Inonge Wina calls for a fair Tax System


VICE-President Inonge Wina
VICE-President Inonge Wina
Acting President Inonge Wina says there should be no sacred cows in the administration of the tax system.

Mrs Wina says there is need to make taxes fair for every tax payer if the country is to reduce poverty levels.

She was speaking when she officially opened the Zambia Revenue Authority – ZRA- service centre in Lusaka today.

Mrs Wina has urged the ZRA Commissioner General to proactively engage ALL stakeholders to help the country cultivate and sustain a positive culture of paying taxes among Zambians.

The Acting President said ZRA should create effective partnerships with other enforcement agencies and undertake joint enforcement to make tax administration more efficient and responsive to economic growth.

And Mrs Wina has also urged the Minister of Finance to ensure that in the 2019 national budget the tax burden does not stifle Zambians.

Earlier, Acting Minister of Finance Emerine Kabanshi said the opening of the service centre will increase revenue collection and reduce the cost of compliance for the tax paying public.

And ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda said the authority will open more centres in the country to make it easy for tax payers to meet their obligations.

Mr. Chanda also said ZRA is confident of meeting its annual target.



    • Register churches as PVT Limited companies, same as Ilunda Chalo limited.
      No sacred cow.
      PF lishilu…


    • I thought she had resigned. Mama Wina spend time with your grand kids while you still have strength.


  1. Madam please retire you are a big dissapointment to Zambia and unfortuately that is how you will be remembered.Where were you when the lady VP in Malawi stood out for the nation?What do you have to loose by doing the right thing now?You i repeat are a disappointment.


  2. Her Excellency the Acting President Inonge Wina!! A title which one triba.l Hacks can only hallucinate about. Must be wondering why the presidency is so easy for others but not him. Easy underfive easy, just apologise for that misdemeanour at Choma in 2006 when you were triba.lly appointed.


  3. Every adult Zambian should file a Tax return every year. No exceptions whatsoever. The President, Vice-President even Catholic Priests and Nuns should file.

    Those earning better than poverty should pay Tax. Those Paying as You Earn (PAYE) should be given a rebate for the direct taxes they pay which are meant to capture those earning but not PAYE such as taxes on fuel and electricity. The mushrooming Malls demonstrate there is a lot of money that is hidden from the Taxman.



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