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Ministry of Education in massive corruption scandal-Africa Confidential


London based and globally respected journal Africa Confidential has reported that a massive fraud has taken place at the Ministry of Education, bigger than the Social Cash Transfer theft.

It says the total amount embezzled is not yet known but sources in the investigation say it is on a far greater scale than the other frauds uncovered.

Africa Confidential’s is reporting that massive fraud has taken place in the Ministry of Education after a manipulation of the internal payments and procurement system.

It further reports that a government-led audit has been taking place in secret.

It says this is another reason for the UK government’s decision to suspend bilateral aid to Zambia.

The publication also reports that the Zambian Government has purchased two military transport aircraft for over $95 million using a commercial loan even after pledging to austerity measures in June this year.

It says Zambia also contracted provisional loans for Israeli electronics worth $400 million.

Below is the full article in Africa Confidential which appeared on Wednesday, September 19th 2018.

Bonds crash as donors cut funding

Cuts in aid payments are compounding the debt crisis as the government loses credibility after bogus denials

President Edgar Lungu’s sacking of Minister of Community Development and Social Services Emerine Kabashi at the centre of the row over the fraud in payments for the country’s poorest families – will do nothing to lessen the deepening crisis in the country.

A bigger corruption scandal in the education ministry involving potentially tens of millions of dollars is under investigation, we hear.

Officials, requesting anonymity, have told Africa Confidential that President Lungu was informed about six months ago about corruption in the system of payments – known as social cash transfers (SCTs) – to hundreds of thousands of poor people.

Kabanshi, with the support of Lungu, had overruled civil servants who had wanted to end the Zampost contract, our sources say.

Contradictory government statements, sometimes demonstrably false, and revelations of wasteful spending and of hugely over-priced contracts have hit major companies’ investment plans (AC Vol 59 No 18, Graft worsens cash squeeze).

The yields on US$1 billion Zambian-issued Eurobonds nearly hit 18% over 18 and 19 September as government denials of any debt crisis or bad relations with donors took their toll of investor confidence.

Since we reported on 14 September that Zampost, the agency contracted to deliver the SCTs, had misappropriated US$4.7 million from them, more details have emerged.

On 18 September Lungu issued a statement claiming that he had already ordered an enquiry into the transfer system.

This report, he said, had come into his hands on 14 September – the same day Africa Confidential published its report on the fraud and its costs, later confirmed as accurate by the government.

The statement added that the President wanted ‘a speedy and decisive investigation’.

In fact, Lungu and senior officials had known about the fraud for several months Donors had already voiced their concerns to the government after of discoveries by the Auditor-General.

The government’s failure to act despite knowing about the Zampost fraud exacerbated Britain’s anger over the fraud, and the UK demanded $4 mn. in payments from the Department for International Development be returned.

Britain’s actions remained secret until Africa Confidential’s report, and Information Minister Dora Siliya denied that any suspension of aid had taken place.

Then, in a tweet, British High Commissioner Fergus Cochrane-Dyet confirmed the aid been suspended, publicly contradicting the minister’s version of events.

Lungu has not commented on Africa Confidential’s reports that massive fraud has taken place in the Ministry of Education after a manipulation of the internal payments and procurements system. A government-led audit has been taking place in secret.

This is another reason for DfID’s suspension of bilateral aid. The total amount embezzled is not yet known but sources in the investigation say it is on a far greater scale than the other frauds uncovered.

The row over the departmental frauds has drawn attention to the debt crisis, about which government officials are also in denial. 

Africa Confidential has reported that some $489 mn. had been set aside for debt repayment in the first half of 2018, but a government statement claimed this was false, citing $342 mn. as the true figure (AC Vol 59 No 18, Bonds, bills and ever bigger debts).

The government figure, however, only included interest, not interest plus repayments of principal, which was the figure we used.

In June, the government promised to cut public spending and stop new borrowing.

The government currently estimates its foreign debt at $9.3 bn.

However, project loans with Chinese companies not included in that figure total as much as $5 bn., many of them governed by contracts that do not allow government to hold up disbursements.

