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SADC boss to pay a courtesy call on President Edgar Lungu on Tuesday


Dr Stergomena Lawrence Tax
Dr Stergomena Lawrence Tax

The Executive Secretary of Southern African Development Community (SADC Dr Stergomena Lawrence Tax will pay a courtesy call on President Edgar Lungu on Tuesday, 5th June, 2018, in Lusaka.

President Lungu is the incoming Chairperson of the SADC Organ for Politics, Defense and Security (Organ) and he will become the Chairperson after the August 2018 SADC Summit of Heads of States and Government.

The Chairperson of the SADC Organ is rotated on an annual basis, and currently, the Angolan President João Lourenço is the Chairperson, while the President Tanzanian President John Magufuli is the outgoing Chairperson.

The SADC Executive Secretary will among others, brief President Lungu on the Organ issues, as incoming Chairperson.

The overall objective of the Organ is to promote peace and security within the SADC region and within the structure of the SADC Secretariat, the Organ is overseen by the Executive Secretary.

The Organ on Politics, Defense and Security (Organ) was launched in June 1996 as a formal institution of SADC with the mandate to support the achievement and maintenance of security and the rule of law in the SADC region.


  1. Honestly, I think SADC is a useless organisation which perpetrates abuse of the rule of Law by presidents of Member countries, it is high time it reformed or we shall start to fight for withdrawal from the SADC. let SADC look at itself critically internally if it has to have relevance to the current national trends.

    • Rule of law simply means every person regardless of status , political affliction, influence or position in anything, rich or poor has to be tried by the same laws that govern the country. In short no one is above the law. It was wrong for ecl to release hh without allowing the due process of the rule of law to take its effect on him. This is not what rule of law means. Thats why hh has been screeming about the lack of the same in the country because the rule of law was not applied on him instead he was released because of his status.

  2. How can he be the SADC chair person if he fails to rehabilitate sesheke- Livingstone road which is part of lubumbashi- Ndola-walvis bay corridor initiated by his predicessors. This road is very important for revenue but Edgar lungu and his crew see tribe in it. If he could see it beyond the tribe ( Lozi), the road could provide income and development not only to sesheke and livingstone but the whole country. The road is mostly used by tourists who drive through to victoria falls livingstone.

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