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NDC adopts Saboi Imboela as a Mayoral candidate for Lusaka

Headlines NDC adopts Saboi Imboela as a Mayoral candidate for Lusaka

Former Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenge
Former Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenge

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has adopted Saboi Imboela as a Mayoral candidate for Lusaka.

Speaking during a press briefing in Lusaka, NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenga says the party received an overwhelming response from candidates who wanted to contest the Lusaka mayoral seat under NDC.

He says the party received over eight applications showing that the party is growing at a fast pace.

He adds that it was a tight contest in Lusaka for the position of the Lusaka Mayor.

Mr. Musenga says the campaign manager for Ms Imboela is Ackson Kaonga.

Mr. Musenga states that the party has given the residents of Lusaka a candidate who will be able to firmly speak for them and bring the much needed development.

And Mr. Musenga says the party will not field any candidate in the by-election in North Western Province but that in Luapula the party is participating.

Meanwhile, the NDC Secretary General has maintained that Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili will be NDC Presidential Candidate for the 2021 general elections.

He also says the party is not in any alliance with another political party saying it is able to stand on its own.

Mr. Musenga says the party is now finalizing its manifesto as the party wants its manifesto to speak directly to the sufferings of the people of Zambia.

Speaking earlier, NDC Lusaka Mayoral Candidate Saboi Imboela said she is confident that she will win the seat saying the people of Lusaka have been deprived of the much needed development.


  1. She is not a yardstick of quality, another actor, Toyota Regius. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected. wasted votes.

  2. “ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND” says Sejani. Saboi your presence seems to be felt in NDC unlike when you were in a tribalist party UPND where you complained of not having been adopted for any elections, you said preference was being given to TONGAS and no tongas like you were just being used to ascend to power, hence your decision to leave TONGAS with their party and small god HH. You have the potential to make a good politician only that you are always in wrong political parties without any vision for future and the Zambian people, , anyway it starts from there, wishing you all the best. “IT IS TIME FOR A TONGA TO RULE NOW” says Daniel munkombwe.

    • Can’t you even listen to yourself. Even if you are a hater of a party or tribe, at least don’t be a perpetual liar. You’ll burn in hell. Show me which candidates UPND is picking on tribal lines!?!

  3. Am voting for my former student, Saboi Imboela. PF are taking us for granted by giving us Sampa. PF would have done better to allow Shakafuswa to stand. He is one of the longest serving councillors in Lusaka and comes from within the province. But it looks like a Bemba has to be preferred over a local Lenje person. Do not get me wrong. I am Bemba but hate this thinking that Bembas have to be preferred over other candidates. We should learn as Bembas and as a country to spread opportunities to everyone. Let us not think only Bembas matter.

  4. @Zedoc;you are a known UPND cadre and a bantustan.So do not cheat wise people here badaala.The Concourt ruled that a serving councillor cannot resign and then stand as a mayor,hence ruling out Shakafuswa and others!!
    Even if you vote for Saboi,we dont care because PF has got numbers to enable Miles Sampa to win!!!LUSAKA MAYOR WILL SURELY BE MILES SAMPA!!!
    Moreover,well done Mwenya Musenge for stating that you are not in any alliance with a tonga party UPND!!!Hope dreamers in UPND are listening!!!whether HH likes it or not,Kambwili shall also stand in 2021 and split votes for the opposition!!

    • Njimbu thank you. It seems some people reading and listening to radio/tv is not part of them. Zedoc is one such a tarbulalaza who has just exposed him/herself, whatever the gender, that he knows nothing. Now that the opposition has proved a serious point that are bunch of jokers, bravo Pf and Miles in advance!!!! To me this was an appropriate time for Chembela to learn real politics; so he should have stood as mayor for Lusaka though the results were not going to be in his favour, unfortunately.

    • THE PROBLEM OF PF CADRES: Agony is being a PF cadre and not trying to see things differently from others. The moment others disagree with you, you are quick to brand them as UPND. Fact is, I voted PF in the last election, but may patience with PF is running thin on so many issues. Consider, for instance, Mines Minister Musukwa’s calling of the 10 males who died at the black mountain as “scavengers” and “criminals”. No government that prides itself in being pro-poor can brand poor people struggling to eke out a living the way Musukwa did. Then you have the undemocratic manner Miles Sampa a known PF traitor has been adopted as mayoral candidate without the support of the many serving councillors. Unfortunately, PF cadres are okay with it.

  5. @Mzee Hekima;So according to you “Lusaka needs a Kainde mayor?kkkkkkkkkkkkkk…..WHAT HAVE KAINDE’S MAYORS DONE IN DUNDUMWEZI?NOTHING!!!
    Whether you “Mzee Hekima” like it or not,come 26/07/2018 Lusaka shall retain a PF mayor-period!!!In case you dont know,all councillors in Lusaka City are PF,meaning all wards here are under PF,so how can a NDC OR UPND candidates win?
    Even in 2021 it will be PF nafuti nafuti!!

  6. PF for adopting Miles Sampa as your candidate for mayor, I will not vote for you. Sampa is a traitor. He took the people of matero for a ride by not representing them in parliament for 3 years after the demise of his uncle MCS, mhsrip. It took the Speaker to drag him to parliament to explain why he was missing debates, his answer was that he was still mourning his uncle. He was getting paid for doing nothing. We have not forgotten. If you win Miles, ukose, we will be on your heels. Kaziya is also getting paid for doing nothing. Never heard him debate in parliament.

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