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Miles Sampa’s Own Words on Free Wifi in Lusaka

Videos and Audios Miles Sampa's Own Words on Free Wifi in Lusaka

Below is the full Press Briefing

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    • He does’nt know how yet, but put him in office first. Make it up as he goes along.

    • Fi watch poppy an fi obzeva misquoting the man..I thought he had lost his mind. Really, free wifi at public places is a necessity and a norm everywhere in the world. This is a good one. Congestion also is a good thing to tackle to in Lusaka. Good plans!!!

    • Desheti!
      This boy is annoying akamba manje akambulula?
      Kukamba sitilesa manje ni ka kambidwe!
      As usless as the uncle!
      Misquoted what misquoted feaces!

    • If you knew that someone has to pay for that so called free WiFi you would all just get worried about certain pipo

    • These guys are boring. The winning card is soccer.
      Miles was at FAZ with Kalusha, he knows Lusaka is soccer powerhouse:
      Lusaka City FC
      Lusaka Dynamos
      Red Arrows
      Green Buffalos
      Promise them best run stadiums, and Lusaka City Council raise money from these.
      Promise free tickets for some soccer games, not wifi. anyway Zambians like fiction.

    • Ok guys…you I am not a PF supporter but after watching this clip.
      I think Sampa needs a chance…whenever someone says that they are sorry and human I was give them a chance…that came from his heart…I may have said some bad things about him which I reverse..The guy is in his PHD program that’s not easy I know how much work he has to put in. People give him a chance.

  1. Why waste time quoting this useless dingbat….isn’t this the tool who posted EUROBOND expenditure on his Facebook page. He will be Mayor soon …he can lie to the docile people they don’t care, they are happy with Kaponyas and filth all around them!!

  2. Never heard him speak before but all i can say is he was waffling, he does not look confident and lusaka will make a grave mistake to give him the mayoral hat.
    I would suggest a debate is held at mulungushi conference centre to get a feel of what these candidates have to offer,this thing of people riding on a parties popularity only, is delivering useless public workers.

    • PF know that in Zambia people vote on party-lines not individuals…its no surprise more than 25 candidates applied for this seat including Chanda himself…you can tell them about service delivery they wont understand unless lies like 90 days.

  3. Light surely travels faster than sound- someone people appear bright until you hear them speak!! Nope don’t vote this monk!

  4. Very soon this broke man will be back to offering cash rewards of $5000 to spew the beans on people behind facebook news pages…as soon as he gets his hands on LCC contracts.


  6. Miles has a good vision and his plans are in line with any modern city. Free WIFI is easily archivable because it can be sponsored by any of the telecoms service providers. He has touched on very important issues which need more scrutiny. He also remembers how LCC used to collect refuse and especially when he mentioned that some kids used to gonzela the trucks and yes I was one of those kids…the good old days of Lusaka. Let’s look at his 100 days plan and ask for details on how he will deliver and if it makes sense then give the man a chance.

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