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Students demand Government apology on deportation of Patrice Lumumba


Professor Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba
Professor Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba

The Zambia National Students Union (ZANASU) advises Government to avoid sliding into regime that may be seen by its citizenry as infringing on fundamental freedoms of expression and association by deportation of foreign nationals who share divergent views. Honourable Dora Siliya, who announced the deportation, must own up and understand that the apparent miscommunication between Eden University and Government coming from government communication apparatus is what has led to this unfortunate situation.

We believe the deportation of Professor Patrice Lumumba, a guest of our colleagues from Eden University could have been avoided if Government had engaged our affiliate University to discuss any of its concerns in his presentation on matters affecting Zambia, especially at a time when the country is experiencing high anti-Chinese propaganda. ZANASU calls for greater interface between Government and institutions of higher learning in general to avoid the repeat of what has happened in future.

What is saddening is that Government had been aware of his well-publicised visit to this country and to interacting with University students but kept quiet until Professor Lumumba was at the airport for him to be deported. While ZANASU does not subscribe to any person – whether Zambian or foreign national – to incite citizens towards xenophobic attacks against other people, whether Africans, Whites or Chinese, we believe Government should have discussed such concerns with Eden University during time the visit was being organised or publicised.

This decision by Government has robbed our local university of an initiative to mobilise resources which government does not provide to private universities but has also deeply inconvenienced the organisers of this program because they now have to begin looking for funds to pay back institutions that were involved in hosting such events as well as refunding those who bought tickets.

We would like to caution government against these decisions being made by Ministers and technocrats as they have a very high potential of creating resentment among students of their elected leaders and government. The PF should remain worried with these kind of arbitrary actions that will make it unpopular among students who resent their right to association and expression being infringed upon.

As opposed to just announcing the deportation, ZANASU demands Hon Dora Siliya as Chief Government Spokesperson must offer an unreserved apology to students from Eden University, organisers and the entire students’ fraternity for acts of its servants that have caused so much pain among students, with a potential to cause a rift between government and students, which we doubt would be beneficial for President Lungu’s administration.

Issued by:

Misheck Kakonde
Zambia National Students Union


  1. What the pf rats try to blame professor PLOs outspokeness on the west, watch the rats say he was sent to torment trouble with their paymaster generals ,the Chinese.

    As if Africans can not have a voice of their own, as if Africans can not be nationalistic….

      What possibly could you learn from Lumumba but resentment and wild emotions. Take life’s greatest lessons from Dangote, you need that enterprising spirit. I tell ya, you will only get to reprimand government for the right cause not petty issues.
      How I wish double h was like Dangote. You need more than a heart for the country and the continent to a Dangote. Sheer geniusness. It’s incredibly a misconception and a miscalcution of the greatest order to invite a talker than a skills imparted.

  2. What do you expect? Our politicians are little bitter boys and girls not mature enough to understand political etiquette and diplomacy. They rule by the hand and not by the mind.

    • Does it occur to anyone that this is the criminal offence of abuse of sithority of office someone will pay for this one day…

    • Continue working in the Ibala HH was working in when he gathered the money he took to Panama. Does it occur to you that HH stealing privatization money was a criminal offence of abuse of authority of office? One day someone will pay for this.

  3. LUNGU-MUST-GO. Dont waste time asking for apology. Honestly how can an African block prof.Lumumba


  4. LUNGU-MUST-GO. Dont waste time asking for apology.

    Prof Lumumba the equivalent of Nkwame Nkhuruma of the modern and he is greater than all Zambian politicians put together.

    PF has cast a dark history mark of this country. Its a curse. Prof will enter Africa history books like Mandela. What will lungu or hh be remembered for?

    Hh must apologize to Guy Scot who tried everything to block this president. Scott is NOT Muzungu opusa according hh.

  5. The problem is EDEN INSTITUTE has full of UPND influence. Even students are forced to undertake SDA principles.whether they like it or not.
    The second problem is that UPND , is the political party that rightly enjoys tribalism. Those who have opportunities to attend education at Eden institute will agree with me.
    The invitation of Pro- Lumumba was purely political organized in the name of Eden-tonga- institute.

