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President Edgar Lungu officially receives the FIC report


President Edgar Lungu
President Edgar Lungu has received the Financial Intelligence Centre’s 2017 Trends Report but says there are no names contained in it.

State House spokesperson Amos Chanda said President Lungu received FIC Director-General Mary Tshuma at State House after she requested a meeting with the Head of State on Monday.

Mr. Chanda said that Tshuma met Lungu at 11:00 hours and she officially presented him the report.

According to Mr. Chanda, President Lungu had decided to leave the report to the relevant investigative wings for further action because no names were contained in it.

“The Head of State has noted that since the report does not mention names of suspects and claims against any individuals and body corporates, he would leave it to law enforcement agencies to investigate any allegations that may arise from the Trends Report,” Chanda stated.

“The President’s perusal of the report shows that it brings out trends in financial transactions and alleged malpractices in a general nature. He, therefore, expects that the FIC will collaborate with relevant law enforcement agencies tasked with specific responsibilities that touch on issues raised in the report. Once these agencies have fully investigated these trends and suspicious transactions, they would decide to prosecute or make necessary recommendations to relevant authorities.”

And Chanda stated that President Lungu complained that it was unfair for some NGOs and opposition political parties to pressure him in taking action on “general allegations.”

“The President emphasizes that it is unfair for some NGOs and opposition parties to pressure him to take action on general allegations that have no names and no direct and proven cases. In any case, some of the previous reports the FIC presented to the President contained allegations against private citizens and companies who are not directly amenable to his authority,” stated Chanda.

“The President does not, therefore, understand what sort of action he can direct against private entities mentioned in the suspicious transactions reports. It is never the responsibility of the Head of State to micro-manage criminal investigations against anyone, save for cases where administrative action is required to pave way for smooth investigations in situations where it judged that office bearers would hinder such processes.”

Below is full statement released by Statehouse


    • Spinning the truth as always. I wonder why ECL has no desire to fight crime. Crime is a cancer and a direct impediment to development. Why????

    • He knows the contents of the report because he is the architect of corruption.

      He will not read it. He will, instead, open up a bottle of his favourite beverage. And start laughing at Zambians.

    • Very gutsy woman to ask for a meeting with humbly Dumbly when It was expected that through the attorney general he should have been the one to show concern and summon her to present the trends …..this kateka is some piece of work

    • kAWALALA number-1 won’t do anything about it. What happened to previous years’ FIC Reports? What has been done about the Auditor General’s reports?

      For the last 3 years, FIC report has been compiled & handed over the Lungu, he has sat on them & done nothing. The only difference is that this year’s report was released to the public & everyone is watching his every move.

      The total amount of money Lungu has stolen amounts to USD $-Billions. One day all will be revealed.

    • Now one wonders what good the release of such a report has done other than alerting the would be perpatrators of financial crimes. That’s why some of us feel the FIC report should be an INTERNAL REPORT shared among law enforcement and investigative wings. May also alert the President’s office and a select committee of Parliament of it’s findings. If nothing is done about it, it would be up to the committee raise hell with entities like ACC no DEC. You can just imagine now how sophisticated crooks will now get after knowing FIC and other Intelligence wings/bodies are up to their tricks and crimes. Transparency is good, but not all transparency is helpful if you want to seriously tackle certain crimes.

    • Yambayamba – what “would be perpetrators “…really laughable… anyone who is financial savvy knows that when you receive and send funds over XXXX amount the authorities will be alerted in any country depending on the Banking laws…the problem we have in Zambia is these corrupt individuals have become so arrogant that they are doing it with impunity. The internal report you are talking about was (has always been ) submitted to the authorities months ago which has the names and its called Analysis Report.

    • FYI Trends Reports 2014 -2016 are on FIC Website and have always been released to the public ….why is it an issue now??? Let’s learn to be objective

    • When did lungu come back? How come no airport pictures about his return were circulated? We shall see if he will attend Munkombwe s funeral tomorrow.

