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President Lungu urges Zambians to help fight corruption

General News President Lungu urges Zambians to help fight corruption

President Edgar Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has challenged Zambians to be bold enough to confront things that have gone wrong in the country and Africa in order to enhance the fight against corruption.

President Lungu said Zambia and Africa need to do more to put a stop to corruption because it robs the country and continent of its development, security and stability in ending poverty and improving the welfare of people.

Addressing the nation on the eve of Africa Freedom Day, President Lungu said government has made tremendous strides in fighting corruption in the country.

The Head of State appealed to Zambians to take advantage of Information and Communication Technologies to conduct business and make payments because such platforms can reduce face to face interactions between service providers and public as such meetings are great opportunities for corruption.

He said government will ensure that regulatory safeguards are developed on cyber security, cyber-crimes , data protection and e-transactions and e-commerce.

President Lungu said Zambia is a Christian nation and there is need for the citizenry to uphold Christian values and principles which are key ingredients in the fight against corruption.

He said the education curriculum has been revised to incorporate topics on corruption in order to create awareness and inculcate good morals in children from a tender age.

The president said as the country celebrates Africa Freedom Day, there is need to pursue public good over personal gain and fight vices such as tribalism , corruption and lack of patriotism that weaken cohesion and freedom of Zambians.

He said Zambians must learn and be inspired by the struggles and selfless service of the first wave of African leaders of the new and independent states.

The president said it is time that Zambia and Africa rekindle the spirit and belief of unity in the people as a heritage.

He said in commemorating Africa Freedom Day, there is need to recognize and honour that Africa’s founding fathers and mothers achieved political independence and laid a solid foundation for sustained socio-economic development.

President Lungu noted that Zambia has scored notable success in her implementation of the national anti-corruption policy which has seen mainstreaming of integrity committees and codes of ethics in various public and private institutions.

He pointed out that corruption does not only occur and affect government but also the private sector, church, civil society, political and traditional structures

President Lungu said government has continued to enhance legal framework for fighting corruption as evidenced by the review and enactment of the anti-corruption Act no 3 of 2012.

He said legislation on corporate governance has been strengthened and companies act repealed and replaced in 2017 in order to enhance transparency and promote high standards of corporate governance and financial reporting.

The President stated that the public finance Act no 15 of 2004 is being reviewed to improve accountability and management of public resources in order to address the challenges of misappropriation of public funds.

He said the public interest disclosure Act no 19 of 2010 for protection of whistle blowers and the plea negotiation and agreements Act no 20 of 2010 are being enforced to help fight corruption in the country.

The president said since corruption has a cross border dimension, Zambia has ratified the African Union Convention on Preventing and Combating corruption as espoused by the AU Agenda 2063 and UN Sustainable Development Goals which all seek to combat corruption.

He further said that government will undertake social mobilization to engage traditional leaders and civil society to engage communities to promote mindset change against corruption.

Zambia and Africa celebrate Africa Freedom Day on May 25 and this years’ commemorations are under the theme “Winning the fight against Corruption; A sustainable path to Africa’s transformation”.


  1. Eishhhh lungu , have you no shame ?

    42/42, swaziland gifts etc etc……the list is too long…

    • Gosh! Am lost for words to say the least. The architect of corruption is saying this? Sometimes silence is better

    • Displayed here is….. “the practice of claiming to have higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case”

    • Lungu lishilu. He needs a serious mental evaluation. There’s no way a normal person can just say what he just said.

    • Look who’s talking…Lungu you yourself you’re a thief and very corrupt…You told the nation Uubomba mwibala alya mwibala ….so what are you talking about now

    • The die is cast, the deed is done. Now what remains is a clear-minded, intelligent and articulate opposition leader who can take advantage of this mess. Zambians hate corruption no matter how it is dressed up by a lawyer whose training is to prove that white is black. Lungu is a gonna. The 2021 election is up for grabs.

    • Hi Lungu,
      Stop saying like this. First close all copper mines in Zambia. If government can only run the copper mines. why the government can’t provide free education and health care.

      I have seen people don’t take 2 times of food. Why you are importing Milk,Vegetables,Fruits from South Africa.
      You have sold Zambia to VEDANTA RESOURCES. we have seen Indian criminal ( Ram Kovind ), Anil Agrawal , with Edgar Lungu.
      16 banks are there in ZAMBIA. how many people have bank account and saving amount of 2000 ZMW in hand / in bank account.
      All the money are given to Corporate people and people in the country are still poor.

      Government runs because of Copper mines and only Government officials can educate their children with their salary.

      Still they live the dead life living alive…

    • See who is talking? The most corrupt person himself. Lungu has no shame and he should be arrested. What he is doing is unacceptable. His day will come. See the Malaysian Prime Minister? No one is above the Law and Lungu will get his day. We are not Jealousy of him and we wish him well but stealing from Zambians is a crime.

