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RB challenges the commonwealth to clearly come out on their stance to support a Zambian led dialogue


Former President Rupiah Banda meeting with ZCID team
Former President Rupiah Banda meeting with ZCID team

Former Republican President Rupiah Banda has challenged the commonwealth to clearly come out on their stance to support a Zambian led dialogue process so as to end the debate on who should led the forth coming political dialogue process.

The UPND has continued to insist that the dialogue process should be led by the commonwealth even after it pronounced that it supported a home grown dialogue process prompting the former head of state to call on them to be categorical on their stance.

Speaking when the Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue board members paid a courtesy call on him at his his farm house on Saturday Mr Banda said there was need for stakeholders to rally behind ZCID and ensure that dialogue process was a success adding that there was need to find peace before the country starts looking for solutions to other challenges.

“The summery of all I said is that if we try to solve all the problems in order to have unity we will work for the next hundred years and we will never agree, we are different people……

“…If we can’t find the solutions, if we get to accept that our leader is Edgar Lungu because we can’t have a country without a leader, now it is this leader who has to accommodate all of us that is my main point from what I was saying and the solution lies right there.

“And with the commonwealth we need to tell them also that since you are saying that dialogue should be Zambian led come out and say so and stop coming or if you come; come through us. Give us the resources to find the solution and let’s work together to do this but you can’t say it should be Zambian led and at the same time the opposition is saying we want it to be led by you and you not saying anything about it…. They must help us find the solution because we agree that they have a role to play, we have to work together to do this and it will be easier for our President to accept them,” he said.

He added that outsiders were envious of the peace that the country enjoys hence the need to work together in ensuring that peace continues to prevail.

“…but if we try to find solutions first before we have peace, that my fear there is so much tension which is not necessary butsiders, you know I had visitors from South Africa they said you can’t believe how peaceful this country is seo but tikuti kulye peace but the people who come from outside say this paradise,” he said.

And the former Head of State bemoaned the high levels of tribalism that has gripped the country.

He said the tribal divisions being experienced in the country today was unheard of during the time they were growing up and that the country would harvest what it was sowing was not curtailed.

ZCID has in the past few weeks been meeting key stakeholders in readiness for the political dialogue process.

Former President Rupiah Banda meeting with ZCID team
Former President Rupiah Banda meeting with ZCID team
Former President Rupiah Banda meeting with ZCID team
Former President Rupiah Banda meeting with ZCID team


  1. RB and EL PF telling the Zambians what tehy want to do, They will not rest until the run the government coffers dry, Poor zedians why did you vote for a thief EL to lead you, They guy wants to have people he has in his pocket to lead the dialogue coz he knows that he can not manupulate the commonwealth so he brings his own team. Where where the zambian negotiaters when HH was in prison and where was RB.

    • Why involve RB in dialogue? The man is main cause of tribalism, he offered all from East from Dora to Vincent Mwape to PF.

    • ZCID is now infiltrated. The more it seeks the involvement of people like RB, the more it is disqualifying itself.

      Where was RB and what was his position when Commonwealth started brokering these talks? Now he is changing his mind just because ECL has u-turned? Why did they not consult with KK, for example?

      This could be one of the many reasons why opposition does not believe in ZCID.

    • RB is an Embarrassment to Zambian Young generation. The man has no morals when it comes to stealing and making sure he runs Zambia down. He should have led by example by not being partisan but a true father of the nation.

  2. Being broke and owing a lot of money takes away all the clout or influence you had.The only thing left is to parade your hungry looking family members and plead for help.

    Zambia’s debt crisis and the political dialogue process are both connected…IMF has of course put the dialogue process as condition to the financial bail out which the PF desperately needs.The PF and its zealots have run out tricks and won’t survive this time around.

    The writing is on the wall.

  3. UPND cadres and your leader ,you say there is no president in the country and yet you are calling for impeachment of the same person you are not recognising.your leader has no constitutional powers to govern and all is doing is calling from outside forces to create anarchy,Zambia is a sovereign state we can resolve our own issues without outside forces.RB has spoken the truth.Take it or continue making your rubbish noises.

  4. Where was this spineless and compromised ZCID when HH was falsely imprisoned? It had to take Catholic bishops (ZEC) to speak out and commonwealth to finish of ZEC’ s work . What a waste of time. I would rather the 3 main church motherbodies do the dialogue if the commonwealth has grown cold feet. This ZCID is absolute rubbish. Period!

