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Government Launches ICTs fast track degree program for teachers


Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet for Smart Zambia Dr. Martine Mtonga
Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet for Smart Zambia Dr. Martine Mtonga

The Government has launched the training of teachers in Information and communication technologies (ICTs). The Bachelor of ICTs with Education fast track degree program is being offered at the Zambia ICT college centre of excellence in Ndola. Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet for Smart Zambia Dr. Martine Mtonga flagged off the training in Ndola today. Dr. MTONGA who is E-goverment Division NATIONAL Coordinator in the Office of The President at cabinet office graced the occasion.

Dr. MTONGA said that in accelerating the vision of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu’s desire of making Zambia become Smart By the year 2030, it was found prudent to have government teachers trained in ICTs so that they could also go and teach the learners in the government schools in the country. “Government recognizes the role that ICTs can play in accelerating the socio economic development of our country towards an information and knowledge based economy. As a matter of fact we are living in a constantly evolving digital world, and ICTs training is cardinal” he said.

The course modules have been developed by the University of Zambia and shall be offered by the Zambia ICT college. Government through Smart Zambia has co sponsored the cost of the program. Government teachers pay 50% of the fees, while government pays the other 50%. Since the teachers are already trained teachers, the program is now for 3 years instead of 4 years.

ONE THOUSAND (1000) teachers from across the country have enrolled and have today started training. Copper belt Province Permanent Secretary Mr. Bright Nundwe also attended the launch and implored the teachers to pay attention to what the lecturers will bring out to them and maintain descipline so that the course ends as scheduled without disruptions. All the 10 provincial education officers also attended the launch.

The dean of the provincial education officers thanked government for introducing this course and said that it will easy the challenges that schools have been facing due to shortage of staff who are fully trained in ICTs as the subject is now compulsory in schools.


  1. There is no such thing as a fast track degree let’s be serious …..why do you like cutting corners just to put a title on your business card!!

    • ICT is broad and skills in it are critical personal and national development. We’re interest to know about domains of the degree being offered and indeed the focus. That is the best way we can help leverage our respective experiences gained through education and professional opportunities over the many years in best institutions. Experience is always priceless in Technology. We stand ready to help by giving invaluable pro bono expert level KT for the common good of mother Zambia where needed. We could be visiting professors or instructors.

  2. How and when were the 1,000 teachers selected? What criteria did they use to select them? This is the problem that we have in our country. There is lack of transparency even on straight forward things.

  3. I’m one of the students at this college. They advertised through print media and Provincial Education Officers. Allow me to say there is no better learning institution in Zambia than Zambia ICT COLLEGE both in terms of technological nfrastructure and learning environment. The first time I came at this College I was shocked to find that we have such top notch technology in our learning institutions in Zambia. I have a degree from UNZA and can say again Zambia ICT COLLEGE is the best. As those who are learning at this College you will get the facts. If possible visit the College yourself.

  4. @VIVA
    I agree with you. I was visiting my friend who is perusing a degree in Information Technology at the same College. I was amazed. ZAMBIA ICT COLLEGE here I come 2019.

  5. I was at this College during the launch. I was surprised at the infrastructure in ICT found at this College. They are second to none.

  6. Only a fo0l can discredit them. Come and see by yourselves. I’m proud to be training at this fastest growing institution in Zambia. Even if they gave me free scholarship at UNZA or CBU I can’t leave this College. Good lecturers good infrastructure good environment and of course good management.

  7. @MUBOBO

  8. If you don’t know ask. Don’t show your ignorance in public. I did a FAST track program at UNZA in mathematics. Please ask rather than opening your mouth without any research. Well done ZAMBIA ICT COLLEGE. UNZA and CBU monopolized the education system. We need competitors.

  9. UNZA and CBU are only popular because of bursaries. If government stopped these bursaries there will be no INZA nor CBU

  10. What makes this College special is the fact that they are a specialised institution in ICT and IT related programs. I like their model. They have demonstrated to be excellent in these areas. When my son prevailed over that he wanted to go to this College rather than CBU, I thought he was out of his mind until I visited the College. I agree with everyone that this College is just the best.

  11. I’m one of the full time students at the College. I’m sure that college will soon be declared a university. I love my College. Thank God I came here.

  12. @Kalufyanya
    UNZA and CBU have abused government for too long. Firstly they keep increasing the fees so that government pays through bursaries. How many students without bursaries can afford to pay? Very few if not no one. Meanwhile the standards of learning at these two public institutions have deteriorated always CLOSURES and infighting especially Proffessor Ngoma and his administration at CBU. This is why institutions such as ZAMBIA ICT COLLEGE needs support by every well meaning Zambians where every student can afford to pay.

  13. It is surprising that govt has embarked on another fast track program before it could settle the tuition fees for fast track students at DMI St. Eugene university who completed a year ago and have not graduated because govt has not paid the university to facilitate their graduation. The former students there are even denied statement of results for the course they have successfully completed.let govt help those students to graduate. The same scenario is likely to occur at this college

  14. @Robk
    Zambia ICT COLLEGE is a government institution rather than St Eugene university which is purely private. They are a lot of people in government at play with St Eugene saga. Firstly they took incekelako concept hence the reason that went to that private university instead of their own government institutions where they could have reached mutual understanding concerning the said graduation and certificate.

  15. I may wonder why some of us the same Government is doing bad to us. You know the general public, am one of the student at Livingston Institute of Business and Ingineering Studies (LIBES). The institution introduced the program as a fast track diploma program for two years. And this us a Government institution over that matter. Now after some time, the institution was directed to increase the years from two to three years. Now is this being fair, were others are having a diploma in three years and others a degree in three years? Help me…LIBES STUDENT

  16. Please am complaining… The Ministry of Higher Education and the Teaching council of Zambia together with the Libes management and our examination body, which is the Zambian open university, am appealing to you all so that you may take this issues into consideration. Thanks…

  17. who said ECL has no VISION? u can see now that he has several visions which are being rolled one by one

  18. @Anyoko
    The ICT agenda is classico. On this one Mr President you have my support. I’m extremely happy the launch did not go to UNZA or CBU but Zambia ICT College. This college is small but with big heart. I have just come to like this College and wish could go and lecture there some day soon. Long live Zambia ICT College

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