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President Lungu to soon Employ District Commissioners in all the 5 newly created districts

Headlines President Lungu to soon Employ District Commissioners in all the 5 newly...

President Edgar Lungu at the Public rally in Lumezi Eastern Province on Saturday
President Edgar Lungu at the Public rally in Lumezi Eastern Province on Saturday

President Edgar Lungu says he will soon employ District Commissioners in all the five newly created districts in Eastern Province. Mr. Lungu has further implored Traditional Leaders and other stakeholders to come together and identify locations where the District Offices will be built in the new districts.

He said this is because his administration is “ in a hurry to develop the country and that the creation of new districts is one way of bringing services closer to the people.”

He has assured residents in the new districts of Lusangazi, Kasenegwa, chasefu and Lumezi Valley and Plateau of immense infrastructure development.

The Head of State was speaking when he held public meetings today in Chasefu and Lumezi Valley and Plateau to drum up support for the Patriotic Front candidates who will be contesting for the Council Chairperson positions in the July 26, 2018 elections.

The President has also urged people in the new districts to vote for the PF candidates noting that they will be able to actualize the vision of government.

He further stated that the Ministry of Local Government has already deployed council secretaries to assist in the establishment of the new districts.

President Lungu however, warned that government should not be blamed for delaying development in the new districts if squabbles between the traditional leadership and people are not ironed out.

President Edgar Lungu at the Public rally in Lumezi Eastern Province on Saturday
President Edgar Lungu at the Public rally in Lumezi Eastern Province on Saturday

On Friday, the President Edgar Lungu said that the creation of districts is stimulating the spread of developmental projects in the country. Mr. Lungu reaffirmed that the creation of districts brings about incentives that include, the establishment of hospitals and post offices among others institutions.

The Head of State also took time to appeal to the people of Lusangazi to vote for the Patriotic Front (PF) candidate William Banda in the forthcoming council chairperson elections slated for Thursday, July 26, 2018.

He urged the electorates to vote for a candidate who will not only advocate for development in the new district but one who knows and understands their various challenges.

He observed that each district has unique challenges.

The Head of State cited some of the challenges as lack of communication towers and banking facilities.

President Lungu has further urged the people of Lusangazi to work together and agree where the district offices and the Central Business District will be located in the new district

“We are in a hurry to bring development to the people, not listening to squabbles,” he said.

The President has since directed the Minister of Local Government Vincent Mwale to identify and create more districts in the country to spur development whenever resources are available.

President Lungu has also encouraged people to dialogue and not engage in political violence during the coming elections as violence deters development.

The Head of State is accompanied by the Presidential Affairs Minister, Freedom Sikazwe, Eastern Province Minister, Makebi Zulu, Members of Parliament for Kabwe Central, Sinda, Kapoche, Malambo, Katete, Chama South, Chadiza and Senior Government and Party Officials.

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  1. Great decision Mr President.

    This will create many many jobs.

    A win win really isn’t it ?



    • No moral equivalence, Edgar Changwa Lungu Just a great display in leading fortunate nation turned in to poverty. You’re going down very soon.

    • Nkana Kitwe – You are already in poverty whilst him he is getting richer from building those District Offices as he gives those contracts to his Swazi friends.

    • This is were lungu contradicts himself on one handvhe talks about austerity on the other he is busy creating new districts.
      This will not only bloat the civil service but the local debt as well.
      In zambia we create our own problems.
      BUT the biggest problems on our hands are Lungu and PF!

    • Lazy Lungu is very lucky that the opposition is selfish and not organised …the majority voters are not clued up with the issues of governance where Lazy can simply state that if you don’t vote for us no development will come your way. Whatever happened to that impeachment the opposition was making noise about before the close of parliament three months ago…they have suddenly been quiet have the cut deals because PF was also going to propose a bill as well regarding candidates standing for Presidency having served public office to qualify.

    • @Jay Jay, sorry sir. I left Poverty in Zambia 25 years ago because it was going to catch up with me. Made a great move, I only remember Dr Chiluba as a President not lazy Lungu. Hope @Jay Jay you’re not in Poverty.

  2. There is a difference between a fully-fledged district such as Petauke and a project to establish a new district such as Lusangazi. No sane person would disagree with having a DC at Petauke but Lusangazi is to stretch it because it is just a project. There’s nothing there; not even an office for the DC to operate from. So a DC with no office to operate from will be on payroll, as will the district secretary, contractors etc. This is making cost of developing new districts higher than it needs to be.When you are on brink of debt distress, people who have loaned you money want to see you saving every kwacha you can save otherwise they’ll not be keen on giving you breathing space during debt negotiations.

  3. This Lazy Bum is out of touch with reality…surely what dont you get about being broke, you have no money I mean even your supplementary budget had to part funded by donors. You are here talking about identifying locations for CBD and offices….its either you are a liar or simply daft…did you not suspend all projects not 80% completed. Its seems Lazy is hell bent to increase govt expenditure for political expediency
    Additionally do not cheat people …District Commissioners are not cadres you employ at PF headquarters …this lazy bum now thinks he owns the govt; I blame Sata for all this politicizing of all these positions.
    Wasted Years indeed!!

  4. Why appoint DC’s when you have elected mayors.The DC’s serve no purpose and are just an extension of the executive.

    • We had PS for these positions but smart Sata said they were not implementing Party policy so brought back DCs and Deputies….and we wonder why we are in debt!!

  5. Austerity measures taking effect. Create more jobs for party cadres so that they benefit from taxpayers money.

  6. Austerity indeed!
    Meanwhile, the MOF says we have blown our 2018 budget midway through 2018 and are now over Five billion kwacha over budget! Increasing expenditure when you already have a huge deficit is reckless and irresponsible! No wonder IMF is not taking this PF government seriously. They are a bunch of jokers who will ruin this country. Don’t be deceived by Chinese infrastructure! Chinese things don’t last. Don’t you hear the Chinese Debt bells ringing? They have looted money from Airports Corporation, ZESCO, IDC, ZCCM-IH, ZAMTEL etc to run their Mayoral and other by-elections and those with no eyes are busy clapping! Just wait! 2019 will be bad for ZED!

  7. Chiefs and other stakeholders shouid never be allowed to decide where CBDs and “BOMAs” should be located.only town and country planners.

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