After the June pledge, however, came the news of Zambia’s purchase of two military transport aircraft for over $95 mn. with a commercial loan.
Zambia also contracted provisional loans for Israeli electronics worth $400 mn.

One of the most serious payments shortfalls is hitting drugs suppliers to the health ministry, to which donors have also suspended payments.
Because of government non-payment, ‘health kits’, packages of essential and commonly-prescribed drugs which are distributed to the remote countryside, have all but disappeared from view, said a senior doctor.

Hospitals and doctors’ surgeries suffer a chronic shortage of supplies.


  1. U people in UK
    We getting tired and suspicious of your Africa confidential thing.

    If u have real issues please use some proper channels to communicate. Now u are behaving like an opposition.

    We know u want HH your boy.

    • Ataa iwee c1kala Dj7. why are you against these Revelations. your time is up bwana. The monies you chewed doesn’t belong to docile Zambians, the owners are demanding answers. you want these things to be kept s secret, shame on you.

    • This has nothing to do with Lungu.

      If your son start stealing – why would you blame their parents ?

      Illogical isn’t it ?



    • DJ in short you are upset that theft is being exposed. interesting.
      And for you it’s because the “west” wants HH? Wow, you are a really clever one! No wonder you got a job at the Embassy in SA. A real cadre, with no morals, no intellect, no principles. Governed purely by the belly.

    • Docile is when your country is under attack and all you think about is statehouse. Anything London or UK and people jump. The F001s are exposing your military equipment and you’re busy clapping your hands. If you allow the colonisers back, this time round you will be wiped out. They will take your land and everything in it.

    • We told you Lungu is a thief.

      You insulted us. You called us animal farm.

      Now you see.

      Things will get a lot worse. This is nothing.

    • By the time pf is done with this borrow, my country will be a shell. What will our children inherent? Shame on all the voter for putting this country in such a bad position within a short space of time.

    • 489 million dollars was initially set aside for debt repayment. How can you repay when you are busy buying luxury SUVs from Toyota Zambia for your non performing senior govt officer to buy after 5 years at 5 percent of the original price? The only ones that are benefiting from the donors are the car manufacturers and senior govt officers , I do believe there is a conspiracy at play. The donors have known about this for so many years why are they only bringing these matters out now? May they all be judged accordingly by God almighty.!

    • I will be coming to Zambia next week. I would like to meet those criticizing my comment.

      Remember I’m not like MUSHOTA who came to Zambia broke. She is only active when she goes back to Nik the old white man and when she is using the Wi-Fi in the old aged home where she works bathing utusungu utukote.

    • DJ17 you are an !d!ot, goes without saying, can’t wait to meet you, always wanted to see what a dude with an atom for a brain looks like 🙂

    • DJ7 is Sunday Chanda’s brother.
      They’ve got diarrhoea, as the 3 Brothers will be turned into wives in Chimbwi’s, with their fat bokosi’s fattened from stolen loot.

    • This is not a PF problem but a sin problem because the people who are abusing our resources; some belong to PF, some belong to UPND and some to minor opposition political parties. But what pains me most is that many of these people belong to churches and families too. Some are educated and some are not, some are rich and some are poor.Some have light skin and some have dark skin. Some are married while some are not married. Some are young and some are old. Some are pastors and some are not. Some are Zambians and some are foreigners. Some will die soon and some will not die soon. The only ONE WHO can deliver us from this corruption is GOD. GOD!! Him only. We need true Christians produced by God not Christians produced by churches. We need Pastors produced by God not produced by colleges…

    • Looting & corruption is from Lungu himself to all ministries & govt departments from ZAF, Ministry of Health, Works & supply, education, water resources, parliament.

      PF govt is rotten to the core. I’m sure after ZAMPOST theft was revealed, they were saying “what is $4.7 million?” until donors cut funding.
      Even on the 42×42 fire Wheel-burrows, they said “what is $42 million?”

    • I think not only politicians should be punished for this but even civil savants who manage these monies, It does not take a rocket scientist to see how people have built house beyond their means bought expensive cars and live a ravish life style, TIME TO CLEAN UP IS NOW, Let use EL and these corrupt civil savants as an example and deterrent.

