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Zambia is an amazing country with amazing people-Roger Federer

Headlines Zambia is an amazing country with amazing people-Roger Federer

Rodger Federer With President Lungu at State House

Tennis star Roger Federer has described his four day stay in Zambia as exciting.

The 20-time Grand Slam winner Roger Federer arrived in Zambia on Sunday to check on how is his Foundation is doing.

The Roger Federer Foundation (RFF) began its work in Zambia in August 2011, aiming to provide equitable access to quality basic education to children.

Federer met children, parents and teachers to have a better idea of how the whole system is working in Eastern province.

Seven years ago, the Roger Federer Foundation launched a project aiming to support and strengthen education in Zambia.

Speaking at the Kenneth Kaunda International airport before departure to Switzerland, Federer said he enjoyed his time in Zambia describing the country as amazing.

He said he met amazing people including children, government officials and his Foundation partners.

“Visiting Zambia has been exciting and getting to see the projects was an eye opener and gave me an insight on how much work needs to be done in the education sector. It was also pleasing to see the impact that our Foundation is having and it was great to see that the work we have done has been really fruitful and the money goes down to where it belongs,” Federer said.

He said government must prioritize the development of the Early Childhood Education sector as it is important for the overall development of children.

“I enjoyed dancing with the kids and the teachers and I hope to return one day,” he said.
Federer thanked the Foundation partners Reformed Open Community Schools and People’s Action Forum Zambia for what he called a great field visit in two community schools in Lundazi.

He said the partners are doing a fantastic job and changing children’s life.

“We have been operating in Zambia together with our local partners since 2011 and by the end of 2018, we will have invested US$5.1 million in Zambia. I urge the Government to expedite the establishment of the early childhood policy framework to enable organisations operate more effectively.’ Federer added.

“it was first time in Zambia and Southern Africa, a region which holds a special place in my heart as my mother is South African. I know about Zambia because my parents have extensively travelled to the country,” Federer said.

During his stay in Zambia, Federer met President Lungu who said the country was honoured to welcome the Swiss.

President Lungu said he is confident that Federer can start a new trend for bringing more celebrities in Zambia, which would definitely give a great image to the country and more possibilities in helping unprivileged children.

The two held talks at State House before Federer presented President Lungu with an autographed racket.

On Tennis, Federer said his dream remains to play Dream in Africa for a charity match.

“I played in Morocco in 2002 in the Davis Cup but I have played anywhere south of the continent, maybe this year or next year if we see how my fitness levels are,” he said.

“In Zambia, we need more tennis courts, the game is not even known out there. We still have a long way to go. Zambia is a big country with hard to reach areas. Children need to be exposed to Tennis as the sport teaches you lifelong lessons.”


  1. Thanks Rodger for your donation, you are an amazing human being who has achieved so much. I hope Edgar Lungu learned a thing or two from you

    • Thanks Rodger you are 100% correct..Zambia is such an amazing Country with amazing people
      God bless Rodger…God bless Zambia

    • These are blue sky moments for the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise. It’s a great time to be alive.

      Rodger … thanks a trillion for all your help. Really appreciated, you’re the best. Proud of your accomplishments too, The Mayor of Lundazi needs to give you keys to the city.

      Life Is A Serious Enterprise; What A Sweet Life ~ B R Mumba, Sr.

      Original Content, No Copyrights Reserved.

    • I think he is admiring the suit Mr president. Ati uuummm iyi suit iya short sleeve yapa Italy nangu pa South Africa?

    • I disagree with Roger.
      How can those working at state house be amazing?
      Maybe he means that someone can adopt someone else name and even use it to be president. That’s AMAZING!!!
      Siwale is in jail ,got hold of NRC of an Edgar Changwa Lungu, how could he do that… AMAZING!!
      Mumbi Phiri got so drunk and let me not repeat what she called Ba Jonathan… Today she back on her job.. Now that’s what’s AMAZING…

    • Roger that! All those malingers standing around on public funds. That chi big ugly one is even holding a fake file to look important! Fuseke!

    • “I enjoyed dancing with the kids and the teachers and I hope to return one day,” he said. This if Zambia’s fabric that makes the country one of the best Places in the world. If we did not have the divisive politicians of today this element of Zambia could have been even been more pronounced!


    • Any country that hero worships a tennis player for donating $5m to provide education services that its government should have provided but chose to purchase fire trucks for $42m, will be paradise to a visitor

    • I’m really impressed by Rodger. To have spent so much of his foundation’s money on one country called Zambia shows the level of fondness the guy has for our country. I just hope that none of this cash is ending up in individuals’ pockets!

  2. A great gesture which is indeed helping the kids! Our kids are our future! Never let the kids down, the hopes not only of Zambia but even the world as a whole rests in the hands of a small child- give that child education and you empower the child to be the best they can be!

    May more follow in his footsteps not just foreigners but our own Zambian citizens!

    Roger Federer is truly a great humanitarian!

  3. Has Roger Federer been to Matero , Chibolya ,Kalingalinga and Soweto market ? The fake compliment is ok as our guest but the hard truth is far better.

    • Unlike you Mzambia wa Zamani, Roger being intelligent he will go to Matero, Chibolya and come back smiling and make the same comments about how great Zambians are after seeing beautiful faces who have nothing smiling at him.

  4. Nose demon! Is there anything positive that you and your tribal peers ever agreed to ! We don’t care! Your party has a tribal agenda and we all know that!

  5. Ba LT, why not show more pictures related to Roger Federa’s projects which he came to see, i.e. his foundation partners, children, etc… and less of politicians whom he only paid a courtesy call?

    Imwe this girl called Mushota cisushi pwi pwi pwi pwi pwi. She speaks from the other side that’s why she keeps contradicting herself. Shame on you Mushota.

  7. Who will UPND write to, to complain about the fact that RF did not meet HH and he said something positive about Zambia?

  8. Always worshiping donors yet we have our own natural resources, poverty stricken mindset, way to go.poor but “resource rich” country milking from someones hard earned cash shame on us.

  9. Roger you are right, zambia is a good country with good people….however the people are let down by weak institutions of governance…people are waiting to enjoy the benefits of their goodness……

  10. L know it is good when people like Federer visit you. But we should also put in context why he visited? Why should we be proud to be helped to have our children learn when we are buying fire trucks at $1 million for 1 fire truck? Don’t you think we must be a very very rich country such that we don’t need Federer’s donations? We buy a Lamborghini ambulance at 7 times regular price. I think we must be a very rich nation that should not have places like Misisi. I don’t see the need for Federer donating to our education. We are rich. His country does not have anything apart from watches and banks and him. Our Lungu, RB and Dora have more money than him. Probably money that was supposed to be used for education became their money.

  11. next time this happens could the Ministry of Sport schedule a friendly tennis match between federer and some opponent. imagine what that would do for the local tennis association.?

  12. Mushota, i generally like your abbreviated opinions on issues.However, sometimes you need to avoid dispensing ignorance so blatantly and just stay quiet and learn.First you did not know who Roger was and now you assert that Everangry Nadal is better? Cmon Rafa cannot carry Federers jockeys. Not even McEnroe and Borg come close to federer.Look it up, you have a Phd.

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