Thursday, May 30, 2024

Court adjourns US 42 million dollars fire truck case due to the absence of witnesses.


Fire Truck
Fire Truck

The case in which Party president for the Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP), Sean E. Tembo is jointly charged with Civil Activist Laura Miti, Musician Fumba Chama commonly known as Pilato and others for disobeying lawful orders has fallen a seat back.

The accused were arrested for allegedly protesting against the procurement of 42 fire trucks which were procured at a total cost of 42,million US Dollars.

The Matter which was coming up for continued trial before Principal Resident Mwaka Mikalile has been adjourned to November 19 because the state have failed to avail their remaining two witnesses.

This came to light after state prosecutor Denis Manda made an application for an adjournment to enable him bring his witnesses before the court

Magistrate Mikalile has granted the state their application and adjourned the matter to November 19 for continuation of trial


  1. Doesn’t Lungu sell Scanias in Zambia? Who has the papers for the purchase of these trucks? Why can’t Lungu just do the right thing and come out in the open and say he did it with another thief from Eastern Province? These thieves are creating poverty in zambia. Hospitals have nothing inside apart from beds and nurses to watch you die. Easterners are stealing to your death.

    • Stop calling Edgar a thief please. Watching men sleeping with your wife every other night, doesn’t make you an adulter.
      The thing is what can he do to all these who rappe the “she” Zambia of money?Some of you even call it “mother Zambia”.

  2. you dont need a witness in the fire truck case.They can never cost a milion dollars a piece.Never.We all know this.The only problem we have in zambia is that we are just too vocal for nothing.Educated brothers ,Lawyers Judges,Can you take charge and make sure culprits are brought to book.

  3. Very bad sentiment.
    Deportations against international norms
    National asset being put down as collateral
    Unlawful or tramp up arrests that are later quashed as nolle
    Kangaroo constitutional court
    Carder violence
    Untold corrupt practices at all levels.
    The list goes on

  4. The case of the 42 wheel barrows, the people being prosecuted are the wrong people, the pompwes that stole the money are free and that is what we call democracy, what a bloody joke. Ichidoli mu plot one chalilyako indalama

  5. The case of the 42 wheel barrow’s, the wrong people r being prosecuted while the chaps that stole the money r actually free,is this what we call democracy. We ECL eat some of this money, there is no way he didn’t know

  6. The problem lies with entire system. The rich and corrupt will bribe their way through everything whether right or wrong. We have seen the winners of this tender showing his pride with his new house and new cars

  7. Difficulty can you comment on the Complainant. Why when some one complains of the truth, he is arrested or thrown down and we call Zambia respects rule of law. it is not rule of law but rule of lawlessness. Can a devil say the truth?

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