    • Face reality my friend, stop using emotions to think and start using your blains. HH is not a solution but the truth is LUNGU has failed whether you like him or not

    • We are not surprised by these revelations about this corrupt conman, Lungu, and his minions. Some of us knew that this guy was corrupt to the core, just the first year he was in office. Remember his assets suspiciously increased from K3 million to K23 million within one year. He should’ve never been allowed to even stand in 2016 just based on that issue. And how can anyone doubt now that this guy most likely even stole the election in 2016? Just a common thief who doesn’t mind being called a thief. This guy should’ve never come anywhere near the presidency in Zambia. He was unqualified to be in this high office in the land. And now he has single-handedly helped destroy the image of our beautiful country. If it was in any developed country, serious investigations would have…

    • Continued)… already ensued in the country into Lungu’s corrupt activities. The Zambian people will need to set political differences aside for now, unite, investigate this guy and impeach him to save the country from further damage. Why should we continue burying your heads in the sand, and pretend that everything is okay ? The country is now steeped up to it’s neck in corruption, because of this guy. Why should we let one individual destroy our country? Come on Zambian people, we’re better than this. This is unacceptable. The opposition should bring this issue in parliament. You have the backing of the Zambian people. Call for a full fledged investigation into Lungu and his administration’s corrupt activities. . Please save this country from this incompetent, corrupt thief…

    • @DJ7, get serious with such issues. No one wants HH. We can’t have such a corrupt Leadership. Let’s Ask Lungu, His daughter Tasila just built 2 huge Apartment Blocks?? You mean Councilors get paid that much?? If it’s a Bank Finance Which Bank. If Zambia Has to Improve, we need to stop this Nonsense. See how poor people are suffering. Have the heart and stop being hypocritical.

  2. Tic tov tic toc another report with no substantiated facts.

    These accusations are scadalous.

    Let’s ignore them and put our faith in president Lungu.

    Our country name is being drugged in the mad with no evidence whatsoever.

    Please ignore this diatribe with the contempt it deserve , unless you are mentally a midget.



    • If it comes to you, you are the worst, I wonder how you sleep at night. Shame on you. Just look at how many dislikes your comments get. It’s better you keep your contributions to your self.


    • We shall need to introduce the Guillotine .Majority thieves are educated Christian, foolishly hiding behind religion . AND they are not punished because This is a Christian national. Imagine !!

    • @Mushota, get in your thick skull he is not our f a t h e r. He is just a chancer who accidentally tripped stumble or fell) into the presidency with nothing to offer. Now time has caught up with him, the most decent thing he can do is step down to save us from further embarrassment and shame. The world is beginning to wonder what sort of people we are. Others are even offering course in commonsense, because the level of thinking and understanding of issue’s are out of this planet. Ati musiyene it’s his chance to steal! Their great men and women with management skills, vision and passion. Who can leverage our resources for the betterment of all and urgent ly bring us together before it too late.

  3. Further vindication of Harry Kalaba i presume? ECL is gonna go down with the dubious distinction of Zambia’s foreign aid cut under his watch for corruption.

    • Is it true?
      A video in which United Party for National Development(UPND) Kalulushi Candidate Evaristo Mwalilino’s  driver revealed how Hakainde Hichilema and Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba’s Kalulushi Constituency  votes where concealed has gone viral after it was aired on Prime TV.
      In the video, Wanna Chiyanga is confessing that his boss Mwalilino was given K21000, K360 000 for 21,966 votes and dropping the election petition respectively.
      He disclosed that  President Rupiah Banda, Information Minister Kapamba Mulenga and axed PF Deputy Chairperson for Elections Kelvin Fube Bwalya(KBF) and Mwalilino were heavily involved in the scheme of things.
      Imagine it happened in Nigeria, how the public would react.

    • @ogga. In saw a clip where thugs, in broad day light, picked a ballot box and ran away with it. Give us a better example of public intolerance to electoral fraud than Nigeria.

