his Bishop-hood is questionable.

      Just like Lungu or Mutaware or Padule or whatever his real name is, PF is full of fraudsters, thieves, thugs & cheats. Our country is doomed as long as these cr00ks are walking the corridors of power.

    • I love this guy … he speaks from the heart!!! I have come to learn a lot of attributes of what made this almost obscure individual rise to the presidency.

      Just yesterday, I figured it out and today he has just affirmed it … IMISULA!!! Chagwa wa misula, and that’s a mark of Leadership!!!

      Ba Guy Scott baisa leta amapilikiti and grabbed the instruments of Power when he was acting. Asula abapela but ku convention aba lopola.

      Ba HH baisa na mapilikiti ati petition abasula, after 14 days he’s inaugurated President. Ku Mongu bapilikita ati I am also President, balonga, after 4 months, he’s still at State House.

      Baisa na impeachment, aloleshafye … Edgar wa misula saana. Naine nomba na labafye ne misula kwati ECL.


    • I know people who grew up with him and even went to school and university with him. I can even tell you that this same people I know belong to UPND but have rubbished this “Not a Zambian”. What do u want him to prove? Even when he was minister these same people would mostly hang around with him. Let’s condemn him in other issues affecting the nation not when one crazy man says his not Zambian then we jump up and down.

      Be real my man

    • Ukutamfya lunshi pa mafi….what did Obama do? He produced a birth certificate. The onus is on Jonathan Mutaware to produce irrevocable evidence that he indeed isn’t Jonathan Mutaware. It is as simple as that. Not ukulanye ifisushi all over the place without giving evidence of where he was born and went to primary school.


    • @B R MUMBA, SR: true that!

      Nonetheless, the word I think is “IMINSULA.” I understand this might just have been a typo, but “IMISULA” (your butthole) means something totally different….I hope I still remember my little Bemba I lent in school.

    • Ba Pep Talk … endita eheee!

      Ba Yambayamba … I think you’re right. I’m insular is right, natotela mukwai

    • Ba Yambayamba … I meant to agree with you ati Iminsula but autocorrect nayo yaya kumbi!!!

      You can’t win for losing with this technology.

    • But the “intelligent” lawyer has responded ad hominem style by calling those questioning his nationality to be mad. You certainly do not call those that raise issues against you mad. Instead, you address the issues they raise!


  1. Yeah its a waste of time. That picture in the Kazali was enough. You are Zambian but wilabepa ati uko nashika umutoto. Who ever buries their own umbilical cord? Its your mum who buries it. Ala!

  2. Rb ws born in Zim BT that doesn’t make him a Zimbabwean.Even u ecl u can be born in Zambia BT that will not make a indigenous Zambian.Again we ask who are u?

    • Small brain waste time on irrelevant issues when the law says anyone alive in Nothern Rhodesia @ 11:59 23 Oct 1964 is Zambian. What more proof do u want.its like UPND wanting proof that HH lost election 5 times.

    • There is one thing called lieing that you conveniently ignore in your so called Christian country…whatever that means!

  3. @Parlikampyongoment

    Uli kabupa. Was your dad there when he says, “he knows where his ancestors are buried?

  4. Very well elaborated, Mr. President. It’s like you are a well respected accountant working for a big international bank and some chibuku drinker in the nearby komboni starts spreading lies and rubbish about you. If you engage him head on, people will mistake you as a chibuku drinker. But if you ignore him, knowing what the truth is, and continue being an example in your community, people will see the chibuku drinker as provocative and insane and you retain your dignity. Nice one, ba kateka. We know what eating too much beans does to the abdominal area…kwekwekwekwekwe…

    • He is already quite on unsubstantiated and cooked up UPNDEAD/CK corruption allegations. He has the duty to deliver the development that he promised Zambians not doing something about empty tins like you and the others.

    • Empty tins like me and many many more now know him as a corrupt theif….. …..not fit to have his potrairate hang in our schools….

