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Zambia Revenue Authority extends the TPIN registration to December 31 2018

Headlines Zambia Revenue Authority extends the TPIN registration to December 31 2018

ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda
ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda

THE Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has yet again extended the Tax Payer Identification Number (TPIN) registration deadline from June, 30 2018 to December 31 2018.

ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda extended TPIN registration deadline from June 30 2018 to December, 31 2018 following consultations with stakeholders that included the Bankers Association of Zambia (BAZ).

Mr Chanda said to this effect, ZRA would also engage with the other institutions on the enhanced enforcement of TPIN requirement as stipulated by the Law.

He said in a statement released in Lusaka today that members of the public were therefore encouraged to use the simplified online registration process which was quick and convenient.

“All those that obtained TPINs must ensure they deliver them to their respective banks as soon as possible.

“The law requires that a TPIN is used when making vital transactions with; ZRA for imports and Exports, Ministry of lands for Property registrations and Transfers, Road Traffic and Safety Agency (RTSA) for Motor Vehicle Registration and Change of Ownership,” Mr Chanda said.

He said the TPIN could also be used when making transactions with ZESCO for New applications for power connection and all Banks and Financial institutions for opening or maintaining an account.

Mr Chanda further clarified that the objective of the TPIN registration was to ensure that there was an inclusive and comprehensive tax register in the country.

“The TPIN requirement is not only peculiar to Zambia but a global practice,” he said.

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  1. Really laughable…how about no deadline at all..I wonder if those crooks mentioned in FIC Analysis Report are registered!!

    • FIC reported that PF crooks gave contracts to their friends who were not even tax registered. It was like Govt stealing from itself.

      After destroying the economy through looting & huuuge debts, PF00Ls want to introduce unfair taxes, toll-gates, bore-hole taxes, tv license, high fuel levy, road tax, high import duty on Japanese 2nd hand cars, etc.

      It’ll kill off the already comatose economy. It’s like giving overdose of 100 ARV’s to a patient in coma.

    • – How many Chinese have TPIN Numbers?
      – How much did ZRA collect from Tasila’s Mukula trees export?
      – If Zambia received $23-Billion in PF00Lish loans, logically ZRA should have collected at least 20% from companies awarded tenders. Unfortunately, they tax the wrong crowd.
      – How much tax is Glencore & KCM paying. What is being done about the externalization of profits by big mining houses? (Go to Youtube and search for “Stealing Africa” to see how ZRA is still sleeping.

  2. We do not have this TPIN in the UK.

    They do not have it in mainland Europe.

    It does not exist in the USA.

    Maybe it exists in Uganda, Congo, Swaziland, Kenya….

    Why does this government insist on squeezing honest citizens trying to make a living? Our founding fathers did not have this in mind when they liberated us from Britain.

    • Well said my friend. We don’t have it in Germany either. High time they scrapped all these systems which are designed to punish honesty and reward criminality

  3. Why even pay taxes in Zambia when its wasted on overpriced firetrucks and idle govt big shots always camped at KKIA wasting our $$ to see ECL off on many wasteful trips?

  4. Marketeers and other small traders are now keeping their money at home and Mobile Money due to predatory banking practices by banks. Most of these qualify for PAYE but you still continue to target the same people who are already overburdened by harsh taxes. How can you deduct up to 35% of one’s meagre salary and still want to get more from what they get using their free time to try and improve their lives?

  5. ZRA does not save the interests of the ordinally zambians in that at KCM our P.A.Y.E didactions are more than what is remmitted to the Government.ZRA knows this but does nothing about it.

  6. Someone is NOT telling us everything we need to know about TPIN registration.
    Kingsley you are a good tax man, please come out clean. What’s this exercise really about?

  7. TPIN is nothing but government’s equivalence of Spyware on its citizens to extract more money from the already over taxed people. You don’t need a tax number to open or keep a bank account. You only need a reg, valid passport/permit for that. There are laws to apply to those evading tax and TPIN is not one of them. Those evading tax will continue to do so with or without TPIN. The only people this TPIN will burden with tax are honesty ones.

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