The Ministry of Works and Supply in Western Province says there is an improvement of compliance from the use of government vehicles on the road.

In an interview with ZANIS, Acting Provincial Inspector of government Transport Vusi Ziba said general drivers as well as senior managers have shown commitment in observing the law from the time the Minister, Felix Mutati announced stiffened penalties against misuse of government vehicles.

Mr. Vusi said since the time the changes were made, the province impounded 25 vehicles belonging to various government departments.

He urged officers to ensure the availability of a competence certificate, a weekend pass when driving government vehicles on weekends and committing to carry only authorized cargo.

The Inspector said users should comply with the laid down regulations on the proper utilization of the vehicles adding that government was losing a lot of money due to repairing and servicing of abused government transport.

The department was currently conducting mobile spots checks, mounting of road blocks and will soon collaborate with Police traffick and the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) in inspecting public vehicles against abuse and misuse.

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