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Importation of cheap oil will not affect fuel pump price

Economy Importation of cheap oil will not affect fuel pump price

Government says the US$20 million worth of fuel consignment from Saudi Arabia is now being transported from Tanzania to Zambia .

Minister of Energy, Mathews Nkhuwa told ZANIS in an interview today that the bathing (off-loading) of fuel which docked on the 10th of August was concluded.

Mr. Nkhuwa explained that the fuel consists of diesel and petrol, noting that the transportation of diesel is underway.

He disclosed that the exercise of transporting fuel from Tanzania into Zambia will be done within 2 to 3 weeks and another consignment will be ordered from Saud Arabia.

“The Fuel is rolling into the country starting with diesel and later on petrol which will be transported into the country. But let me emphasize that this consignment will not see a reduction in the pump price of fuel because the fuel the country uses is more than this consignment,” he said.

The Minister explained that the country has enough fuel reserves and the fuel being imported from Saudi Arabia will be an addition to the existing stocks.

He further disclosed that the country uses US$1 billion worth of fuel per annum adding that, US$ 500 million is imported and US$ 500 million worth of fuel is produced by Indeni oil refinery.

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  1. Ba PF kuwayawaya fye. even explaining simple things its difficult. indeni doesnt manufacture fuels, they simply seperate the co-mingled stuff using a process called fractional distilation so all the oil is imported. And why not import every thing from S.Arabia so that the overtaxed motorist can benefit? when are you for once going to do something to benefit zambians?

    • This is not what we are expecting we where told cheap fuel is coming from Saudi Arabia now that it has come we are told again that it is not going to be cheap why? Are being cheated here or what?

    • Isn’t this the K5 per litter fuel that Jonathan promised..lol? SO by selling it at the current price Jonathan and his friends are pocketing the difference??…lol..More Range Rovers and VXs for Jonathan’s friends. Now I know why Land Rover is selling more brand new cars in Zambia, second to SA in southern Africa…..

  2. But you said that when you start importing from Saudi Arabia, fuel will become cheap. Its there in you campaign messages

  3. But you told us that you have secured cheap oil from Saudi Arabia and you promise that we will be buying fuel at K5 per liter.

  4. So what happens to all that mark up…this is day light robbery.Its not like tge fuel will be used for emergency govt vehicles only. You are stealing from people as you are getting free things and selling because you are a lazy govt of perpertual beggars.

  5. Long term solution is to upgrade Indeni to be able to process crude oil from our neighbours in Angola.
    in the interim do the fuel cost analysis and then come up with price parity and pass on benefits to the consumers. Currently motorists are barely surviving because more than 60% of disposable income is spent on fuel.

  6. Heheh, this minister is dumb, mafias with degrees…confused with corrupt money,he doesn’t even know what his saying. At cheap oil my ass…

  7. This gvt of ours today doesn’t care abt consumers or pipo they JST want to finish our peanuts we get at month end fuel is an issue in zambia that’s y we will never be like South Africa far far away not even half because our leaders selfishness, greed and so on..,……,

  8. mmm, Please PF you are embarrassing the President –Lungu. President Lungu promised Zambians that fuel will be cheap in Zambia coz GRZ would start importing cheap fuel from Soudi-Arabia. Now , according to you sir, the long awaited cheap fuel is flowing into the Country but we should not expect reduction in prices of fuel.

    Sir! why should you even announce to Zambians that the cheap fuel has started coming into Zambia??
    Please ala fimo ifintu kuichaila not ukulanda……You think Zambia are gullible?

  9. $ 1billion per year on fuel. Even as a layman am quite sceptical with that figure . It implies half of the euro bond contracted was gobbled up in fuel tanks? Can’t get it.

  10. That is what you voted and the donuna reverse has started. Zambians never learn from people who cheat them to get what they want. This is why that country has managed to take Zambia without any problems just by giving few coins. Zambian woke up. You need thinking leadership, people who value and not use others, who feels and eager to Develop this nation. watch Zimbabwe soon. Countries that had war like Angola now are developing but you are just full of corruption. You have brain people who can develop the nation but you are drunk with tribalism lies. Being cheated day and night but just watching.

  11. Remember we said it earlier that the whole story was for the Ambassador to Saudi make more money in allowances as he keeps moving about pretending to arrange the movement of the said oil.Let the Minister first make public of a list of transportation of this oil from Dar port to Zambia.You will find the results to this oil story.Just to flag off transportation of this oil find out how many people traveled and how many days Ambassador got and how much in allowances he got and the results brought in.The rest will be pronounced as the oil story becomes a scandal.

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