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Lusambo calls for patriotism among Zambians


Lusaka Province Minister , Bowman Lusambo with his acting Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary, Edith Muwana during a press briefing at his office
Lusaka Province Minister , Bowman Lusambo with his acting Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary, Edith Muwana during a press briefing at his office

Lusaka Province Minister, Bowman Lusambo says Zambia will continue to strengthen and value the historical relationship with China.

Mr. Lusambo said Zambia and Lusaka Province in particular have a lot to gain from China in line with development.

He said it is based on the historical relationship and mutual respect that led Lusaka Province to twin with Sichuan Province of China.

Mr. Lusambo was speaking today in Lusaka when he briefed the media on a number of developmental issues that the Lusaka Province learnt from Sichuan Province following his recent visit to China.

The Provincial Minister was invited to attend the 17th Western China International Fair by the leadership of the Sichuan Province.

He reiterated that Lusaka Province wants to woe investment in Agriculture and aquaculture in Rufunsa district and tourism in Luangwa and Chirundu districts respectively.

Mr. Lusambo urged Zambians to partner with the Chinese people to learn how they can grow their businesses rather than just criticising them.

He called on Zambians to be patriotic and seek for opportunities on how they can add value to the development of Zambia.

Mr. Lusambo advised the people of Zambia to be innovative and avoid the lazier faire spirit.

Lusaka Province Minister , Bowman Lusambo with his acting Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary, Edith Muwana during a press briefing at his office
Lusaka Province Minister , Bowman Lusambo with his acting Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary, Edith Muwana during a press briefing at his office


  1. Lusambo what did you come with from China? And why have you not taken up your unofficial role of government timekeeper since you came.

    • Lusambo… think about what you have done for Zambia and then think of yourself again if you are in a position to let that word Patritism come out of your mouth.

      Enrichment of yourself with public money is not Patriotism Lusambo. Just seat and keep eating… iikala panshi, you will be held accountable.

      Enjoy whilst you can mwana.

    • HH is thinking about what Zambia has done for him and he still wants more! Enriching himself. Hell NO! Once bitten twice shy! Afuna kukuritsa ziko.

      See Lusambo, when you’re pointing 1 finger at the people of the Zambian Enterprise, 4 more are pointing back atcha. Zambians be innovative, Zambians be hardworking, Zambians be patriotic, Zambians this and that.
      Everything begins with Government. When people trust the Government then put across the statement ” And so, my fellow Zambians: ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.” Ask the Chineese Government. They said to themselves enough is enough to their poverty and organized every citizen to a common country goal. Sent their people abroad to learn and to acquire knowledge and spy on…

    • … various endeavours of life in the diaspora not to go an impregnate the bazungus like like lilo and jay jay. When they got learned, the Chineese got back home, they got to reproduce copyrighted products and they got better each time.
      Who do you think will help your people learn how to build long lasting roads and bridges. Government is number one cesspoo of non innovative and productive characters. The opposition is also a lazy set of tired stooges.
      Government need to draw up programs for all the citizens so that they can feel the awakening into entrepreneurship not the trend where government officials go into it for the money.

    • My impression now is that Lungu’s gang seem to have very low education. Not only do they seem to lack critical judgement, they also think that we’re kids who should be told what to do. When we criticize we do so from a position of knowledge. Historical Chinese relationship with Zambia is an empty mantra that means nothing today. Just because the Chinese helped build Tazara in the 1970s doesn’t mean that we let them take over the country today. The Chinese are shooting innocent Zambians, selling guns, selling land, illegally training Zambians how to use firearms, and much more. You Mr. minister please know that a Zambian can never do these things in China. Chinese authorities would immediately sentence him to death if he tried to do these things. So the question is, why are you…

    • … letting the Chinese overrun the country, disobey Zambian laws with impunity, etc ? Is that what you call mutual relationship with China? And patriotism does not mean supporting the political party in power, even if it’s corrupt. Patriotism means choosing to defend the country from it’s enemies, both domestic and foreign. Shame on you.

    • Lie Detector, the cabinet is 14 grade 12, 2 Masters, 1 PhD and 12 bachelors. If you add Provincial ministers, that is 24 grade 12. Kanshi bwafya.

    • Just shows how naive he is. Follow Prof Lumumba’s presentations and other reports about your trusted friends. As you talk Chinese operatives are allegedly conducted clandestine snooping on major US companies by inserting “malicious chips” into the widely used Supermicro motherboards, Bloomberg has discovered.
      Through several steps in the supply chain, Supermicro motherboards have ended up being used in the servers of US companies, notably Amazon and Apple, though the latter severed its ties with the component supplier in 2016.
      According to the in-depth report, three “senior insiders at Apple” said that in summer 2015, the company found the spying chips on the Supermicro motherboards it uses.

  2. I bet he knows not what ‘patriotism’ really means. How is supporting Zambia-China relations patriotism? He thinks patriotism is belonging to and supporting the PF.
    For your sake Hon. Lusambo incase you read this, ‘Patriotism is when one defends their country from the govt’. As you know govts change hands. Our country will survive as long as we defend it from greed, corrupt and selfish politicians that are part of which ever govt. The PF on the other hand can’t outlive our country, unless, they secretly finish selling the country off first. Do I need to remind you on how you pledged loyalty to ECL than country. In your own words, you termed yourself as “the number one bootlicker”.
    Any patriotic man/woman or child will find hard trust anyone who pledges loyalty to a mortal.

  3. Patriots criticize, I do not think minister Lusambo knows the meaning of the word Patriotism. The Chinese are from far far away. Zambians questioning everything is what democracy is made of.

  4. We can look at Lusambo here & debate “is he a patriot, is he not”?
    LUSAMBO IS A PRODUCT OF THIEVING NON -PATRIOTIC JONATHAN, & a reflection of Ba Jona’s moral values, of embezzing from the vulnerable – remember the Widow??

  5. Should start with you Bowman. Suddenly your family is rich enough to fund building of schools etc. Amass K1,000 from unknown sources and donate K300, you call that patriotism?

  6. I admit that I have no time for this “minister”. What Lungu sees in that thing I don’t know. Maybe a chola boy?

  7. It is true, there is a lot we can learn and benefit from China; and the rest of the developed world. The problem is our IMMIGRATION policy! We have opened the door to every Jim & Jack claiming to have a few dollars. The Chinese are conspicuous because they are trading openly. Europeans have entrenched themselves in rich remote areas of our country and have been busy plundering for ages without you noticing; and have actually done more harm than the Chinese.

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