  5. Mulongoti is lost politics. He supported Lungu in 2015, hoping to get a job afterwards, but nothing came up. Now he does not know, whether to continue campaigning for HH or try to get popular by insinuating wrong ideas. The man is a chipuba.

    • Go and impeach him if you have the balls and what it takes. Is he not allows to socialize with his members? This naive immigrant, awe sure.

  6. Just prove your identity and move on. This not a joke. Are you Zambian period? Forget whatever Mulongoti is known for, just exonerate yourself. Don’t capitalise on the gullibility of the majority Zambians and joke your way through this. Stop this noise going round and tell the Zambians who you really are. If legit, then happy days and if not please run away!

    • No need for that. Did Lungu just drop from heaven into State House. He’s held various positions which require one to produce documents including the NRC. In fact Mulongoti should be charged for campaigning for an alien if at all Edgar is alien. You’re blinded by your bias to see that these are sour grapes by Mulongoti for not being given a position after the efforts he put in the campaign.

    • He has no problems with his identity. It is the people with problems who should prove that he is not a Zambian. Kwaili. Why should he spent time and energy proving that he is a Zambia? Why? How many Zambians are proving that they are Zambians?

    • Ba Kaz muli kapuba. If you doubt his nationality the onus is on you to prove that he is not Zambian. Only f.ools accuse someone to be a thief and fail to provide evidence but continue singing claiming that one is a thief.

  7. Indeed Mulongoti is a mad man!!well said Mr President!!why waste time on a useless matter?for sure Mulongoti “alenya fye beans!!”kekekekekeke…..He is lost politically!!!
    Who is more Zambian between ECL and Mulongoti’s sponsor Kainde?nobody in Zambia knows HH’s father,brother,sister,cousin,etc.we are told Kainde “mwana wamuchigololo!!”.Kainde cannot even speak “bemba!!”Whenever he (Kainde) is in the North or CB,he keeps on talking to himself in English-kekekekeke!!
    We dont care whether about ECL’s nationality because all we want from him is to help develop Zambia and improve our lives-period!!

    • So, w.a.m.u c.h.i.g.o.l.o.l.o” here means a.d.u.l.t.e.r.o.u.s. That double h is a product an a.d.u.l.t.e.r.o.u.s a.f.f.a.i.r. Interesting readings.
      Njimbu bring it on. What do you know about double h? Was late Mazoka part of that a.f.fa.i.r? Was the a.f.f.a.i.r i.n.c.e.s.t.r.o.u.s? Who f.a.t.h.e.r.e.d and m.o.t.h.e.r.e.d double h? Is he Zambian too? Just c.u.r.i.o.u.s. It is news in societies’ g.r.a.p.e v.i.n.e.

  8. Its only a foolish person who can take mulongoti issue seriously , some pipo who are confirmed freemanson when asked they say no why should chagwa wait time on mad people like ck mulongoti , we hh as well is a sponcer of this nonsense

  9. As far as I know the President must always be mature and measured with his or her language no matter what the circumstances are. What we have now is a curse and embarrassment from the street. Truly he could have gained some points by playing calm and focusing on important national issues like debt, economy, illiteracy etc

    • Just STFU if you don’t have anything meaningful to yap. He was talking to his audience, the patriots not parliament and or foreign dignitaries. Give the president a break you bitter sociopath.

    • Wow that was a great response to his club members. What is the problem with you. The president is a human being. At home he is suppose to work and act like a father and grandfather. But if your cameras caught him dancing with azukulu, you will scream madam. You should have seen Obama play with his girls.

  10. As RB once said “vioneni vimasilu! onani! onani””. There seems to be something of an echo in here except…

  11. Phwahahahaha. Mulongoti and his mad colleagues balya beans over size batampa ukulanyera kukanwa kwati tunsuswa!!!! Kikikiki. Good show Mr. President! !!!

