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Human rights violation at mines in Chingola should stop-Activist


Copperbelt based Human Rights Activist Zebbies Mumba says the abuse of human rights at a mining company in Chingola should stop.

ZNBC television during its Saturday evening main news aired a story which exhibited labor rights violation captured and circulated on Social Media where a supervisor in a mine in Chingola is physically assaulting a worker.

Reacting to the alleged abuse of human rights, Mumba says the act is ancient, barbaric and an assault to the Zambian people in general and the president of the republic of Zambia in particular whose government policy has in good faith continued to embrace multinational investment in the mining sector.

He says the act should be condemned by all other well-meaning investors and Zambians.

Mumba said this blatant violation of worker’s rights is regrettable and should be stopped immediately.

“As a country, these are the elements that are not supposed to be experienced because our independence was fought in order for us to “ Stand and sing of Zambia Proud and Free, (in this) land of Work and Joy in Unity” It is very demeaning to me as a Zambian to see on the VIRAL Clip that was beamed that was on the National Media (ZNBC) where at a name-held mine in Chingola, a worker was being physically assaulted by his superior of a foreign origin for whatever reasons.”

“It is unacceptable for Zambia’s doors to remain open to such investor staff that have no regard for the dignity and human rights of the citizens of Zambia. We should take this as a wake-up call that all is not well with those that are managing their investments in Zambia and it is high time the Ministry of mines and government sweeps through this sector to restore sanity and protect Zambians from this barbaric mentality of foreign nationals that have no regard for our labour laws and the dignity of their own workers,” he said.

Mumba said such hostile and cruelty should not emerge in organized society of this age and era and if this is what investors are exercising widely, Zambians should rise to the occasion and expose the perpetrators without fear by reporting to relevant institutions.

“This is the only country we call our own and we should not be ill-treated in our own land”. Where we commit an offence, there are sufficient pieces of legislations that are capable to resolve any dispute in the land and we do not go physical because we are an organized society”. Let the investors not take us backwards to the Iron Age mining where the rule of law never existed and our forefathers suffered humiliation and degradation at the hands of their bosses. This inhuman practice should be condemned and halted in each and every sector that it is being perpetuated,” Mumba said.


  1. PF have sold you to the Chinese and Indians….Just come to terms with the fact that you don’t own Zambia and these foreigners can do as they pleas….

    • Supervisor slapping me?? That mine would collupse, because I can beat the shiit out of him. But you Christians are so tolerant.

    • When you have leaders whose only interest is themselves, surrounded by hysterical, self promoting boot kickers, this is what happens. In your own country, you will be treated like animals by foreigners. Why? Because your leaders are corrupt and have received bribes from these foreigners, and so they are powerless to do anything…or to be more accurate, they don’t care. They have their luxurious lives. as to cares if a few poor zambians are mistreated or die?

    • Zambia is doomed. The foreigners have seen that the Zambian government is no longer interested in protecting their own people. You’re on your own now. Corrupt clueless Lungu cares only about his own interests now. That foreigner should immediately be arrested and charged with assault, jailed and then deported upon release from prison. But we all know that that won’t happen. If the foreigners are not shooting Zambians for target practice, they are beating them with blows, kicks and everything. And there’s no one to protect them because the country has been handed over to foreigners. What a tragedy.

  2. The other dunnda head comes from being bribed in China and wants the Chinese to make their own trading town were even Chinese street hawkers are allowed ?

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