  4. And what do you say about your Chinese friends who don’t care whether the nkongole they are giving us reaches it’s intended recipients the poor zambian people, their no interference policy is a recipe for corrupt individuals to thrive, just accept ati mwanyopola ndalama for the old, disabled and orphans, it has to take the despised Europeans to warn you of a little iceberg ahead of your bwato, be wary of what lurks beneath iwe.

    • The Chinese have known all along that Lungu is a thief.

      They are not interested in their money back.

      They always knew they would never get it back in the first place.

      What they want is our national assets.

      And they will collect, make no mistake about it.

    • The Chinks are smart people…just read Sun Tzu they are adopting the same principles ..conquering you with firing a single shot from their guns..using what you like against you “greed”..its like feeding your friend to an heart attack on food, beer and luxuary goods bought from you on credit from your shop so you can get his house when he dies and force his wife to either marry you or become a slave.

  5. For once can you people stop ignoring the signs! I see no reason for someone to go the length to falsify these reports if there is no truth to it. Open your damn eyes, look at the way people in this governent have evolved to live in luxury. I’ve mentioned it once before on this forum, these guys are like hyenas operating a butchery, they’ll eat even their own stock until nothing is left. Thats the worst thing about african leaders and politians alike. A few rare breeds who have tried to change this continent have been assasinated, all we have left are visionless, selfish, arrogant, greedy puppets influenced by the West, and now clearly, the east too. Those who deny the truth, let’s take a tour into each of these politians lives, from their homes, business investments, children’s…

    • Unfortunately anything revealed about GRZ funds misused will just be denied and just disappear like a fart in the wind…I mean Lazy Lungu knew about this fraud as far as a few months ago but still instructed his govt spokewoman to rubbish it and call it fake news; it had to take a Diplomat to come out of protocol and go on social media. It will have to taking to the streets…as the problem is worse than it looks its free for all…

    • HH started it with the PRIVATISATION FUNDS. Please lock all these guys! They see HH roaming the streets freely and they would think when you steal you can roam around like CHILDISH too. The MPs instead of debating how to cage people like CHILDISH they go to South Africa for luxury trips boycotting sessions! CHILDISH!

  6. …schools, luxurious cars, and most importantly their bank transactions since coming into power and I promise you we will find the missing funds. I’ve had enough.

    • it is you Denkede who is an id1ots for supporting thieves. The monies involved doesn’t belong to docile Zambians and so don’t expect these Revelations to die naturally.

    • Really? Because they are exposing PF theft and showing how greedy they are?
      I can’t believe what am reading. You are upset that the misdeeds of thieves are being exposed? The only explanation is that you are a beneficiary and you are afraid of getting exposed. Every patriotic zambian woukd be intetested in seeing the truth come out.

    • They have become iddiots for exposing you stealing their money…really laughable…even slapping $4million in management fee for simply processing a postal order.

  7. Ba Kaputo Davies ba docile Zambian. Stop insulting yourself. If Zambians are docile then you are docile too because you are Zambian. Unless you tall us you a Massai from Kenya. Some people kuti wadabwa

  8. When Dora Siliya talked about the economy doing well, she meant that those stealing and building structures all over are doing well. Most PF Ministers are tenderprenures inflating prices to steal by the gross. It’s getting hot for them, not even jemasoni stunts will save them. These chaps looking like good businessmen are mere thieves. Paipa pano

  9. ALL OUR MONEY GONE IN DUBIOUS DEALS!! WHY SHOULD A SANE person spend $400million on Isreali electronics which I guess are for Military purposes and WHY SPEND $95 on military planes when we are NOT AT OR FACING THREATS OF WAR??? ALL THESE ARE AVENUES FOR STEALING MONEY!!

    • $400million on Isreali electronics which I guess are for Military purposes —

      No, this is for RIGGING ELECTIONS! Money is not the only thing these thieves steal. They steal VOTES TOO!

      And now they have stolen and sold ZAMBIA. And our childrens FUTURE as well!