  12. It’s funny if you look at HE Lungu’s wikipedia page, there’s no mention of any parents or any place of birth. Does any loudmouth cadre here know the name of his father? Or his mother?

  13. So, “wamuchigololo” here means ad(ul)tery. That double h is a product an ad(ul)terous affa!r. Interesting readings.
    Njimbu bring it on. What do you know about double h. Was late Mazoka part of that affa!r? Was the affair ince(stu)ous? Who fathered and mothered double h. Is he Zambian too? Just curious. It is news in societies’ grape vine.

  14. we need to see your birth certificate and your village.Who is your father and mother. where are are brothers and sisters?Its as simple as that….i bet this issue wont go away very easily…

    • When Lungu was born, birth certificates were not issued to African children. Sometimes its better to keep quiet so as not to highlight your ignorance!

    • Ask your grand father for his birth certificate. As late as 1970 only very few Zambians would manage a birth certificate and that’s affidavits have a space for how one knows he’s a Zambian eg by certificate or from what your parents told you. Since 1990 government has been launching a campaign for those without birth certificate to register for one. Of course you wouldn’t know because you only read slanderous material.

    • @ sharpshooter
      Chachine you have been brainwashed by this mad perpetuate loser and kachema mukalamba, HH. Who told you that for one to Zambian, he has to have siblings? Warpped thinking! Oh we forgot that this nosense is coming from polygamist Tongas who bear children they cant afford to support and later on start putting blame on others who were not there. Stup1d f00ls.

    • Wonder how old theold man at #4001 is and how he has lived at that same area from 1950s and sure the presido says thats proof .aThe big man is a guilty it appears . It doesnt take much beef to prove self. Why chashupa?

  15. You are the man Mr. President! World over people know that never argue with a f…, people might not notice the difference. Keep working hard as you are!

  16. “Mummy I keep on throwing the kitchen sink at him, but the more I do the more he keeps on working hard!” Childish. “Keep on crying baby, keep on sinking, Oh, sthinking, Oh stinking, Childish, you might get him one day,” Animo Rights.

  17. Jay Jay na ba Spaka lilo benu, kapwisheni gankata ilya mwashile kuli chief wenu ati nani uyubalanda atinani,
    We have removed the “Highness” because he has brought himself so cheal and low. From now on he will be known as “His Royal LOWNESS Chief Mukuni”.

    • Brought himself where ? He should not even have let this nonsense up this far , the fraud convict that He is was forced to say something as things were getting hot……. He is still a corrupt theif……lets hear him deny that he is not a corrupt theif ??

  18. A man who publicly states “ubomba mwibala alya mwibala” is most likely not a real Zambian. Impeach this fake Zambian asap.

  19. In criminal prosecution, a prosecutor submits evidence to an impartial court to argue why they think an accused person is linked to a crime.

    • Let constipated Mulongoti produce evidence. I also understand utubulungwa to mean pills. Ka Mulongoti must have defaulted on his ART and it’s now getting to his brain. Go back to hospital, the doctors will prescribe a new combination and save you from hallucinating.

  20. I am very disappointed with the low levels of intelligence, ignorance of facts, and lack of analytical ability of most bloggers here. On my part, I can prove that I went to the same primary school as ECL – Mutende Primary School in Kwacha Township in Kitwe and the same secondary school – Mukuba, also in Kitwe. How many of you detractors can? The other day I was in a club and there was this UPND character questioning ECL’s identity. When I asked him if he he knew Ishuko Primary School in Chimwemwe, this goof didn’t even have the the faintest clue! He thought Ishuko was in Chipata! Are these the characters we should waste our time listening to?

  21. There was no reason for this story to even go this far if this shady character who never has any press conferences just let free journalists ask him questions.

    Since he has now found his voice, let’s hear him deny that he is not a corrupt theif ????