    • For your information, the CEO and Founder of Eden University is a Mr Kaunda, a staunch PF zealot and currently counselor on PF Ticket in Zingalume. Just because the University is affiliated to Rusangu does not make Eden a UPND influenced university. Prof Sepell is the Chancellor and a Kenyan Prof Mutinga Vice Chancellor. What are you tapping about? Just admit that you have grossly miscalculated on this one (like in most other issues).

  6. Ba Kasukula, inviting Prof Lumumba was a nice idea but you invited him at the wrong time with the anti Chinese agenda some people have been peddling. Secondly, entering any foreign country is a privilege and not a right.

  7. Kofi. A a human trafficking Lumba dancer was given red carpet by Rusambo bawman, the cream of PF.

    Here comes a pan African intellectual and he cant be allowed to set foot.

    This country doesn’t belong to lungu and his cabinet. Its not for PF to apply PARENTAL GUIDANCE on us.

    Honestly how can DOLLAR decide for us who we should listen to. Lungu has failed to address us live at press conference on Chinese concerns. Let those that can talk on this matter be allowed.

    We voted for thse guys and we hold the power. Power is our hands

    • I never even looked at it like that,but it is true Lungu is scared of addtrssing the nation now he is chasing those that want to address us.HH also take advantage of the vacuum hold a press conference we are dying for someone to address us…

  8. Everyone is using the Chinese as scapegoat. Lumumba doesn’t blame the Chinese but he blames our failures on the lack of properly proven African leadership. We have clueless leaders in Africa lost in their own mental poverty. Democracy is good when you are endowed with critical thinkers, disciplined and cultured citizens who compete in exerlence and love and celebrate their own cultural achievements. It is not for the silent and scared dimwits crying out for help from all over the world. It is for people who don’t tolerate corruption.
    A people who are willing to die for their own beliefs, people who are able to spot the enemy whether within or from outside.
    We as Zambia do not qualify on any of the above.
    We cannot even bring in the issue of freedoms. ..

  9. Freedom of speech is sacred and its a constitutional right.Only insecure regimes like Lungu’s Zambia which are fearful of tough truths always hide behind the euphemism of “national security” .

  10. It’s useless to ask the Piffle to apologise, the Piffle doesn’t regret doing anything. They are in cloud 9, the time Piffle will be sorry is when they will find they’ve lost power. They won’t believe what will hit them. My prayer is that they leave peacefully without causing severe damage to our lives and property

  11. This would not have happened when Dr. Kaunda was republican president. He embraced all advocates of African liberation accross the continent and that’s the example all governments of the day should follow. Zambia has never been an enemy of freedom fighters but has rather been on the frontline itself to defend the cause of oppressed Africans whenever it was required.

  12. PF should have the balls to stand-up to critical thinkers.
    Attend fairly to critics as allowed Demo at Budget Speech.
    Cowardly deportations do not help matters.

    • Critical thinkers ought to produce nice fruits. Lumumba is in the golden days era. He is to big for your hears, trust me student.

  13. @Fwebene why calling me I.d.i.o.t ?
    I know that people like you hate truth.
    I repeat Eden institute is a local campus founded by seventh day Adventist (SDA) .They provides, health, educational and religious studies.
    It’s founded west of national heroes stadium, 4 km away.
    In 2003 Mwanawasa almost disbanded the institute.
    This time around the institute is 90% UPND influence. No wonder they invited Pro Lumumba to speak about Zambia-China bilateral relations and Students are converted in Adventist beliefs.
    The reason why the students from other faiths goes there, it’s because the institute is working hand in hand with NGOS who help vulnerable students.

    • @Mr P
      Thanks for that piece. Vital piece. No wonder.
      But who are The Zambia National Students Union (ZANASU).
      I have never head of this grouping, daring the Government.
      Have they staged any protest to be considered irrational.
      More data please.

    • Reminder: Freedom of choice and association is enshrined in our Constitution. Not all Adventists are UPND members. Please check your facts before you say something. Take time also to listen to Professor Lumumba who is not criticizing China but urging our leaders to behave like the Chinesewhen doing business. Let us wake up and emulate our very hard working friends from China. We can do it, all we need is a change of mind.