    • ZCID is absolutely rubbish today because it has because it has been headed by upnd for the past 7 years!!!

  5. “…He said the tribal divisions being experienced in the country today was unheard of …”

    Only when lungu comes into the picture…..when CK was a senior minister we all remember how he came on air and tribally attacked Tongas while lungu watched in encouragement

  6. Dr Kambwili’s NDC supporting a political party that is tribal and using other tribes to ascend to power=shame!

    Lungu is playing monkey trick mismanaging the country’s economy= Shame!

    Every day, small political parties are being formed by selfish individuals with ill intentions=Shame!

    Foreigners are being treated like kings and queens whilst Zambians are being mistreated and suffering= Shame!

    Zambia despite being rich in mineral resources but civil servants continues being taxed and receiving peanuts as salaries=Shame! Retiree are dying before receiving their terminal benefits. due to irresponsible governance.

    If Mr Koswe Mumpoto want to win the 2021 general elections, he should first of all show Love to Zambians and not bu chakolwa!

    Thank you!
    Twalasa lyatenta

  7. Why is RB and PF so insistent on a Zambian led mediator in the name on these ZCID team….this foool RB is not a statesman!!


  8. The desperation of UPND is sickening.
    Besides the madness of calling ECL a foreigner why are you insisting only foreigners can facilitate dialogue?

  9. we want to appeal to commonwealth not to give up what they started. go ahead you are doing a good job. dont listen to theaves and tribalists. zambia is in serious trouble economiall and politically. its the poor poorer and rich richer.

  10. Thug of muntu
    Rupiah Banda. Zambians useless brainwashed when you are being ripped and rapped in daylight. Wake up smell the coffee!

  11. RB you not my cup of tea. We fought you out of government and you have brought people we kicked out of government . My vote was for change…..

  12. RB does not qualify to offer advice on this because he’s been inclined on one side right from the start and all along; I think I would rather listen to Dr Kaunda except he’s now getting tired


  13. Africa, Africa. We cannot think for ourselves we always want someone to think for us. If someone says we can solve our problems those who have entangled themselves in outside issues want to bring their colleagues to help them. There is too much Nkongole and inherited problems in the oposition that is why they are looking for any floating leaf to hang on to. “We know that a drawning man trie to hold on to a floatinng leaf for survival.

  14. RB the very Architect of Umodzi Ku Mawa, bemoaning level of tribalism. Is this a joke? You contributed to the divisions and confusion Bwana, you should have done better as an elder statesman.

  15. Is Nakachinda one of them? He is PF cannot sit on dialogue table. The outcome will be trash.

  16. Whether we like it or not, Zambian institutions lack credibility. Which wholly Zambian institution is working perfectly well right now? Former Presidents are not non-aligned. Chiefs same. Churches worse. There are definitely better credible institutions outside than here. It is all our fault, we have not developed strong institutions that outsiders can respect and as long as we still fail to balance our budget, we’ll need approval of the outside. Even failing to recognize this fact is a big sign of this weakness in itself. Be real, you can’t even build a road without help!

  17. Mr. Banda-with all due respect to his age and status- is a crooked individual, with no moral authority to speak on any national, or international issue. He will do us a favour by quietly slinking back into his hole and keeping quiet.

  18. I have no redoectband confidence in RB, its a shame thst he was given the opportunity to ruke our country , anyway that’s water under the bridge

  19. RB is a stupid shameless ***** who stands to finish our country. His support for criminals to remain is power shows how this states***** has no heart for the poor. Banda and Lungu will go to jail very soon.

  20. We have never seen Presidents who come to Zambia Visit RB at his home.
    There usual routine is after visiting President Lungu at State house,they go to visit Dr. Kaunda.There after they fly out to there home country. May be they have special reasons for not visiting Rb.Now what is ZCID trying to prove?

  21. I am a believer in that even a sweeper is an important element in a team. That input that might look foolish may open you up and start you thinking outside the box. Involving our former President, Mr. Banda is the style that they have chosen to take and we do not know yet the role each and everyone they talk to is gonna play. The outsiders can come in as observers if they want to. Presidents should not be imposed on us because Jim and Jack share the one bathroom.

  22. If we don’t need the foreigners in the Commonwealth to lead the dialogue, why asking them to provide resources to host it?

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