  22. Has someone whispered to President Cyril Ramaphosa that he may have an arsonist from Zambia in his midst? There is arson and rioting in Mafiheng under the pretext of protesting against the Prime Minister of that region? Zambia had similar arson last year called armaggedon, can it coincidence that a similar arson is taking place just when our chief armageddon specialist is visiting RSA and making false allegations?
    As for h.h, with whats happening there in South Africa, dont you think that CR has enough problems of his own without listening to cry babies like you? Bwelako chabe iwe h.h otherwise you will miss the dialogue which is about to start….kikikiki

    • The arson attacks we saw where lungu and kapoyongo lighting fires to justify 42/42 .

      After they have pocketed from 42/42 The fires have stoped..

  23. @ clutch plate banda Wikipedia is written by individuals like you or anybody else.Dont buy so much into it. Infact quoting Wikipedia as your reference is not only wrong but suecidal.

    • @Kapoma Do people who are downvoting you know anything? at my university students aren’t tallowed to quote Wikipedia because information there can easily be altered. Recently Cape Town airport was renamed Winnie Mandela airport. All on Wikipedia

  24. Lungu has punted the ball. Someone will catch it and run with it. It is still in play and can be scored by Mulongoti. Lungu thinks by becoming a Psychiatrist to diagnose madness in Mulongoti makes him feel safe, no, the case and story continues and will always resurface. Dr. Lungu. The man is not Presidential through and through. Mulongoti politically has put a doubt on Lungu and his citizenship. Whether Lungu feels protected by the immunity of the office, one day he will answer questions. Chiluba started running around like a madman, Lungu will soon join his patient, Mulongoti too. Lungu will answer even for RB who he protected due to tribe.

  25. If seriously What President Lungu is saying is true that he grew up in Chimwemwe, why is that his Bemba is so poor?
    Bemba language betrays him here and
    I think Mulongoti to a certain extent is right. The president May not be a REAL ZAMBIAN.

  26. The PF rats really have no moral authority to be sontaring about lungu trying to close this place of birth topic by saying something now…….while he keeps silent about accusations of being a corrupt theif……then again PF have no morals or integrity….like the same lungu.

  27. If you say you ‘won’t respond’, you don’t respond. But those long winding attacks on Mulongoti ARE a response. By the way, does everyone on the Copperbelt understand Bemba? I find it irritating when a government leader speaks in a local language for a good chunk of his or her address. The last time I checked, we don’t have a local ‘official’ language.

  28. Lungu should not be bothered by one who has always licked someone’s backside to get a job. This issue is just one failed attempt to remove a president. …petition, misinterpretation of the Republican constitution, impeachment, accusations of corruption, resurrected petition, insults against UN, Commonwealth, asking RSA to remove a president. There’s more to come including propaganda abroad that Zambia is a failed state.

    • Ndanje Khakis: You don’t know what a failed state is and Zambia is NOT a failed state. Weak state , yes, failed state NO. On that one we both agree. But I believe it is headed in the wrong direction right now towards failure if the situation is not arrested. States that have failed did not fail in one day but drifted towards failure slowly. Examples are Sierra Leone, Liberia, Central African Republic, Rwanda, Somalia and, Ivory Coast came close but France intervened. And when failure came, there was no one to protect lives and property. Everyone including lawyers and judges had to run to somewhere safe. Murder, rape, amputations were everywhere. If they had female police officers, lawyers and judges they were also raped.

  29. As a remedial measure as we struggle with Lungu’s Nationality, let us also start asking all who are aspiring to be presidents for their birth certificates before they become presidents because I doubt if even CK, or these others can produce one because in the 50s,60s, up to 80s these documents we not commonly issued.