    • You wont hear them going to the open market as the prices are low and competitive…the US has dozens of Army Cargo aircraft parked in the desert for sale for a third of that price but they wont go there as they want to steal…

  10. Those with veils on their faces can’t see CO’s they’ve been blinded, meanwhile the looters are sweating tooth n nail to find means of hiding or offloading their ill gotten wealth to off shore accounts as pressure mounts on. Ya but bamambala imwe mwa raping Calo zoona. Recklessness . Anti corruption agency should seize all those vehicles to come up with unpaid salaries for civil servants who haven’t seen a pay cheque in 4 mths

    • So long as ACC is reporting to Lungu who is corrupt and has power to extend contracts of heads of Investigative wings and handpicks them nothing will ever change.

  11. Tip of the iceberg. We told you these thieves were looting. A sensible president would have resigned on moral grounds. We have had no resignation from pf officials which shows just how lightly they taking this and how arrogant these thugs are

  12. Africa Confidential are liers in Zambia we dont have Ministry of Education. The two Ministries – maybe that we can talk about and maybe closer to your story are the Ministry of General Education and Ministry of Higher Education. So which Ministry are you talking about. If its Ministry of Education sorry we dont have such a Ministry and you better try Malawi or Zimbabwe. You are just in a hurry to keep on the flame burning. All the same these guys are real time thieves but dont be in a hurry to have now opportunity to unleash fake stories. You just in a hurry with your storied m

    • DId you finish secondary school?

      Or you just gave up after grade 7?

      Little knowledge is dangerous, but having zero knowledge?

      You are a pioneer Sir.

    • What does it matter they are all fall under Education…you just look really stupid and daft with your heavily soiled pants down ..just pull them up and shut up!!!

    • Rude monk, stop whatever you are on. You cannot extricate Lungu from his involvement in corruption by the name of the ministry involved. Find something else to discuss.

    • Your President can not come and defend any of these so called fake stories as he would be roasted by simple questions…I mean if he was asked why it had to take donors to push him when he had the report right in front of him…the lazy inept Bum would stumble and wish he was at campaign rally dancing.

  13. So that means that both Lungu and the minister of education need to go. Zambia really stinks these last few years .

  14. Politics out it’s not a secret that accounts at district level manipulate the system and pay themselves a lot of cash. These guys always have money to spend. One chap who was on suspension for such malpractice has surprisingly been reinstated. As I am posting you can see the tension among the potential culprits. Yes the should be private so that you don’t forewarn these crooks. Just wait for the names of people involved.

    • Ndanji,
      I have been consistent throughout, the problem here is lungu does not deny that he is a corrupt theif. Period.

      You can all pretend that this has no bearing on the direction of the country but if you , as a businessman is labbeled as a corrupt theif everyday, do you think your workers will respect you ? In all probability they will also start stealing….


  16. Lungu is a corrupt theif….

    You are all ignoring the elephant in the room and blaming all these civil servant for being corrupt……the pink elephant in the room everyone is ignoring is lungus silence at allegations , continuous everyday allegations, that he is a corrupt theif…..

    Now the whole civil service thinks being labbeled as a corrupt theif is no big deal…if the president can live with being called a corrupt theif, so can we….goes the thinking.

  17. Keep hammering them were it hurts kaili they closed the paper that used to dig deeper. Africa Confidential has brought a new lease of life to our politics. Its a donor funded agency exposing African criminals who are stealing and siphoning donor funds meant to help the vulnerable. Next is Mr. Nkandu luo who has presided over a corrupt and rotten ministry were millions of dollars has been channeled to pay even salaries of government workers. This is how broke this PF goons have become. Bering out more on Zesco please we beg. The visionless visionary can not sleep kkkkk.

  18. HH was in London last week and part of this week so it’s a calculated move but what these UPND sycophants and zealots should know that time is long gone in Zambia to vote for a western stooge who suffers from acute inferiority complex no matter how much he paints our country black because there is no country that is perfect including the developed

    • So the exposing of the social cash scam and suspension of aid is due to HH ??

      Hehehe , this HH must be a hero to expose such scams, and must be very influential to have aid suspended


    • You think the world revolves around your Hakainde…really laughable…no wonder PF ministers are even stealing money meant for debt repayment.

