Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Zambia will not introduce tax on social media – Mushimba


Transport and Communication Minister Brain Mushimba
Transport and Communication Minister Brain Mushimba

Government says it has no plans of introducing a levy on cyber space on social media.

Transport and Communication Minister Brain Mushimba said Zambia has adequate laws binding the cyber space to benefit the Zambian people.

In a ministerial statement in parliament today, the Minister said that Zambia is and will not copy from neigbouring Uganda that has introduced a levy on social media abusers.

Mr. Mushimba said government notes that the communication sector is making a positive contribution to the nation’s economic development from both the private and public sector investing on the electronic ticket.

He said government will not infringe the rights of people, individuals, public and private sector using social platforms.

And Mr. Mushimba has warned individuals and people abusing social media for selfish gains as the law will catch up with them.

He disclosed that his Ministry is working in conjunction with the Zambia Information and Communication Authority (ZICTA) and will continue sensitizing the people on productive usage of the platform.

Facebook, what’s up, Twitter are the common electronic platforms used by people to communicate not only in Zambia but globally.


  1. Why do musicians (Macky2, Slap D,Chef187 ,Roberto, Mampi and you name it), footballers , actors and comedians do not pay tax in Zambia despite them being registered with appropriate bodies ? ZRA should look into this issue just like “Uncle Sam” does with tax invaders.Wake up and smell the coffee. You need to broaden the tax base.

  2. Really laughable …Brian is going will continue sensitizing the people on productive usage of Facebook….as dull as he is!!

  3. Ba Lusaka times naimwe.Find some editors.Why is your news so full of reckless mistakes?Brain for Brian ?And What’s up for WhatsApp really?Poseniko amano, your news has such mistakes almost all the time.Think of this as positive criticism.

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