ZRA Headquarters
ZRA Headquarters

Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) says the Tax Payers Identification (TPIN) numbers will not be used to deduct money from bank account holders but to identify all tax payers.

ZRA Assistant Client Services Officer Anastasia Chikaka said it is law for all bank account holders in the country to have TPIN numbers and everyone to take keen interest in acquiring a TPIN.

Mrs. Chikaka said members of the community should understand why they are required to have TPINS and pay tax because it is everyone’s responsibility to pay tax.

ZRA conducted a workshop in Senanga district aimed at educating citizens on the functions of ZRA and provide adequate information on taxation in the country and also conducted online TPIN Registration.

Mrs. Chikaka stated that ZRA will continue to conduct workshops in all parts of the country to ensure that people have correct information on Tax laws.

She further stated the withholding tax is paid by tenants on behalf of landlords which is 10% from the rental paid.

And Senanga residents called on the authority to conduct more sensitization on withholding tax that should be paid by landlords.

A Senanga resident, Tobias Chindongo said that most landlords are shunning away from paying tax because they lack proper information on the essence of paying such taxes and the process of payment.

Mr. Chindongo further stated that ZRA should provide stations in most districts for people to easily access information because not everyone has access to internet to get the information on Tax.

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  1. Perception is everything. Communication is key. It appears the top-down way of doing business is finally catching up with authorities. Start by enabling the buy-in process (difficult, I know, but you win big in the end), then slide slowly to the implementation. That way everyone knows EXACTLY what they are getting themselves into. Yaba! No coordination is dangerous.



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