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Friday, February 21, 2020

News of UPND Members shooting in the air is saddening – Inonge Wina

Headlines News of UPND Members shooting in the air is saddening...

Republican Vice President of Zambia Mrs Inonge Mutukwa Wina has applauded both the Patriotic Front and the United Party for National Development youths for coming to a peace agreement run up to the by elections slated for July 26, 2017

Mrs Wina stated however that the news coming out of Kanyama ward in Mwinilunga district of North Western Province about an incident where UPND members where shooting in the air, was saddening .

The Veep has urged the leadership of the UPND to send a strong message to their members to desist from such acts of criminality. She stated that the matter was being investigated by law enforcement officials.

“The UPND Members must be told that here in Lusaka, we have made peace and that we want to continue to maintain that peace,” She said.

And the Vice President has urged all PF members to continue campaigning vigorously for their candidate Mr Sampa so that he can win the election with a landslide on the 26th of July.

And PF Mayoral Candidate Mr Miles Sampa took time to Present the social contract to the Veep which he signed to represent the people of Lusaka on behalf of the President and the Party, stating that it was not Miles Sampa but the entire leadership of the Party and government whose vision he would be representing and implementing once voted into office by the People of Lusaka.

Mr Sampa asked the People of Lusaka to vote for him because he was determined to ensure that all the residents got full benefits of having a functional Council which would provide them with very good services for the betterment of their day to day lives. He Promised to do his level best for the People of Lusaka and that he would not disappoint them once they entrusted him with their vote.

Voting in the Mayoral by elections will take place on the 26th of July 2018

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  1. Who ever thinks GBM HH combination can accept peace must have their heads examined. The duo is bitter. ..GBM for having lost PF to Edgar and HH for losing Zambia to Lungu.

    • Does Miles Sampa know what a social contract really is? What he has signed is a political promise not a social contract. Don’t misuse social science terms to confuse people as Simon Kabanda used to do when he was heading the since defunct citizens forum.

    • Well stated. GBM and HH shall need to be visited by Zambia’s well trained and regulated intelligence and defense forces in the near future.

    • Of the whole important subject about *****s firing live ammunition into the air, Miles Sampa’s foolishness is what really concerns you?

    • Yes ndanji

      ……can you update us on the GBM training UPND militia case ?

      The last we heard was catapults and golf clubs were evidence being used for training to take on ZDFs……

  2. The UPND are losing everywhere and are beginning to annoy me now. Why can we not have a reasonable opposition? Stupid GBM and HH.

    • Why – because PF is using government money to campaign – they threaten people if they do not vote for PF then there will be no development in their area. People are being lied to while there money is being usd by the PF for their needs and not for the peoples needs.

  3. You Old Hen Inonge …surely is Obvious and Stephen Kampyongo…this chap is 46 years old and a Home Affairs minister you need to rethink!!

  4. lands for sale in chisamba district some 80km away from Lusaka in chipembi area contact 0979440154, watsap 0963088322

  5. Ndanje khaki tomorrow morning you go to the doctor and be examined. You seem to look mad. Even if UPND loose this by election we will loose nothing. we shall continue mobilizing the party for 2021

    • You will lose elections and the confidence of a mixed population in Lusaka,mind you it is the capital and who ever grabs it will be assured of the presidency,and dont use fake names,use your usual spaka or jay

    • Fake Name. ..I am not mad I am only stating a fact. .even you know how violent GBM was in PF. ..and I am not referring to any election here. ..I am referring to the reported violence. ..oh I forgot violence and elections are the same in Upnd.

  6. Madame Wina where was your comment to condemn your party that attacked the UPND straight after the peace agreement?

  7. This form the old corrupt witch who watched a girl being stripped naked for wearing UPND t shirt on labour day….

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