    • Very cheap shot from Chagwa….. explain why Laura Miti and friends are doing in court for questioning the purchase of the fire engines 42 for 42 ????? And now you are asking citizens to help fight corruption…. it is acceptable for people to question your mental status these are clearly delusions

    • Here is a simple challenge for Lungu, if he really wants to prove that he’s serious about fighting corruption: Firstly, in January 2015 he declared that he had 3 million Kwacha in assets. A year later ( 2016) he declared that now he had 23 million Kwacha in Assets. He needs to explain to the nation where the 20 million Kwacha came from in a span of one year. Secondly, if he really wants to prove that he means business about fighting corruption, he needs to let independent auditors audit his bank accounts and all his properties which he has acquired since January 2015. We can even use some independent auditors from our neighboring countries, so we make sure that they’ll not be influenced by Lungu and his ministers. If they find out that he has clean hands, it’ll boost his image as a…

    • (Continued)… true anti- corruption champion. But he knows he can’t risk getting audited. Which means he doesn’t qualify to posit himself as a corruption fighter. Either way he has no choice. Zambians will need to vote for anyone who’ll promise them to hold Lungu and his buddies accountable for the corruption that has been happening in Zambia since January 2015. Lungu and all his ministers will have to be audited. If they can’t account for any increase in personal wealth, they forfeit it to the State, and then get sent to prison. Zambians are sick and tired of being treated like dummies by corrupt politicians. Zambia should set an example in Africa that corruption will not be tolerated in our country. And that no one is above the law, including the president.

  2. Corruption should be fought, this includes questioning where HH got his money not just mansions EL is building.

  3. You have very greedy ministers, their hunger for money can’t be satisfied. In the UPND it’s worse, Party officials were demanding as much as K40,000 from candidates during the 2016 adoption process. Let them deny it

  4. Lungu allow people to emulate u. U are the very good example.

    Lungu why do u have to be so corrupt when even after leaving your office the country will continue taking good care of u until you die? Why building the house in Swaziland when the government of Zambia will build a good house for u in Zambia? What’s wrong with you really? U seriously don’t think man.

  5. Well Mr President, why don’t you lead by example…? You’ve heard our cries, you’ve seen what’s going on, unplanned settlements are increasing, foreigners getting richer by owning all the land, privileged government officials are practically living like kings, misuse of tax payers money… the list is endless… We want to be bold, but when we are thrown in prison for exposing the obvious, who will feed our kids? #release pilato…

  6. Let’s say an official is faced with a decision of being corrupt or not. In a simplified analysis, the following variables may influence his decision:
    w – salary received by working honestly
    v – outside option of receiving money, in case he is fired
    p – probability of not getting caught when corrupting
    b – money from the bribe
    d – cost of being dishonest
    The official will corrupt if and only if:
    w – v < p * (b – d)
    From that, we can conclude that dishonesty is fomented by:
    • Higher b
    • Lower d
    • Higher p
    Lack of punishment (higher p) not only creates a favorable environment for corruption, but also incentives corrupt individuals to maximize the bribe (higher b).

  7. I think there’s something wrong with the President. How can we fight corruption when ” uubomba mwibala alya mwibala” kind of talk ?

  8. I watched the address to the nation. The President was not speaking with confidence. The message is good but it was as if he was sent to read it.

    • Do you seriously think a monkey would speak with confidence when it came to matters of beefing up secruity of the maize field and banana plantation?

    • He waffles, he is not cut out for the job.
      “He has no shame” ,theft is in his DNA.
      He spends time getting the ecz,acc,dishonorable judges and mp,s on his side as opposed to strengthening the tenets of good governance and democracy for all zambians ,but the problem is his hands are dripping with missdeeds and he has reached a point of no return kanshi kulaiba fye.
      An orange uniform and a 2.5 by 1.5 room awaits you ba Jona.

  9. Poor Lungu! You are trying to be what you aren’t! First and foremost Zambians have been asking you how you were declared winner of the 2016 General elctions if not thru corruption. How you have acquiring wealth and property if not thru corruption. Your henchmen have been stealing in broad day light and you have been told about it, but you don’t take action to punish perpetrators of corruption because you are one of them.
    Opposition parties, especially UPND have been complaining that PF government is corrupt, but you have just been with impunity keeping quiet.

  10. What the f is in this man’s head? People told him about the fire trucks, ambulances and his Swaziland business, and all other crimes he has committed that will land him in jail forever, then he comes up with this crap? What corruption is he talking about? Why is Dora still in office after the Malawi Maizegate? He appointed and still keeps appointing the corrupt personnel that surrounds him stealing every dollar that lands in the country. What does he think Zambians are? The fool has the instruments of power, he can just call the offices involved to take papers to his office, call the suppliers, or send embassy personnel to visit those suppliers and get documentation. What is up with this lazy minded mistake of God’s creation? It is like Lesa missed putting a brain in this guy.

    • “Its polical” aka upnd cader…….the same corrupt rats using different blog names..

  11. Just ignore the upnd detractors, what do they have to offer?

    What is their message? Can’t see anything from their tribal ramblings really. Whether professors, cadres or other simpletons and lower life forms, everything they say or spew or fart is from their tribal brains. Tragedy really.

