Minister of Religious and National Guidance Godfridah Sumaili
Minister of Religious and National Guidance Godfridah Sumaili

Government says it is concerned with the servants of God in the country who are involved in immoral activities of sexually abusing young women.

Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs, Godfridah Sumaili said clergymen who are in the habit of sexually abusing young people will soon be exposed.

ZANIS reports that Rev. Sumaili called on the church mother bodies in the country to work out modalities that will bring to an end such vices.

She was speaking today when visiting Evangelist from Ghana Ampiah Akwofi paid a courtesy call on her.

Meanwhile, Rev. Sumaili explained that her Ministry is willing to receive servants of God from outside the country in order to spread the true gospel.

She said true gospel is that which impacts positively to the values, principles and other ethics of society.

And Visiting Evangelist, Ampiah Akwofi said Zambia is a special light in Africa as it was the first country to be declared a Christian nation.

Bishop Akwofi said his first visit to Zambia made him embark on the second mission because of how embracing government and church mother bodies were when he visited.

Evangelist Akwofi whose crusade will be held at Heroes stadium from September 12 to 15th 2018, further proclaimed more blessings to Zambia in terms of individual, community and the country needs.

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    • The women like it. They are the first to defend the so called pastors.
      Someone recently shared this video where a pastor was fingering a woman infront of a congregation of young women. They were all smiles and giggling while the pastor finger f u *ked the woman on the church floor.


    • This is sad !
      How can you say we will expose pastors abusing women arrest them now for goodness sake! Stup!d minister!
      And whilst at it fire the other id!ot who claims women are more horny than men according to his pervert grandfather!


    • It is true, it is the women that take themselves to these fake pastors.

      Njala pa zed yavuta!

      Zambian women will do anything for money.


  1. Useless ministry and a waste of taxpayer’s money; what are the police (Home Affairs and justice) there for?


  2. Sumaili u do not understand the role of that office. U have no capacity to hold that office in Zambia. U can do well as a gender feminist minister.

    Only a Catholic priest should hold that position. Your 6 months theology without philosophy can’t help the country.

    That pastor from Ghana is a thief and he came to Zambia not to preach but to steal money of those unphilosophical poor Zambians.


    • Most Catholic Priests are sex maniacs starting from Alick Banda the Archbishop, and I know what I am writing about because I am Catholic and I have seen how they misbehave with both married, single women and nuns. So, ba DJ7 write about something else.



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