Salma Sky honors all grandmothers, especially her own, through “KAKALEBALIKA” (To Shine).

Grandmothers are in many cultures, the backbones of families, cultivators of morals and values and the voice of encouragement that turn children into stars. The video was directed by Tivo Shikapwashya, song composed by James Sakala , produced by Bersha “Honourable” at M-Vision Studios

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  1. I dont know what people see in this girl’s singing she is always out of sync …I guess its her other physical atributes.


  2. I have seen her improve over the years.She is doing fine. Getting on doing it Salma Sky.
    I remember some years ago when she just started i did send her a message how she needed to improve her music this time am her biggest supporter. Whether she read my message or not i dont know but one thing is she is talented and has been improving all the time. This is beautiful just as you have been doing Salma dont let anyone discourage you .Keeping on doing it, you are doing well.



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