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First Lady Esther Lungu graces Autism Awareness walk(updated)


First Lady Esther Lungu with Children at University of Zambia after the Autism Awareness walk

First Lady Esther Lungu paid tribute to parents and guardians that are taking care of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a complex lifelong neuro-developmental disorder that is characterised by a child’s deficit in reciprocal social interaction, communication, and restricted interests.

The First Lady flagged off of the Mulenga Autism Foundation awareness march past under the them under the theme “Understand, Accept, and Love.The First Lady said the theme has come at the time when many parents and the general public need to understand what autism is all about.She said without understanding what autism is, will definitely result in failure to manage the condition.

The First Lady has since called for the need for Zambia to be knowledgeable about autism prevalence because this will ensure that the nation plans for the provision of adequate services to persons with autism.Speaking earlier Mulenga Autism Representative Joseph Kabali said the event is meant to help answer questions by parents on autism.
Mr. Kabali said with early intervention a person with autism can grow up to contribute to the development of the country.

The event is one of the first of its kind in Zambia that showcases how citizens can get involved in the autism community.


First Lady Esther Lungu on Great East road during the Autism Awareness Walk
First Lady Esther Lungu on Great East road during the Autism Awareness Walk


  1. I have no respect for this woman; good woman gives wise counsel to her husband; good luck still to her and Austism cause;

    • She is not a good woman. She is a woman who have tasted manna from heaven when her husband stole votes and illegally took over Power in Zambia.

      She is a maid material in my maid’s house.

    • This is very good. Please speak up about diseases geriatric conditions. Old people with Alzheimers and dementia found wondering and naked are deemed to be witches and beaten up or even killed.

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