  14. if u are giving good advice to the African leader,they we hate including there followers, because in Africa they believe that good advice does not given in public

  15. Mwanakatwe delivered her 86.8-billion kwacha ($7.1 billion) budget in the Parliament, saying that roughly 25 percent of this budget, or $2 billion, will be financed through external borrowing. The kwacha, Zambia’s national currency, dropped 16.7 percent against its major peers this month alone, becoming the worst performing global currency during the period.

    Sputnik news agency.

    • When the kwacha losses value you quickly embraces the news and start rejoicing but when it gains you say its fake news. You see thats the reason people dont take you seriously. Its not advantageous for you to always condemn for the sake of it. Give praise where its due sometimes. By the way stop practicing trabalism

  16. Lungu is in company with insecure rulers like Kim Jong Un, Al Bashir ,Iranian Mullahs etc ..those are the ones who’d be scared to have PLO Lumumba coming to give a speech.

  17. Freedom of expression and association is a big threat to the PF. I’ve never witness a government as unease as the current one. They’re eager to appease those gullible enough to fall for their politicking and quick to shut down those who seek enlightenment or wisdom.

  18. Prof Lumumba & his smart ass rhetoric! He has failed to make political sense in his country and students want him to come and masturbate their minds- GRZ did well because this man is a loose canon without a care of what his verbal diarrhoea does to his audience- let him stick to his boundaries!

  19. its just disgusting that Zambians in their rightful senses can allow a foreigner to come and talk $hit about current govt policy.
    That is why govt has every right to say NO THANK YOU.
    Let the Zambians advocating for freedom of speech make an announcement that they are going to South Africa,Botswana,Malawi or even Zim to talk rubbish about govt policies in those countries.Will see what will happen.

  20. Ba PF lack intelligence. The prof. Can easily cut a video and post it viral.

    You can’t suppress human ideas. They thought they would close membes POST. Doesn’t Lungu and kambwili feel embarrassed.

    Soon the MAST will be the only paper covering lungu as be begins to frequent woodlands police. All the cowardly hynas surrounding him they will desert him. Even to ma Daily Mail will star calling him a corrupt former president

    • That is nonsense. Kindly concentrate on your studies. Next time call renowned entrepreneurs to inculcate the spirit of business in you. Govt will be very happy with that.

  21. If he (the so called Prof) was sent away or deported from America all these rantings would not have been going on. This is a fundamental question on why we Africans are still under chains. Why should Lungu Go as some are ranting for deporting a person who has not contributed anything to the well being of our nation other than talking ill of it. Prof. Lumumba’s new job as a lawyer is to talk yes you heard me to just talk. One thing colonialism has taught us as the colonised is patriotism. We know we have plural politics in Zambia like elsewhere but we must learn to see beyond the forest.

  22. Thank you all for your concerns about what happened. I know that you were concerned about money which is nothing when compared to national security. Why should foreigners dictate what our national values should be? This is good Dora, people who think they can champion their agendas here in Zambia must think again. We need to bring people who should promote peace among students and not those whose agendas are questionable. Universities are not political arenas rather they’re there to provide knowledge which should be used for the development of the nation. You students must be aware of your responsibilities when you are at this institution. Never use the institution to gain a political mirage. From you we expect a Zambian university which will inspire more young people to take up studies…

  23. Very sober statement from Students Union. I think Govt really owes students an apology. Govt intention of stopping him should have been made known much earlier

  24. We have very few acclaimed Professors who are Zambian and if indeed your intention was to bring a professor for a noble cause then you should have called on Ndulo, Hansungule, Mwenda, Hamalengwa to name a few etc. Why call an outsider aren’t our own world acknowledged lawyers not good enough? I mean if one can hold a chair at Cornell, A human rights seat at Pretoria University and Work at the World Bank or own a law firm in Canada…whilst lecturing at well reknowned universities; why not call on one of them???? When will be start respecting our own? Unless they critique GRZ is that when they are to be remembered or what?

  25. I will not take my child to this so called Eden University of demons. It is for grade 12 failures.Why Eden with all these universities in Zambia. Cant never!!!

  26. It seems these students are two years behind. Zambia is a dictatorship you stuppid students. Who is your adviser? Lungu? Wake up and start the fight. You have no zambia, you have Lungu now as your country. You are literally living how Lungu feels and thinks.

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