  12. Just in the other article which is still running, JCTR urges the President to address the nation to clarify his stance on corruption, the president does just that but look at JCTR, quiet. And tribal upnd cadres? Well, read for yourself above and tell me if you are dealing with normal human beings, or tribal zealots and lower human forms called upnd family.

  13. Africa and Africans are Corrupt!! That’s why it is what it is. It’s the people that make a country/continent no rules or laws will change that. Majority Africans are corrupt to the core. Attitudes need to change and love for the continent need to be reborn and most importantly Africans need to take pride in themselves.

    Sad day a day to reflect….
    Not such a Happy ‘Africa Freedom Day’ for the Majority.

  14. The most corrupt leader in our history talking about fighting corruption? These are worsted years indeed. Start by purging the corruption tag on your self by coming out clean all corruption allegations against you bwana. These are empty words which mean nothing to the ordinary citizen. You have failed to fight it under your watch and you want to lecture others on how to do it. Lead by example, that’s what credible leaders do.

  15. There is no one in Government fighting corruption, someone from Pf once said the only one who genuinely fought corruption was Mwanawasa. Simply put now it just talk. No serious actions have been undertaken by the current regime to fight the vise instead the perception is that it has increased and its being practiced by our very leaders that are supposed to fight it.

  16. That’s rich with hypocrisy Mr Jonathan Mutaware ,you’re the epitome of corruption yourself “Mr Eswatini Mansion”

  17. Excuse me mr president sir, I would very much like to fight corruption if you will not lock me up.my first fight on corruption is you sir. Please step down as president so that we get rid of the chief corruption element first then we will get your minions and friends. Very simple.

  18. Okay this man takes us for fools. Its like a prostitute telling people to not engage in sex outside marriage.
    But as Zambians we deserve to be treated like this because Lungu knows come 2021 he will buy beer, produce another song and dance his irrittating dance.

    • You are absolutely right. Mr President lead by example , allow ZNBC to play PILATO’s songs. This is the same character who advisers civil servants to be corrupt – the Bemba proverb loosely translated “one who works in the field eats from the field”.

      He has openly said that the previous presidents have abused their power and he is no different – making disparaging remarks about super Ken ( KK) along the way. Sometimes one wonders whether its the man speaking or the liquor in his system .

  19. The last kicks of a dying horse no shame on this man what a hypocrite never seen money before and now he’s swimming in it… shame on you shame robbing the poor to become rich…. stand up for your rights Zambians it’s time to change.

  20. I have not read anything against what government has done to fight corruption.
    The President has outlined what the government has done.
    What has UPND done?
    There is no single case the UPND have successfully seen through because they lack facts on many national issues and operate in a legal vacuum.
    If its corruption,why are the UPND not talking about the reforms they will undertake to tighten the screws on public resources?
    No one will ever win an election in Zambia based on a STRONG CORRUPTION FIGHT.

    • UPND is never given a chance to have any matter heard in court. UPND is not the ruling party yet.

  21. He is truely a Humble and God-Fearing Leader! Give him all the support he deserves and CORRUPTION will be history in Zambia……Hahahahahahah

  22. sounds like a scrip from a cartoon movie .The 42 by 1 million dollar fire tenders and the mansion says it all . Statehouse know the judgement in the courts before they are passed .What can you say?

  23. The white collar thief who got rich in privatization scam and now takes money to Panama, hiding taxes and buying land in Namwala from “Chief Mukuni” must be sorted out!

  24. The most corrupt person in Zambia and Africa is HH of the UPND and he has hidden the privatisation loot in the paradise papers and UPND sycophants cannot see this as corruption due to their group think mentality like JayJay and Spaka Li Lo

  25. Is Zambia cursed or what??!!! We need to confess our sin of speaking ill of God’s prophets and embracing religious characters who have no Holy Spirit in them. This is surely a curse upon this country. Or else how on earth can an entire presidency ask everyone in this beautiful country to help fight corruption? Yes, I am a Christian and I am obliged to pray at all times for the leadership, the government, but surely this is an indication of a sin, a curse, upon this nation. This government particularly will pay for chasing away Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and Prophet Uebert Angel from visiting this country. Please apologize and you will see the difference in your governance or else I foresee more self-inflicted shame upon yourself and our beloved Nation.

  26. flag Alternative Facts Fake News S**thole Countries Social Mobility Chinese Zambia Police Reservists Corruption scandals: Ambulances Fire Trucks Mukula Trees Ndola-Lusaka Rd Malawi Maizegate Fuelgate Swaziland landgate Zesco Loans

    Unbelievable! This coming from Lungu in a week in which he has been implicated in so many corrupt scandals is just unbelievable! Who does he think will listen to his hypocrisy. He chooses to ignore and play dumb by sending his Chola boys to do the denials. This tells me that he believes he and only himself is entitled to stealing and getting bribery inducements by virtue of being president. I think it was a huge mistake to let him get away with that election he stole. That was a lost opportunity and now he has every government machinery to his side, and just watch him waltz dance his way to 2021 elections and beyond. I think I now understand why some people in other countries choose to go to the bush and launch a war to get rid of corrupt govts like this one.

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