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Irate mourners beat and stone man to death during a burial

Rural News Irate mourners beat and stone man to death during a burial

Zambia Police

A 33 year old man of Sansamwenje Village in Chief Kafwimbi’s area in Isoka has been murdered by a mob of mourners.

Muchinga Police Commissioner has confirmed the development to ZANIS in Isoka today.

Mr Katanga explained that irate mourners pounced on Thomas Sichamba 33 years old at the grave yard during the burial of another man who was murdered earlier in the course of last week.

He said a mob of mourners pelted stones and hit Sichamba with stick until he died.

The Police Commissioner narrated that the mob got angered when the headman gave a speech at the burial site in connection of rampant murder cases taking place in the area.

He added that in the process of mentioning the issue of hired murderers locally known as the JAMBAZI, Thomas Sichamba now the deceased stood up and started running which attracted the attention of the mourners who chased and stoned him to death.

Mr Katanga disclosed that police visited the scene of crime and found out that Sichamba sustained multiple head and body injuries due to the stones pelted on him.

The body of the deceased Thomas Sichamba has been deposited at Isoka district Hospital mortuary waiting for postmortem and burial.

The Police commissioner has since urged the Isoka residents to stop killing each other in cold blood as the law will catch up with assailants.

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  1. Really laughable …how do you start running at the mention of JAMBAZI….this is like a Nollywood movie!!

    • Kikiki Sichamba umwenso, just mention of Jambazi and you run. You see the Jambazi kill you foe in front of headman.

  2. He attracted the anger of the people by his careless action. I remember at a wedding when the pastor asked the usual question “Is anyone opposed to this marriage. …” and someone stood up. The church fell silent but only to see the man head towards the toilets. Be careful how you conduct yourself in certain situations.

  3. The guilty ones are always afraid. He thought that someone was going to unmask him so ni
    ati kantende pela ulubilo.

  4. This is what the violence instigated by PF does to people – they lose respect for life and start killing each other. We already have Jerabos and very soon, we will be having War Lords Somali style and we will be on our way to civil war thanks to the useless PF party!

  5. I must have been that he was rushing for something and people mistook the action for being guilty or his enemies took advantage of the situation and caused commotion. If not he was possessed.

  6. I was their , the man had diarhoe (SP) AND WANTED TO HELP HIMSELF IN THE BUSH till he met the JAMBAZI giants. MHSRIP but the jambazi should be arrested and JAILED LIKE HH, GBM and CK

  7. It is just a way of securing certified or authenticated evidence to present before courts of law in case someone is arrested and tried.

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