    • An essential prerequisite for good governance is integrity and unflinching fight against corruption and thuggery in the office of the presidency…..lungus office has morals and integrity worse than a brothel ……that is what the impeachment is highlighting…

  30. When it comes to discussing real development issues comments are few but when it comes to sensational political topics comments are many? Zambians you would rather spend time talking and spreading rumours? We have an opposition that has failed to address the issues that are affecting poor Zambians! And so they resort to smear campaigns. Are people going to eat false rumours? Its true this opposition of UPND don’t care for the people, you will never hear Peter Sinkamba bring up this issue because its a time waster and we as Green Party would rather discuss matters that concern development. ECL is a Zambian even more Zambian than Mulongoti and company!

    • That’s why they walk out of parliament when matters to do with development and Zambians come up. Just look at the grounds of impeachment-ati Lungu abrogated the constitution by encouraging citizens to steal by saying “uubomba mwi bala, alila mwibala”??? Ifinangwa fya bantu fi upnd. Maybe Greens should have been main opposition, we would be far right now…

  31. Tongas used to be good people and acceptable in our society till this Ichilema came and alienated them from the rest of us. So the onus is up to them to decisively deal with HH and remove him from UPND otherwise its them and their children who will continue to suffer whilst the rest of us progress.

    • You have no shame. Yes, that is how being a Zambian can be. Brainless. You are just confirming that pa Zambia epo bapanga ifipuba.

  32. He has no answer. How do you expect a thief to respond when caught? But he will when there’s enough heat on him. Zambians must pressure him to show who he is and where he comes from. The guy does not even have family or even nieces. Why does his daughter or himself look Khoi Khoi or is it Hottentoti? Sometimes he looks like that guy in the movie “The Gods Must Be Crazy”. Was he the one?

  33. Mr Mulongoti went to Chimwemwe where the President grew up from and asked the old man they found if he new Lungu.
    The old man said yes we know Chagwa (ECL) and we new his father. Is that not proof enough.
    The President said, Mike Mulongoti has eaten too much beans that it was now affecting his thought process. No wonder Mulongoti busy yapping.

  34. Comment: What’s the problem with this brainless upnd cadres? You think you will be feed by upnd when it comes into power. That President will be for the all nation. You be shocked until you are buried, just work hard.

    • Bishop Mambo was deported to Zimbabwe by the Unip government. You know what happened? Zimbabwe returned him back to Zambia because Mambo didn’t know where in Zimbabwe he was supposed to have come from.

  35. @Kalos2020 Chi.kala you are abusing the name of the true kalos don’t comment over what you have no proof of in fact, change the name you are putting our name into unwarranted disrepute.

  36. He can’t respond becoz he knows what the so called mad man is saying is all true and he has nothing in his arsenal that would counter this claim so better just to keep quiet and hope it all goes away.

  37. Anyway even if he is Zambian, people are still poor. Is he enough of a man to take responsibility for it?

  38. It’s Lungu himself here who actually comes across as being afflicted by masalamusi mukalukobo! These are genuine questions Mulongoti posed and need answers not stupid toilet diversionary acrobatics. These questions won’t just go away.

  39. @ Mwami Bauze stay with the stupd questions with your Mulongoti. Level headed people have better things to do. Even the mad Kambwili hasn’t commented on this stupid issue. Those two Chiefs l wonder what is running in their brains.

  40. Birth certificates were there even during colonial days. Except that it was cumbersome to get them from the DC’s offices which were very far away from local communities. Those calling ECL as not being a Zambian, then who is a true Zambian. The man in his youth is said to have had a stint in Zambia army as officer cadet, you mean his origins were not well screened. He was Lawyer hen MP and Deputy Minister and full Minister under MC. I don’t think MC would have allowed a foreigner to serve in his govt. because the man was a huge reservoir of information. The man ECL may have his own problems but lets give space to account for actions to the Zambians. I wonder if this type of attach on him is positive or constructive engagement that will solve the many numerous problems the country is…

  41. Very shameful utterances, and very painful to those that suffer stigma because they’re on ARVs. Despite the provocation, as a President you need to moderate your language. Be mindful of the feelings of others. I can’t defend you on this one, you’re not different from your accusers. Shame!

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