Chilufya Tayali
Economic and equity party (EEP) president Chilufya Tayali says calls for the dismissal of financial intelligence centre (FIC) director general Mary Tshuma are misplaced.

Mr. Tayali says the ruling PF, which is calling her dismissal and disbandment of the FIC board, should realize that it is within the mandate of the FIC to publish reports of its investigations.

He tells q-news that the ruling PF should know that similar institutions exist in other countries and equally release reports of their findings to the public.

Mr. Tayali says there is therefore nothing new about the FIC releasing a report in which it has made revelations about corruption, tax evasion and misuse of public resources.

He states that by condemning ms. Tshuma and calling for her dismissal, the pf is in fact defending corruption, tax evasion and misuse of public resources.

Mr. Tayali says if this is the case, Zambians should open their eyes and show their displeasure in the coming subsequent elections.

He says the ruling pf should not be allowed to win any election if it is a political party that thrives on corruption and defends tax evasion and misuse of public resources.

Meanwhile, the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) has asked the public protector to immediately punish the financial intelligence centre director general, Mary Tshuma and the FIC board.

In a letter dated 11th June, 2018 obtained by qtv news, YALI president Andrew Nthewewe states that his organization is pursuing the matter in accordance with article 244(1), (2), (a) of the constitution and section 13(1) of the public protector act no.15.

And confirming the development, Mr. Nthewewe says his organization contends that the board and its director, Mary Tshuma breached the financial intelligence act of 2010 as amended in 2016, by publishing details of the report to members of the public.

He also contends that the information routinely gathered by the FIC was wide and doesn’t constitute acts of crimes for now, until verification and further investigations was done on the reported suspicious transactions by law enforcement agencies.

He says the information gathered by the FIC was raw and required further investigations.

Mr. Nthewewe has emphasized that the FIC was not a law enforcement agency and the information it gathered was intelligence in its nature and the disclosure breached the FIC act of 2010 and known government reporting structure and practice of information.

He fears that the information has prejudiced future investigations on the matter and has jeopardized the successful prosecution of the mentioned cases.

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  1. Ka Tayali, controversial as ever, blows hot & cold, then patiently waits.
    Ka Tayali will criticise P.F, then wait for his hush up Judas Iscariot brown envelope worth 3.000 Kwacha, & will change, & praise P.F.
    That’s how this ka Gulugufe’ eats.


    • Tayali wants to appear to be critical of PF misdeeds yet he is PF sponsored bullet paid to target those perceived as Lungu’s challengers. He has a special assignment of Judas Iscariot of the bible. He is opposition in question who works to kill genuine opposition parties the little man.


  2. I can see the missing element here is proper training for the officers so they can do a proper job , do not sack them but send them for some relevant training really there is potantial for them to do good work.


  3. What all the fuss about FIC and its findings??? If the PF is not any of those crimes mentioned then they need not to worry or even panic. If indeed ECL and his PF party have done well for Zambia, it’s amazing to note that the Patriotic Front party is scared of having checks and balances as offered by the FIC. I think the idea to punish Ms.Tshuma, director at FIC is both unwarranted and ill concieved. PF is not a party of animals but humans who can think in the best interest of the nation. So this deperation by the PF to silence anything and anyone who differs with them raise eye brows. Zambians would want to see their government run fairly and squarely with no corruption of any kind. We need and deserve a transparent government free of intimidation, prejudice or otherwise. Ka Tayali nika…


  4. Nshilimubemba, if the government is acting not in the best interest of the people who have vested their power I them. Leaks are part of informing the people. Taking them for trainings or whatsoever, will not in any way resolve the issues. If the same FIC had information on opposition leaders or those not in good books with PF. surely this time around we have heard ACC,DEC and the police making arrests or summoning those individuals. Now it’s the head of the snake what will they do. Mute and will pretend we have no these institutions. YALI president is a lunatic the left overs given to you by the terrorist and corrupt regime will not help you afterwards it’s you and your children and millions of innocent people who will be paying for these crimes against Zambians. Zambians why don’t…



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