Friday, February 23, 2024

UPND Chilanga Rally (Updated)



  1. Zambian politics composed of recycled politicians who offer nothing but same rubbish cheap mother country ,my beautiful country God please save this country from such people.Even the so called Activist are compromised so who shall speak for the common man.Look at Pilato,he says he is writing and producing music to speak for the poor but the guy is being sponsored by some greedy politicians who want to attain power by all means.

  2. Campaign is all about talking of new ideas that you are offering to bring change not to talk about another political party. That’s why violence can’t finish with dull politicians like these. What are you promising the people to better their lives not lies against others. Everyday thieves, thieves, thieves, thieves, why can’t you arrest the thieves then.

  3. These are supporters from all walks of life some are evening coming from nega nega

    Alas they are not going to vote

    PF is winning

    Thats what shocks upendi think tanks like spaka and jj

  4. Here is the thing. No one should just dig bore holes aimlessly. Ground water is a delicate valuable resource. What qualifications does Mwaliteta have again? I thought he had no credentials under the new constitution to even qualify as an MP.

  5. GBM is probably one of the dumbest politicians Zambia has ever produced. Sata should never have made this man a minister. On family lines he was appointed. Zambians need more education.

  6. Sad to see one tribe remaining behind in development all in the name of one selfish and heartless crook HH. The country under PF with President Lungu in charge means business and if you want to d1e dreaming of your tribe, you shall regret alone. PF is winning this Chilanga seat believe you me.

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