      My reliable sources still suggest the guy is in Isreal.

    • Lungu is a petty politician and a thief stealing votes and country’s finances. If this true, then, Lungu ‘s days on earth are numbered.

      How ever what I think is that since Lungu is out of the country on treatment, PF does not want questions raised about ‘s where about on this important occasion. I wait see if Lungu will appear at the funeral.
      I like what what i hear. I hope the British envoy will then move to endorse regime change urgently so that this gang of thieves is got rid of urgently.

      Watch youtube video “Lungu and Kaiser are thieves”. and “Arise Zambia muntu 2” to full understand how Lungu and gang of thieves have terrorised and butchered innocent Zambians.

      Lungu and his corrupt PF have completely lost credibility to preside over all matters of governance in Zambia.


    • Here we go again.
      Already State House defending itself that their names are not written in report.
      Example: If the report says “President Aid for Press”. No name is mentioned here, so no evidence.?

    • @ DJ7

      Can you clarify how your president “… is going to punish thieves now…” when he is No. 1?
      Are you suggesting that Endemically Corrupt Leader of Plunderers Federation is going to resign in the interest of the Zambians?

  1. When are you foooools going to get it???? A TREND REPORT has no names only trends…..why are people so obtuse…..why is Chanda playing dumb???????

  2. “According to Mr. Chanda, President Lungu had decided to leave the report to the relevant investigative wings for further action because no names were contained in it.”

    Chanda already knew all along that they were no names in the Trend Report…but for investigative wings to undertake further action Lazy Lungu has to temporary suspend his ministers who are in the ANALYSIS REPORT.

    Zambian are being played …I doubt Lazy Lungu is even in town!!!

    • @d1ckhead jj.
      Thats why we were telling you that what that b1tch did was immoral because she has only managed to expose her work to the public. What can a trends report affect anything. No one can take action on a trends report. It was pointless to to even release to the public who has no idea how things are done. Its the same as having xex with a cd on to a woman who is on contraceptives and hope to make a baby.

  3. I think that is the way it should have been done. Good one, Mr. President. Those pesky NGOs should be put in their place just like you have done, don’t fall in their trap like Mwanawasa, sir.

    • You will never equal Mwanawasa’s levels, never. Who doesn’t know the pressure that was exerted on the magistrate to get Chiluba off the hook? who doesn’t know that NPA turn up in court to argue that they do not support conviction of certain cases on appeal? Which prosecutor behaves like that?

    • So you are telling whilst the debate was on …Lazy Lungu who was at State House traveled to CB, Mongu, Solwezi over the past month didn’t know what was in the Reports…really laughable…this is evidence how myopic he is, he is more interested in getting on aircrafts than anything.

  4. nobody is gonna do anything about it. it’s going to die like many other inquires/investigations in Zambia.
    reason being that the head is protecting those around him cuz they are from the same family of plunderers

    • Probably that’s the more reason why such a report should be shared only among law enforcement agencies. You only alert the President if one of his Ministers is under investigation and becomes necessary that he/she be temporarily suspended or relieved of their duties in order to facilitate further investigations.

      The reason you don’t want such reports out in the Public domain is exactly what you are alluding to….criminals may get into alliances to protect one another, destroy evidence, get their stories aligned, seek favors from the higher-ups, etc. As a result, prosecution of such crimes in Court becomes difficult if not imposible.

      Nonetheless, a better way can be found to inform citizens about issues of this nature….maybe through Court cases. But just dumping a FIC report…

    • Continue….

      into the public domain solves nothing at all. People will simply get mad about it and off to the next topic or issue.

  5. So you jj, now you are a tribal ndoshi? Why do you think the President is not there? Ubuloshi bobe tabwakapele your tribal god h.h the presidency, NEVER!!!