    • The name Fwanya probably affects even how your brain works. Did HH tell PF to steal? If HH took the information to the paper, well done exposing these criminals. All those deaths in medicineless hospitals is because of Lungu. All those schools without materials it is because of Lungu.

    • HH stole and everyone is thinking if I steal I will be like HH – Free to roam around like a roaming phone with no CHARGE. Yes, HH taught everyone to steal.

    • Ba Fwanya muli bapuba,

      Money has been misappropriated, What has that to do with HH visiting London? If you do not have what to say just keep quiet…. Whether it was HH in office or who ever. Lets learn to call a spade a spade regardless of who is involved. That is why we can never develop. Money meant to improve living standards of the vulnerable is channelled to personal enrichments. Shame on us!!


  20. Who are these Zambians who are defending PF thieves? Why can’t they see that their party is destroying our country? Their president is failing to perform his duties of safeguarding every citizen’s life by allowing his team to steal from us. 2011 elections should never have taken place because they brought in this team of plunderers.


  22. The worst thief is not PF government officials.The worst thief is not Lungu or his ministers.The worst thief is not civil servant working under PF government.The worst thief is a Zambian who fail to make correct decision in a ballot box.Five years is given to a Zambian to assemble better leadership but he or she chooses the worst from the list on a ballot paper.The decision that one makes will either affect him or her positively or negatively.
    I blame a Zambian who is cheated by a pack of chibuku beer(opaque beer)during time for voting.A Zambian who votes in jokers and talkers who are not pragmatic.Fighting corruption requires resilient leadership.The current leadership is full of play boys and girls.

    • Spaka,liberation will not come on a silver plate.Thieves will make sure that they protect their loot by being offensive.Violence and intimidation will ever be there when jackals and wild dogs are having good time with a carcass.People should be as bold as a lion if they are to remove these predators from a dead animal.

  23. Jonathan is involved in all these scandals, there is no way he didn’t know. PF is an embarrassment and tarnishing the name of the country. Useless chaps. Katondo ministers ATI, IFINTU NI LUNGU or JONATHAN hahahaha!!!

  24. This is a time for all of us zambian to know Jesus Christ, finally time has come to know him as a Christian nation.
    Twalamwishiba Yes.

    • These “Christian nation “,: “humble leadership “, “day of national prayers or is it day on which thieft are planned ” etc are what has brought Zambia to its knees. No more checks and balances le?t you offend or is viewed as disrespectful to plundering leaders….

    • Nonsense. How does knowing Jesus stop corruption in Zambia? You infact become even more dolt. Why do you think the incompetent hopeless man is even the president today? You Christians put this man there to steal as you close your eyes in prayer.

  25. We want lungu to man up and address the nation on the current state of affairs. Otherwise we going to think he’s under petticoat authority by letting Finance Minister Mwanakatwe n Dora Siliya to blatantly lie to the Citizenry that all is well.

  26. Brexit Fever,

    Fellow Zambians let me remind you that what Britain is doing is nothing but to secure countries they want to recolonise when the leave the EU. You recall that the British Prime Minister was in South Africa to secure deals for its economy when it leaves EU. The best way to do it to create confusion in selected countries so that they put puppets who will sell the mines to companies who will be externalising money to Britain and the British Government will collect huge taxes. So let us be careful what we say or do. There is nothing wrong to conduct an Internal audit. Do they need to tell every Jim and Jack how they run the ministry departments. The British government is trying to indirectly for PF with UPND which is Britain’s Interest. If people have stolen , the law…

    • Tell yourself. You are just a cadre who supports thievery and wanton corruption. What has Brexit got to do with your stealing in Zambia? Are you saying Britain told them to steal taxpayer money? Nonsense!

    • P.F, IS LIKE A VIRUS!!
      You join P.F, it enters your body, & goes straight to the brain, where it infects the brains of its members, & Cadres like Khumalo Mthunzi, so they immediately lose the capacity to be analytical, & cease to reason.
      Cadre Khumalo, please open your eyes!!
      If a gang of thieves break into your house, steal your property, & molests your wife in the process, will you BLAME BREXIT, & go for a beer, & lunch with the ones that molested your wife once they are caught, or will you be seeking justice & hope the thieves get locked up for a very long time?
      Cadre Mthunzi, only asking as this appears to be the pattern your warped reasoning.

