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Choppies free to import GMO foods


BOTSWANA’s leading supermarket, Choppies
BOTSWANA’s leading supermarket, Choppies

The National Biosafety Authority has granted chain store Choppies Superstores a permit to import products that may contain Genetically Modified Organisms.

This was after the chain store made an application for the importation of products that are made from or may contain GMOS in May this year.

Among the products the chain store will import and place on the market include instant choppies porridge, chilli beef flavored soup, oxtail flavored soup, chakalaka flavored soup, brown onion soup and choppies corn flakes.

The NBA Board, during their last meeting held on Friday July 6, 2018, approved the application for a permit to import products that may contain GMOS by choppies superstores following a recommendation from the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC).

The SAC, after conducting a risk assessment, found that the products that choppies superstores sought to import did not contain toxins and allergens that might cause harm to the humans, animals and the environment.

In April this year, the NBA accompanied by officials from the Ministry of Health, Lusaka City Council and the police swung into action and pounced on the unsuspecting lake road and Ibex Choppies Superstores confiscating food products worth over K21, 000 which were brought in the country and placed on the market without obtaining approval from the authority.

The chain store was also directed to withdraw all products containing GMOS from the shelves across the country that were being sold without prior approval from the authority.

Meanwhile, the NBA has issued 23 permits since 2015 to various companies for the importation and or placing on the market of products that may contain GMOS.

The import permits are valid for 5 years while permits for placing on the market range between three to six months to ensure compliance and prevent companies from contravening the law.


    • Zambia has resisted importing GMO food for a while.

      Mwanawasa refused to allow them into this country. So did Sata.

      But the thickness of the brown envelope has made it impossible for Lungu to resist.

      These product will be shipped from China. Your guess is as good as mine what the contents of these foods will be. Not even the Chinese manufactures themselves know.

      My free advice to Zambians is to start growing their own food, and manage their own supply chain.

      The Chinese Undertakers are in this country at Lungu’s leisure. They will finish all of you dozen by dozen.

    • ” Meanwhile, the NBA has issued 23 permits since 2015 to various companies for the importation and or placing on the market of products that may contain GMOS.” Not only Choppies, but 22 other companies. Where are our MPs in the opposition to bring about a motion against this? I guess they are all fighting for the Mayor ship or walking out of the national assembly.

  1. And you wonder why you are starting to get illness such as cancer…you dont have the capability to monitor such foods why allow them. I thought this govt has banned GMO foods but then again this is Lazy Lungu’s incompetent govt we are talking about.

  2. We needed the late Levy Patrick Mwanawasa SC, may his soul rest in eternal peace, for sanity.

    What is this government playing at?

    • Lazy Lungu would sell his mother for a brown envelope…if he has not already sold them as we only hear about aunties!!

    • Lazy bone bum tribalist and leader of an online tribal gathering insolent hooligan and bully of the tribal wing of the tribal gathering and son of the polygamist father fights from a computer terminal knowing very well that he is not brave enough to face the president in person! He says, “If HH were the Zambia National Football Coach, Zambia could have won 3 World Cups!” Hallucinogens! Childish.

  3. So many myths about this technology. If you want to learn about GE crops and derived foods download “Planting the Future” by the European Academies Science Advisory Council 2013. Its free.

    “There is no validated evidence that GM crops have greater adverse impact on health and
    the environment than any other technology used in plant breeding…There is compelling evidence that
    GM crops can contribute to sustainable development goals with benefits to farmers, consumers, the
    environment and the economy… It is vital that sustainable agricultural production and food security
    harnesses the potential of biotechnology in all its facets.”

    • We still do not want GMO foods. When our Scientists reach an advanced level as to assure these food products are safe for Zambians then we might agree to have them. For now, no!

  4. This makes for sad reading!!! I wonder what motivated this move? I hope customers will be given clearly labelled foods that contain GMO products. These companies rushing to our shores are only interested in profit margins that will continue to affect the poor on our streets. I hope people pick up this information and continue to campaign for safer and more healthier options of food.

  5. The ministry of health should critically examine stats on health. Zambia is now inundated with diabetes. This disease has increased just in the past 50 years because of imported foods. High blood pressure too

  6. Please spear us with food you can’t permit everything . We have land and easy to feed ourselves .

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