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Father accidentally strikes infant whilst on mothers back during a fight


The five months infant who sustained a broken skull in a domestic brawl between his parents in Roan Township in Luanshya District is still in battling for his life at Author Davison Children Hospital in Ndola.

Arthur Davison Children’s Hospital Senior Medical Superintendent, Dr Jonathan Mwansa, says the infant is on life support in the Intensive Unit adding that health personnel are doing everything possible to ensure that the child recovers fully.The infant has been in the intensive care unit at the children’s hospital since last Saturday.

Copperbelt Province Police Commissioner, Charity Katanga, on Monday confirmed that the infant was allegedly hit with a stick by his father Mwamba whilst wrapped on his mother’s back as the couple fought at their home in Luanshya.

Ms Katanga said the couple started fighting after Mwamba accused his wife of flirting with other men.Police in Luanshya has since opened a docket against Mr Mwansa.


  1. Why opening a docket against the Doctor, he is just helping the situation . Its better to open the docket against Mwamba and not Mwansa at LT has reported here.

    • @Tokotoko
      That was also my question. I am not sure why Dr Mwansa the physician is up for potential arrest while Mwamba remains a free man!

    • Same useless reporting. The silly journo didn’t even proof-read his article… I am still scratching my head after reading a strange word on Tumfweko that is not in any English dictionary… ifyabupuba fye. Obviously ni ci Mwamba who has a docket opened – he should pray it doesn’t become a murder charge. Ci pumbavu wee!

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  3. “the infant is on life support in the Intensive Unit”
    damaged skull…I doubt the hospital will be able to afford to keep the infant on that any longer

  4. He is a coward who should be caged.A real man will not throw a brawl at his wife.It is only damn cowards who solve problems through fighting.Real men talk and reason over issues.He is a disgrace to the menfolk.

  5. Some women dont listen and just want to talk and talk and talk and talk. Actually they just insult and insult and insult you for no reason at all. This guy is a coward using a stick why??? A blow from a man is enough to pump some brains in these imbeciles.

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