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President Edgar Lungu pays glowing tribute to KK for a disciplined life style


President Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has paid glowing tribute to Zambia’s first President, Dr Kenneth David Kaunda for amply demonstrating the benefits of a prudent disciplined life style to Champion the health cause and serve as a guiding light in the national wellness quest agenda.

“Let us all learn from the man and take responsibility at personal, family, Community, civic , Constituency, Provincial and National levels. Community participation to disseminate health information and impart life skills to people is cardinal as we aim to promote healthy behaviours.” he said.

And President Lungu has stated that the Health week is a period where individuals and households are encouraged to take wellness as a personal, family and Community responsibility.

He stated to this effect that his Government had identified the Upholding of Healthy living as a key investment in human capital upon which the nation would be developed according to the Vision 2030.

“I wish to call upon all Government institutions , non Governmental Organisations , Religious Bodies and Civil Society to identify what they can do to contribute to the Mission stating that the Nation would appreciate those good deeds.

” We all have an onerus responsibility to ensure that our nation is identified as a God fearing, good health and productive people , living in a clean green and Healthy environment with no one left behind.” he said.

Meanwhile, Zambia’s Minister In-Charge of Health Hon. Dr Chitalu Chilufya has applauded the Commitment President Lungu has and the political will shown in seeing to it that Zambia becomes a healthy Nation.

“Your Excellency, you continue to provide Leadership in the political will that is desired for us to achieve Universal Health Coverage. ” He said . Dr Chilufya has also thanked the Cooperating partners both local and foreign who have been instrumental in contributing to the Universal Health Coverage agenda.

National health week is being commemorated from the 7th to the 14th of May 2018. Under the theme HEALTH FOR ALL, LEAVING NO ONE BEHIND.


  1. You were not there when this fella was running a one party state. UNIP cadres were terrorising citizens for not attending public meetings. People were being whipped in their yards. KK a hero? If you were not there!

    • U are right bro, I was there and it was very bad. That was socialism and humanism and communism at work..!!!!! Very sad indeed,

    • In addition some people were forced to buy cigarettes even if they had never smoked before from the street mishanga boys.

  2. Ba Lungu, could YOU PLEASE LEAD BY EXAMPLE!! Why can’t you also emulate him, stay away from alcohol,punish corruption and above all appoint people who are committed to Zambia’s cause, NOT just friends and YES MEN who are decaying our country!!

  3. KK in his time he was avery dangerous man any opposition you disappear , who killed Kapwepwe who killed Chigaga who killed bishop Mutale who killed Mundiya who killed Lombe to name only a few .
    Let KK answer this question.

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