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UPND accused of blocking Constitution Amendment Bill

General News UPND accused of blocking Constitution Amendment Bill

UPND Monze member of parliament Jack Mwiimbu
UPND Monze member of parliament Jack Mwiimbu

The ruling Patriotic Front has accused UPND Members of Parliament of politicizing the Constitution Amendment Bill by stating that they will not support it when tabled before the House.

Leader of the opposition in Parliament Jack Mwiimbu on Friday said UPND Members of Parliament will not support the Constitution amendment bill when it is tabled before Parliament.

Mr. Mwiimbu told journalists in Lusaka that if the PF Government wants the support of UPND Members of Parliament, they should first commit to addressing all governance conflicts through dialogue before tabling the Constitution amendment bill.

But speaking during this week’s PF Interactive Forum in Lusaka that featured Lunte Member of Parliament Mutotwe Kafwaya, PF Media Director Sunday Chanda said it is very clear that the UPND MPs want to dramatize the bill in parliament.

Mr. Chanda has emphasized that it has been made clear that there will be wide consultation with various stakeholders before the bill is taken to parliament as opposed to claims by Mr. Mwiimbu.

He says the UPND is dwindling at the moment and that very soon the party will be a shell.

And Mr. Kafwaya said government has upgraded four primary schools into secondary schools so as to offer quality education services.

Meanwhile, PF Deputy Media Director Antonio Mwanza has challenged the media to go a step further in questioning political players on most of important issues in the country.

And PF Member of the Central Committee Kebby Mbewe said the debate on President Edgar Lungu’s nationality is a Brought in Dead case.


  1. Just block it. Until it recognizes freedom of speech. Until it guarantees noone should be detained without charge for more than 48 hours. The South African constitution guarantees these rights

    • This under 5 party has no principles and will always reject anything from PF government. Let them continue with their rejection agenda and Zambians will do the same when it comes to elections.

    • Change the same constitution their leader EL signed less that 2 years ago with his eyes closed, What a joke, All the pomp at Herors studium signing celemon was a waste of time and tax payers money and now you want to change it, When a the poor zedians going to wake up a see that PF is a joke.

    • Evil guys in UPND! You guys blocked the Bill of Rights Referendum which was supposed to bring in all these rights and now you want rights? Which rights when your selfishness denied Zambians rights they should have been enjoying. You thought you were killing PF and HH personally celebrated the failure of the Bill of Rights Referendum and now you are crying about the rights? Shame on you and your bellies

    • Immaturinty in UPND surprises me. You say the constitution is flawed but at the same time, you do not want to ammend it? Silly thinking of the highest order.

  2. Meanwhile, PF Deputy Media Director Antonio Mwanza has challenged the media to go a step further in questioning political players on most of important issues in the country.
    Really? You think DeadNBC would have the balls to question Lungu on most important issues: such as why does he think he should be protected by a defamation law that is archaic?

  3. I support the blocking of the change of constitution which which is meant to give Lungu a 3rd term; why did Lung waste millions of money at the stadium to sign a half baked constitution?

    • MPs from UPND where in parliament drinking water and shouting HEAR! HEAR! HEAR! They greed to the constitution changes and pushed ECL to sign – Zambians are witnesses

    • @KK Airport…, Why do people pretend there are no ARCHIVES to go back to and check what was said and by who at the time? If you have a memory of a Chicken, that’s your problem. But plenty of us do remember events and what happened at the time of the Constitution making process.

      Aren’t you are the very people who hounded Wynter Kabimba, called him all sorts of names, for NOT RELEASING THE DRAFT CONSTITUTION which eventually was signed by Lungu? Remember that? Of course you do. But you think people are just so stup!d to recall these things. It was UPND’s rallying cry, to both DOMESTIC and FOREIGN allies: “RELEASE, RELEASE, RELEASE,…!” We heard this nearly everyday.

      Kabimba was removed as JUSTICE MINISTER and Lungu, in his wisdom, decided to release the draft Constitution in…

    • Continue…

      order to shut sychophants like yourself and Mwiimbu up. After that came the mantra “The new elections should be held under the NEW CONSTITUTION….Blah, blah, blah!” Remember that too? No? Of course you do! But you are just so bent on spreading FALSEHOODS that you even lie to yourselves.

      Now, ECL gave you the Constitution you cried for, even when Kabimba owned you of the many LACUNAS in it, and you still don’t seem to know what exactly you want.

      Look, THE COUNTRY CAN NOT STANDSTILL WAITING FOR A BUNCH OF CONFUSED LOSERS AND TIME-WASTERS TO MAKE UP THEIR MIND. The Country has to move on to other important issues. It is your choice to move with the rest of the Country or stay where you are (in denial) and be ignored. The choice is yours, UPND!


    • they do not know what is in itThat is what it is all about it needs to be discussed and checked before it can be passed. Micheal Sata made a constitution forTHE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE NOT BY THE PF. why exactly is the constitution being changed by a few individuals if not just to siut they themselves. Jack Mwimbu is right in his objections.

    • Nobody expects UPND to vote for something that has not been debated in parliament. It does not make sense to reject something before you know what is being proposed. In fact, UPND can also table amendments to the constitution that might be passed.

  5. Would you be surprised this coming from the only party in the world that wins general elections through the Zambian Watchdog?

  6. What is the roadmap for adoption of the amendments to the amended constitution? I thought there were invitations extended to stakeholders to submit what they considered to be lacunas in the amended constitution.

    To be honest, the mess we have found ourselves in could have been avoided if our MPs were vigilant enough. Our MPs are law makers, how did they allow the lacunas to be in the constitution in the first place? On this one, I can’t blame the President for assenting to the constitution because he believed that the Honourables were beyond question when it came to such matters. But, alas! they allowed all sorts of lacunas in the constitution, which even a layman could pick out without much ado. Is the poor reading culture in Zambia the underlying reason for this? Surely, law makers…

  7. How dd the president ascent to a document he did not read Brig Gen Miyanda tod the President don’t ascent bt the Presisent said he ws a lawyer he had read the document and ws going to ascent to it with his eyes closed because it ws a good document now because a lot of things are not in there favour they want to bring in amendments that will favour them no no no no that shud not be allowed only those amendment that will enhance the management of elections shud be allowed.

  8. The level of inconsistentency of the U5’s is appalling.
    These guys have no shame and are politically bankrupt.
    Only Edgar had the balls to give the people what they wanted after 30yrs.
    Now we have the opportunity to make it better and shall continue to do so with or without those chaps from dundumwezi.

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