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Zambia continues to record high cases of corruption


File picture:Give us a bribe…Traffic police officers confront a public service bus driver at Longacres in Lusaka

Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) says the country has continued to record high cases of corruption despite the formation of integrity committees in government departments.

TIZ Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Tendai Nkhandu said government departments should ensure that the integrity committees are operational and contribute to a reduction in cases of bribery and other forms of corruption in the public service.He was speaking at a Zambia Bribe Payers Index (ZBPI) information sharing meeting in Chipata this morning.

Mr. Nkhandu said that Zambia’s corruption perception has continued to be bad and stressed the need to scale up efforts to fight graft. He noted that most institutions have recorded an increase in corruption cases from 8.5 in 2014 to 10 percent in 2017.
This represents an increase of 1.5 percent.

And ACC Regional Manager, Nkandu Chipinda underscored the ZBPI in the fight against corruption as it provides an empirical measurement of incidences of bribery in government departments and the private sector.

Ms. Chipinda noted that data contained in the report is valuable to the commission and other stakeholders in drawing up programmes aimed at tackling the corruption scourge as well as provide valuable input for targeted advocacy programmes.

She encouraged public institutions to use the findings of the ZBPI to fight graft and the media to disseminate the information to the public so that all stakeholders are well informed.


    • Simple , Edgar himself was debarred for stealing. His professional organisation, LAZ, found him unfit to practice law. How did such a low life become president?

    • Just have a look at the FIC report (page22) It shows that suspicious transactions have increased by more than 130% since Mr. Lungu took over. YES 130%! And some people, want to say we are speculating. smh.
      The case of the fire trucks is also in the FIC report and it clearly says that the trucks were worth 30% what was paid. And when we raise these things people like Zambian citizen want to give us some crap stories. The FIC report even says that a named minister, was heavily linked to the supplier company and that the said company bought him luxury cars using an unregistered car dealer. Still you have people defending PF. Amazing what greed can do to the conscience. Just because they benefit, they turn a blind eye

    • Bad week for PF, sad to the ordinary Zambian voter, as this is not they voted for!
      I hope there is a lesson to be learned and come 2021, and people are not misled and rewarded with dancing to Dununa reverse.
      Next time, Zambians ask your leaders questions, bring them on TV, let them debate and let the better person win based on what they can offer to the Zambian people and not voting based on hatred and tribal affiliation. Don’t be dribbled, those who have eyes are seeing and those who have ears are hearing.

    • The President was also very clear about the need for government officers to continue stealing with his infamous “Uwubomba mwibala alya mwibala” idiom.
      So ba TIZ, there is nothing new you are saying here. Every corrupt practice by any officer has the blessing of the President.

    • Please understand that nothing will change in Zambia, as far as corruption is concerned—because the guy leading the country is himself corrupt to the core. Corruption starts with him, then his ministers, then other departments of government, and so on. Corrupt Lungu has no will to fight corruption in Zambia. He is a beneficiary of corruption in the government. So how can he stop it? He can’t even call out anyone on corruption in his cabinet, because he knows that they know about his corruption too. So Zambia will continue to suffer high levels of corruption until corrupt Lungu is voted out of office, audited, arrested, prosecuted and sent to prison.

    • What do you expect when you have a President who encourages corruption?? Ka Stupid Amos Chanda Claims They Knew about this 2 months ago? So why wait for Western Countries to cut Donor Aid for them to act? Lungu is so Corrupt and Zambian People are the most stupid. Useless to have Voted for these clowns.

  1. Simple , Edgar himself was debarred for stealing. His professional organisation, LAZ, found him unfit to practice law. How did such a low life become president?

    • Recycled crook. He will say anything just to get elected and then there after, He will continue with the status quo. We don’t want all these Chameleons that changes colors just to suit the environment, in this case, trying to be the next Zambian president. We need fresh young leadership that preferably have lived outside Zambia and have learned what it means to work hard and hold themselves and those they work with, accountable with regards to the law and the countries resources that is meant to develop it. Kalaba is part of the mess in this PF disaster.

  2. Kalaba is of the same cloth…… He has long fingers though he is a short man…….I am glad that Zambians have now known how humble some people are and how tribal they are….Even you give power to a fool or thief , he will not change…… Someone was debarred by LAZ….. No case won in Zambia Law Report yet claim to be better than Mwanawasa….. shame on you…

  3. Imagine if corruption cases were given a life sentence or death penalty, oh boy oh boy you would have a transparent Country.

  4. This is the result when your president does not deny allegations that he is a corrupt theif….now the whole civil service thinks being labbeled a corrupt theif is no big deal…….

  5. Sad to say the least. All the helpless citizens of Zambia were seeing the break of governance systems except for his excellence the president and his clonies. It has to take foreign donors for him to act. Zambians who have spoken against corruption have been retired in national interest others labeled bitter opposition. All the campaign activities and donations given by PF is corruption. Where do you think the money comes from. Have you ever seen a profitable enterprise run by PF or have ever seen audited books of the PF showing who donates money to them. Work up people. What you have seen is nothing but a tip of the iceberg.

  6. KKK ok when we speak of change in zambia you think we are cracking jokes. The humbleness you see in some people is not genuine. be careful with whom you entrust the nation to. Come 2021 we the same people making noise on this platform will be the first to endorse pf and lungu in office.. learn….

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