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ECZ should organise political rallies-FPP

Headlines ECZ should organise political rallies-FPP

File picture:FDD President Edith Nawakwi addresses a rally in Monze

The Forum for Political parties outside Parliament (FPP) have made a radical proposal that political parties should stop organising public rallies and leave the mandate to the country’s electoral body and the Zambia police so as to level the playing field.

FPP Chairperson Jackson Silavwe revealed that FPP delegates met on Monday in Lusaka as part of the road map for the all inclusive ZCID dialogue process and made a number of submissions.

He said the submissions will form part of the agenda in the dialogue process.

Mr. Silavwe said the delegates looked at the four thematic areas which included civility in politics, constitutional, electoral and judicial reforms.

He explained that the only thing that came out which was not part of the resolutions of the National Democracy Stakeholders Summit (NDSS) was the proposal to have the ECZ organise political rallies so as to level the playing field for all participating political parties.

“One the proposals that did not come from NDSS and we are passionate about it is that political parties should stop organising political rallies during campaign time and that power should be given to the ECZ (Electoral Commission of Zambia) and the Zambia Police. ECZ must have the responsibility of convening political rallies and then invite political parties that are participating in that election to be able to address the electorates. The delegates felt that the proposal will even level the playing field and there will be no big or small political party. That way we will be able to share the same platform and discuss issues.”

One of the first things the FPP looked at during the meeting was the four thematic areas that speak to the national dialogue that was also tackled at the NDSS held in Lusaka about two weeks ago.

“We looked at constitutional, judicial and electoral reforms as well as civility in politics. Further we touched on matters to do with the Public Order Act and Separation of Powers,” he said.

He added “The debates were robust and objective. As Chairperson, one of the things that really encouraged me during the meeting is for example the submission that Proportional Representation has to come back to the Constitution. This is something which was submitted by the Technical Committee also I think the Provincial Assemblies was an emphatic resolution. It also come out very strongly that Provincial Assemblies be introduced in order for us to decentralise to the lower organs of governance structures in our country. We need the Provincial Assemblies as submitted again by the Technical Committee on the Constitution review Commission”.

“The other thing that encouraged me when it comes to Constitutional reforms is the aspect that we should do away with by elections in an event were sit falls vacant because of death,” he said.

Mr. Silavwe concluded that there was a general feeling that the same party that won the election can sponsor a candidate since it will be would be under the proportion representative system.


  1. Ba Silavwe, do you want people to kill each other? Do you think in your right senses that PF, UPND, NDC, RP cadres can meet at one place and come out clean? Come on, be serious..

    This is not attainable in Zambia as at now!!!

  2. According to me there is no point for ECZ to organize rallies in which political parties, along with a large number of people carry out their publicizing events ,roaming on the roads causing a great problem to the traffic going through the roads and the people living there. It is a wastage of money, time in carrying out such actions. How do you organize political rallies for parties like Nashala Neka for General Muyanda ,Pwetete Pwetete for Mulongoti and Mental party for Muliokela where there is no membership not even their side chicks…

  3. I can reduce this violence by
    1-each party should submit agreed number of members eg 1000 who they use during campaigns ecz/police will then register them give I’d,take finger prints etc these will be authorised members whom ecz will give ecz tee shirts labled name of party.Anyone taking part will be taken as a trouble maker or disrupting elections and should be arrested.
    2-Any insults or any criminal activity done by a 1/3 of campaign team means party is automatically disqualified or any other member not registered joining will make party loose chance
    3-approved campagn program should be given on the day of nomination and if you don’t follow

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