  6. Ba jj ukusabaila because the FIC on which you have been feasting and licking yourself with your tribal god h.h has come to nothing. Insoni ba jj iye uluse ine!!!!

  7. Liescsnd more lies from chanda…..lungu has already seen this report and knows exactly what it contains.

    He will do nothing incase he creates another kambwili who could spill the beans and embarrass him again…

  8. Just lick your fingers ba Spaka lilo, or lick those of your tribal god h.h. You may also consider joining Kambwili in his naked protest at state house. Kambwilu and Spaka lilo walking naked to state house, I can only imagine the male physiology of Kambwili and its size….kikikikiki
    jj, what does h.h think of that? He enjoys support of any nature and from any criminal, doesn’t he?

  9. EU ambassadors met Mar Tshuma today over the 2017 trends report. Chanchimanalysis saw it coming days ago and warned appropriately that they were watching all the goings on. Basically, they are saying whatever went to their jurisdiction they will help trace it. Ngande Mwanajiti and his padded writings in the Daily Nation does not know a thing.

    • Yes I just saw this one…one of the EU Ambassadors tweeted –
      “Admire the work of the Zambia Financial Intelligence Centre. Met Director General Mrs. Tshuma with EU colleagues to discuss the alarming 2017 Trends Report.”
      If they get involved they will expose these thieves and put travel bans on Lazy Lungu and his thieving more playing dumb as they will know the money trail…no wonder he went to Chief crook Kenyatta to seek advice!!

  10. Lungu is a corrupt theif…..did we hear anything from him regarding 42/42 ? As a matter of fact we have information lungu recived $5 million from 42/42….

  11. The owners of the money – the overtaxed tax payers – are the ones who must demand answers as to why the money they are forced to part away with ends up being stolen by people we know some of whom are Cabinet Ministers and Presidential advisors and spokespersons! Already you can see the lukewarm response to plunder of this magnitude from the very people who should put a stop to this rot. To expect them to do anything about this is wishful thinking! Ubomba Mwibala alya nembuto kumo is their philosophy!

  12. Constantinople Chiwenga: You have put it very well. Harry Kalaba failed to live with this and left cabinet to sit on the back bench. That is what someone does if they are in a position too weak to fight. Sarah Longwe campaigns for women empowerment. But where are the women in this fight against corruption? Even supposed pastors are there , no problem with their religion’s teachings. Religion remains a sham believe me. The EU ambassadors by meeting Mary Tshuma have a sent a signal but the primitive radar in the Zambian Foreign Ministry will not pick it.

  13. where is the report so that we make our own mind. If the president says there are no names mentioned what do you want him to do? No wonder your cases go nowhere because they are unsubstantiated wild allegations. I think his comment and attitude is fair. You are like dogs barking at a caravan while the caravan goes…
    If the president attends the funeral of Honourable Munkombwe your plan is to embarass him. I suggest he doesn’t go. On that note my condolences to the family. He was great a man, deserved to be in PF.

  14. Has it crossed anyones mind that this whole thing was stage managed? Make it look like FIC is independent, release a report in an unorthodox way to drive attention from its contents to semantics and procedure on how it should’ve been released. They’re sympathisers even on this thread who have focused on how the report should have been released and not what’s in it. This has rendered the report somewhat useless. Why would they release such a report? well to window dress of course, a pre-emptive strike knowing that the cover on corruption is blown.
    I would go with this line of thought save for it giving too much intelligence to Chanda and gang so I’ll shelve it for now.

  15. When every bank account has a ZRA Tax Payer Identification Number (TPIN). He should be the most useless President we have in history it’s very easy to identify each individual by name and address

  16. It is not the role of the president to investigate cases.

    Since you have the report and you think you have a case go to the courts.

  17. I don’t think it’s wise to blame the president he has spoken that the report has no names wait for names so that we find the root coz let’s pressure the owner of the report to give the names to the Media am sure once in the Media the president will have no option but to act

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