Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo
Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo

Zambia police has warned the public to desist from carrying out financial transactions over social media or internet without proper consultation.

Zambia police public relations officer Esther Katongo said that there is an increase in fraudsters purporting to be who they are not on social media.

ZICTA has been identifying fake Facebook accounts alleging to be of various Very Important Persons (VIP)s including Republican President Edgar Lungu.

The alleged fake accounts have on numerous occasions requested for monetary favors from unsuspecting internet subscribers.

Speaking to ZANIS in a phone interview Mrs. Katongo said that the police with various stake holders were on the ground pursuing those defrauding people of their money.

“Some people are pretending to be employers and asking people for money and various favors in return for jobs” she said.

Mrs. Katongo urged the public to be alert and to report any suspicious behavior to the police.

She said the police force was working to identify these people and that some cases were currently in court.

“We are on top of things and we are partnering with ZICTA and other stake holders to fish out these people” Mrs. Katongo said.

She mentioned that ZICTA recently identified numerous fake Facebook accounts purporting to be of the republican president which have since been removed.

We are working with people from Facebook the company and this will help corner would be offenders” Mrs. Katongo said.

She further advised people to desist from defrauding people through scams on the internet as the law would soon catch up with them

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  1. I don’t have Facebook.
    My name is distinct. All my secondary school girls found me by 2007.
    Unfortunately, the fuuckers never delete accounts, never, even after death.
    I am pretty sure George Chella still logs on to Ba Sata’s Facebook.


    • The Police should focus on more pertinent issues that matter.

      Social media is way above the arrest of the efficacy that they are capable of.




    • Simple rule about social media :
      Would you believe any jim and jack on the street if they told you stories?
      Never mind what story it is.
      What exactly will the police do? When they have failed to apprehend the crooks from Katondo?


  2. Anything is possible in PF those accounts could be true lets just continue fundraising for 2021 to whitewash HH again for the last time he goes into political oblivion.



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