  27. Bola ya shupa?? Just what the hell is going on? Govt should explain and inform the Zambians what the truth is. It is very confusing when one reads this and that allover

    Someone needs to standup and explain and the best way to do this is by way of a press conference on a Saturday morning like tomorrow. Some of us are very tired of what we are reading

    It is the duty of the President to inform the nation what is going on, otherwise people will coming up with anything and all will believe them

  28. Edgar Lungu is the best thing that happened to Zambia. He is humble, able, God-fearing and a Great Leader. He has brought so much development to Zambia and on behalf of the Zambian people, we love you. Like China, we ask that parliament changes the constitution and makes you life President. China has done it and is developing why can’t we? The UK has the Queen for life, Russia also has Putin for life and they are just fine.

  29. He is a self confessed THIEF IN CHIEF of the PF Government after the infamous UBUMBA MWIBALA admission. It is DUNUNA REVERSE for sure. In the short history of Zambia , no other President has been blatant in stealing as ECL. We will NOT give ECL credit for firing the Minister. Get rid of HALF your KAPONYA CABINET. Then we know you are serious.

  30. Doctor ”Do you have any history of mental illness in your family?”
    Patient ”Yes, I have an uncle who has continued voting for thieves in government”

    • Doctor, “Is this feeling prevalent in your family?”
      Patient, “Yes, My great grandfather and grandmother, my father and my mother, all our siblings and our community in Namwala and beyond don’t like ‘thieves’ ”
      Doctor, “Who? Thieves?”
      Patient, “All who don’t have our bloodline we call them ‘thieves, especially, ….!”
      Doctor, “You must be a TRIBALIST! I don’t like tribalism! Get out!”

  31. Only in Zambia. Why is Lungu still the president? Are Zambians that dolt? Where is the outrage? When Zambians going to demand Lungu to leave? The money stolen in Zambia is in billions of dollars. Lungu makes RB to look like a novice. It’s enough embarrassment and it’s time Zambians stood up.

  32. I only hope when culprits are exposed, arrested and convicted Prime News won’t claim that only one tribe is targeted. I know this guy Hakayobo who’s an accountant at some DEBs on the Copperbelt. He’s been building mansions all over the place. Right now he’s building a two story building. He’s got two sons at one expensive private University in Lusaka. I can bet my last coin he’s going to be cornered.

  33. A leak of what the Government systems have detected!! Clearly shows ulterior motives. Why not let the GRZ systems ran the course to conclusions without hysteria?

    Then what’s wrong with buying military transport aircraft? They are needed to deal with terror threats which this same so-called Confidential has been reporting on Mozambique border. Moreover, they are more likely to be used in disaster management and relief operations. Does the confidential want Govt to fail to deal with these so that it’s puppets in UPND can do the Fwanya laugh?

    • The threats to Zambians come from government everyday. The only word they know is “warned” and the other more especially to the opposition is “Warn and Caution”. The military transport planes purchased are to move the military to deal with people within Zambia when they start protests. Nothing else. So, get your brain to start functioning. It seems you don’t know the reasons Zambia is in a funk. Lungu is not a good person by nature. He is a danger to the country.

  34. People should not forget the real cause of this rampant corruption is cadrehism . The govt has been overrun by PF cadres. Govt is supposed to be run by trained professions. ECL has surrounded himself with thugs (disguised as cadres)and the Chinese. They are plundering everything. Fortunately they ate wrong peoples money. People they can not easily silence like pilato, not etc ordinary citizens.

  35. Mushota is it not your father Mr. Lungu who said ubomba mwibala alya mwibala now you are saying this has nothing to do with Lungu he is the one to blame his sons and daughters are doing just what he said .

  36. Sharon leave HH alone this has nothing to do with HH and try to have some respect when you talk you are a woman don’t just talk like somebody doing ashawo job in USA.

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