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Bowman Lusambo’s door to door Chilanga Campaign in Pictures


Some Chilanga residents on Saturday morning excitedly woke up to find Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo conducting door to door campaigns.

Mr Lusambo in the company of a handful of party officials arrived in Chilanga as early as 04:30 Hours and engaged residents who were going for their early morning work shifts l on why they should vote for the PF candidate Maria Langa.

The Lusaka Province Minister who is also Kabushi Member of Parliament also urged the residents to ensure that they vote for a candidate who is morally upright.

“This morning, i bravely the chilly morning weather and found myself in Chilanga to campaign for our candidate Mama Maria. I started my campaigns around 04:30 Hours and I was in the company of other party officials,” Mr Lusambo said.

He added, “In my political journey, I believe that early morning on-the-ground door to door campaigns are very effective in delivering messages to the voters. I engaged the electorate on why our candidate is the right woman for the job and why a vote for the PF is a vote for morality, decency and development.”

“The people of Chilanga were pleasantly surprised to find us in their area early in the morning and they promised to give their votes to our candidate.”

Mr Lusambo said the early morning interactions also accorded him an opportunity as Provincial Minister to appreciate some of the challenges that the people of Chilanga are facing and how we can tackle them.


  1. I thought street vending was banned; and this boy Lusambo is already looking old with his bulging belly;

    • Still frying fritters in the open by the roadside and footpath…uncovered as well…simple presentation can go a long way for these vendors.

  2. Sweeping ?What is happening? They will do this and apart from the elections , you will only see them driving past Chilanga.Don’t vote for pf.

  3. Provide jobs for the people……shamless ……look at the poor woman cooking and selling food from the bare ground…and that bone head lusambo shamelessly interacts….then retaires to his aircon SUV.

    That is PF.

  4. “This morning, i bravely the chilly morning weather…” When they have to type their own kak, kak comes out.

  5. We bow before the Bowmans of this world because we’re the dunderhe@ds that we are. And we get the leadership we deserve.

    They kneel for our vote for two seconds and we give it to them.

    Then they disappear in GRZ SUVs; and we end up kneeling for service delivery for 5 LONG YEARS.

    These goons called politicians will keep f00ling us for as long as our minds remain warped. And for 50 years of nationhood we’ve slumbered and failed to turn our vote into a weapon.

    Shame on us!!

    • I think shame on you Chalo. You know what much as it is true of what you have said, you same people with brains are cowards and proper ones for that matter. Since you fear to enter politics, stop talking rubbish because whether you like it or not the goons will be your leaders giving backward idea until people like you show courage that you have the third leg between your thighs. otherwise you are part of the wrongs in the country and how l wish l know you so that l can kick you ass. Rubbish! Cowards trying to hide in the social media. Come out and help your country. Show you country what you have or SHUT UP!!!

  6. You can win now but 2021 is something else. use your time properly and do a good hung out otherwise i can lest assure you that PF is a goner. I don`t like politics coz of the too much cheating but PF bless your selves for your exit 2021

  7. and who is morally upright? why put on a EL shirt and not maria Langa? who are campaigning for? sad for these people coz they will be treated as kings and queens during elections! Let the pf and upnd vote for themselves if they have the numbers as they claim!!!! Chief bootliker

  8. A certain type of people in society appreciate such kind of gestures,, apparently they constitute the majority in Zambia,, this is where UPND is lagging,, intellectuals do not form the majority in Zambia they just constitute a fraction,, Such campaigns make PF go through because they know how to capture the bigger masses in Zambia…if you challenge a number of Staunch UPND or PF to explain the logic behind them believing what they believe in,, very few can explain there values and principles,, hence the Lusambo strategy is effective in the Zambian setup,,

  9. Look at him encouraging the unhygienic street vending which means he’s pulling opposite GRZ’s effort of clean Zambia campaign.

  10. Bowman might be a big heap but he is a foot soldier and he is no busy fooool…everything is meticulously recorded for a reason, this is how he won his seat in CB.

  11. How I wish a time will come when the vote in the intellectual’s hand will weigh more than that in a kaponya’s.
    sadly, wishes don’t fly.

    For how can a tax payer’s vote count as much as a mere tax eater? The status core simply leads to state power falling in the hands of impostors.

    Need we be surprised that Jerabos hold sway and rule over sane citizens on the CB?

  12. Lusambo, are you aware that street vendors are back.? Is this what we want after working and spending so much in removing them and cleaning up? Shame on the council .

  13. Will Lusambo go back to sweep people’s homes in Chilanga after election? Will he go back to conduct door to door meetings to inform people that development is at their door step? That was a very childsh campaign he even took camera man to capture his idiocity.

  14. Why is it that people who are “educated” are not in Lusambo’s position i.e. MP for Kabushi and Lusaka Province Minister? How did Lusambo find himself where he is today? Making rules and laws for PHD holders, Professors , Ecomists ,lawyers , people who got 6 points at grade 12, people who graduated with distinctions e.t.c. What happened? Ladies and Gentlemen if we are not ready to get down to people but stay in the comfort of Europe, USA, Northmead , IBEX etc and expect things to change on their own, we are day dreaming. We will leave this earth as complainants but people like Lusambo and Charmaine will have contributed something to this nation according to their capacity whether good or bad.

  15. Lusambo and pf and mmd.MPs don’t develop places. It’s the places that develop themselves. The same effluent KK left in 1991 is still flowing in the pot holed footpaths of Freedom compound and Chaisa and Matero and any other shanty you can name. What a political shame!

  16. Politics of the belly at play. MMD die hard turned pf cadre enjoying the sweat of King Cobra whom he hated so much.Mulekwata ko me nsoni.Naku mulu nifi fine.

  17. Ba LT naimwe Bowman Lusambo OBVIOUSLY poses for the camera and you dont mention it in your caption. He was not helping that little boy. He just wanted you to photograph him as an election ploy. By the way why is he not in jail and applying for bond after assaulting Kambwili. Pilato who has done nothing is paying K30,000 bail

    • he’s even buying dirty food from streets promoting street vending this fool also how do you buy food from pipo who have not taken a bath with unshaven adams apples

  18. Opposition please dont cry when these PF guys win, while u are busy with your criticism and insults, these guys are on the ground campaigning. One will never win an election using social media…get on the ground and talk to people like the PF and stop competing!

  19. @amai sharon muli mutuntulo? Do you know what I mean by wina azalila? Chachine Kieth ali mu jeli nomba this election really has nothing to do with him. It borders on which party the people of Chilanga are for.

    I have K1 I’m betting that UPND wins this election! Mind you it doesn’t mean I support UPND, it means I’m an objective observer.

  20. Them belly full but we hungry, a hungry man is an angry man, this moron is fooling the hungry people while his pot belly is over filled. People of Chilanga show this monkey ass who is the boss

  21. lord this aint right! manipulating poor communities, why dont they continue doing this even after they are voted in…. African politics is just Crapppppppp

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