Borehole registration extended

Borehole used by many people in places where there is no council provided water pipe system
Borehole used by many people in places where there is no council provided water pipe system
Borehole used by many people in places where there is no council provided water pipe system
Borehole used by many people in places where there is no council provided water pipe system

The Water Resource Management Authority (WARMA) has extended the registration date of boreholes from 30th September 2018 to 30th March 2019.

WARMA Acting Director General Lemmy Namayanga says the extension is to allow the general public to come forward and register their boreholes.Mr. Namayanga said the Authority has so far received overwhelming response from the public.He revealed that so far the authority has registered 8,693 boreholes since the beginning of the exercise.

Mr. Namayanga stated that the extension applies only to the existing boreholes while those wishing to register the sinking of new boreholes are not exempted.Mr. Namayanga has since called on the public to abide by the law and take advantage of the extension to register their boreholes or face a penalty fee of K30, 000.

Recently, the Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and environmental Protection signed three Statutory Instruments on ground water and boreholes, Licensing and drilling.


  1. These thieves what is K30,000 in dollars, that is divide by 10 as you people tell me? So
    $3000 penalty to a villager who dug his own borehole?
    Who authorize those awards at UN in New York?

    • So the government fails to make clean water accessible to citizens. Citizens (who have to survive) use their own means to find water. Government turns around and says we will charge you K30,000 for not telling us that you have found water on your own!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Instead of supply the public with city water you are just busy taxing them. Wait until you contaminate groundwater. And do say you were never warned.
      Btw, so were does the tax portion meant for public water supply go?

    • HH the thief projecting on others as “Thieves!” Nose demon, Have you just returned from Panama? Did you read the Paradise Papers! HATRIBES UTD!

  2. Its 18-22000 for borehole and u say penalty 30,000,its curse pa.zed to help pf govt solve the woes of water crisis, this is supposed to be a free service provided by warma, zed eli upside down

  3. If certain laws were enacted during someone`s memory break down bout, they better as well be scrapt off. This does does not make an iota of sense. Provide running water to all people and we will gladly pay for it.

  4. The penalty is fine…. the govt needs to establish the correct date of boreholes in each district.

    Why fail to pay a one off K244 and wait for a K30,000 penalty.

    Those of us accessing council water we are paying K283 monthly charge, hence I dont see aby reason for one to pay a one off payment of K244.

  5. Mukese kunganda kumwandi mukamona ifyo nkamichita. Nkamipilibula imbafu. Whise fault is it that new residential site come up and there are no services of any kind. No roads, No water and other service which are supposed to be provided before even people start building and when they make their own efforts to provide for themselves you come up with punitive measures to punish innocent people.
    This is taking people for granted. Please do your work responsibly and not just tempt people. One day these things will come back to you.

  6. Sharon is definitely prejudice against Tonga people. Danny you are correct, issues in this article is taxation. Water is free, water companies are only paid for use of their pipes and engineering services facilitating access to clean and safe drinking water. However, if you sink a borehole government should not tax you for access your own water.

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    My mum told me the other day that these PF corrupt dimwits have asked her to pay for the borehole she installed on her plot. Doesn’t make sense… she used her own; the council haven’t installed any running water where she lives; the borehole and the tank are on her plot, so why the h€ll does the govt want her for? I thought the govt are the ones who should be paying her and compensating her for failing to take running water to her suburb. This is cr@zy man, unbelievable!

    I told her not to pay… just because they are govt doesn’t mean they can steal and rob people in broad daylight.

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