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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Sale of Alcohol cited as cause of chaotic behavior and unrests among students at Universities

Headlines Sale of Alcohol cited as cause of chaotic behavior and unrests among...

CBU Students with tear gas gun grabbed from a police officer
FILE: CBU Students with tear gas gun grabbed from a police officer

An Academician at the Copperbelt University (CBU) has called for change in the Policy that allows the sale of alcohol in institutions of higher learning saying it is the cause of chaotic behavior and unrests among students.

Director of Mind Set Education at CBU’s Dag Hammerkjold Institute for Peace and Conflict, Myunggoo Lee, in an interview told ZANIS said world over, only African countries such as Zambia allow the sale of alcohol in institutions of higher learning.

Prof. Lee said a university is a place whose inhabitants are expected to battle it out with books and other tools of research not bottles and cigarettes.

He has since called on relevant stakeholders at CBU to revisit the Policy which allows the sale of alcohol at the campus and make necessary amendments.

The academician said selling of alcohol in institutions of higher learning is a serious problem which can bring among other issue, noise pollution to non-student members.

Prof Lee observed that alcohol consumption reduces learning ability in learners.

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  1. This professor is intimating that student of universities have no judgement? I think this is nonsense.

    • I personally think this professor has lost the argument and therefore should not be entertained. Students Unions the world over run pubs and bars on and off campuses and students drink fairly well and there are hardly any of such chaotic behaviour. How can that be explained? Professor!

    • Its all down to design of these bars …in developed countries the last place a student will misbehave is a NUS bar with CCTV cameras everywhere and these places are located in NUS buildings and close at midnight.

    • I will just go and have a beer now. Not with the outcomes mentioned above. It’s just because no football and I am not working in the elderly people’s home today. Like Mushota I am off.

    • Dispel the whole lot and bring in students who are intelligent and can advance the countries agenda.

    • MWISHO, you might have even been a colleague when you used to be here. You seem to have inside information of the said workplace.

  2. Even if you stop selling at the institution they will still find a way to bring it in. Ask Lungú when he was at Unza.

  3. “…in an interview told ZANIS said world over, only African countries such as Zambia allow the sale of alcohol in institutions of higher learning.”
    Really laughable …what type of student bars are at CBU and what type of cheap alcohol do they sell….stop treating students like secondary school pupils. …always looking to ban things. They sale alcohol in student premises in student bars I don’t know which university he has visited it must be in the middle-east.

  4. They are very quick to implement laws that disadvantage students, why doesn’t this Prof advice govt to build more hostels to end squatting.

  5. Common guys, be serious. As an academician, give us some imperical study or evidence that proves that alcohol restriction stops someone from drinking. The solution is to keep them so busy with assignments coupled with strick deadlines to the point where they will have very little time for pleasure.

  6. A Professor that is clearly on another planet. MOST universities do actually sell alcohol on the premises. His argument is flawed. It is not only students who exhibit chaotic behavior and alcohol is not necessarily the driver. Otherwise we would need to extend this thesis to all chaotic behavior, find a link with alcohol and then ban alcohol in that place if a link is found.
    By the way, abuse of alcohol is usually an off shoot of other underlying issues – not always, but the Professor would do well to research properly than hide in the ‘quick solution’. The general youth drinking culture in Zambia is an off shoot of a myriad of socioeconomic and political factors. Treat the causes, not symptoms.

  7. Lazy African professor with a hidden Christian agenda. Treat student like adults and they will behave like adults. Many years ago, I remember going to visit a friend at Luanshya Trades Institute once and he told me they were expected to be in their rooms by 22:00 hours. The principal was even threatening to cane anyone who did not observe the rules!! When and how do school boys transition to adulthood?

  8. “world over, only African countries such as Zambia allow the sale of alcohol in institutions of higher learning”??
    In Australia at Curtin Uni there’s a very good bar. UWA, Edith Cowan and Madoch universities also have some bars. I believe this research by professor was narrowly done. It’s important that uni students socialise within compus as they are mature enough to decide what is good for them. Students can drink beer from outside compus and still misbehave. I suggest disciplinary code of conduct be revisited

  9. Please let us not handle adult students like we shall always be there for them. we cannot leave their lives on their behaves provide them with responsible freedom in life. The old parenthood of treating adults like slaves is old fashioned education system. it worked at that time ..Our students now are more civilized and highly exposed. what institutions of learning should do is to put less emphasis on exams but award more marks to class work , group and individual presentation and case study analysis rather than making student’s to wait the time of exams . Intelligent students will always find less gifted academicians boring and will have a reason to go out and drink . Engage students in weekly activities rather than attending funny workshops .

  10. A University is not a secondary school because at University you are dealing with adults who are mostly above the age of 20.Every student at University knows exactly why they are there. Administration of the varsities must just ensure that rules are strictly adhered to failure to which the repercussions must follow.Every institution has rules

  11. Very good move. Our children go to these universities as normal good children and they come back drunkards and something else. Stop selling beer in schools.

  12. This retard professor wants to ban the sale of alcohol at the student Centre? foolish and backward way of thinking!!!!
    Ba monko used to drink from across and black gate then professor Mutale Musonda decided to build a drinking center for the monks right at CBU Riverside campus so that monks don’t drink in dangerous places like chipata compound, Nkana east, kapoto, Zambia compound, buchi and kwacha Township.

    The center has served the students well and monks do graduate every year. No one is complaining only this professor who I presume is SDA or a witness. Does he know that before the student center was built at UNZA there was anarchy monks used to drink Chibuku (brown) right at the campus!!!
    When I went at UNZA in 1998 there was no order one would not different between a tarven in…

  13. Which nursery school did this chap attend? Even Oxford & Harvard universities have student bars.. I think Lee is being self-opinionated to even say only in Africa, if you don’t like it Mu Ne, go back to where such imagination is welcome cause in Zambia you might just be a perfect candidate for Chainama

  14. This article is just not true. Mostly it’s stupidity and not knowing what they want in life

  15. This argument is about students and use of alcohol at tertiary institutions.That is clear.It is not about a particular denomination. Please reason intellectually and don’t be emotional. Argue with facts and do not generalise. Everyone is entitled to their religious beliefs . Remember there is freedom of association be it political, religious,cultural and in some instances economical, and that comes with responsibility and not bullying.My current association is with facts and not emotions. Debate requires facts to be convincing. Let’s stick to proven facts and not hear say which has no scientific evidence.

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