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President Lungu calls for cooperation among SADC, UN and AU, as summit closes in Kampala


President Edgar Lungu talks to Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja upon arrival Monday night from Kampala, Uganda

The 9th Summit of Regional Oversight Mechanism of Peace, Security and Cooperation Framework for DRC and the region which opened in Kampala has closed.

The closure of the meeting saw host President, Yoweri Museveni, assuming the chairmanship of the Framework from his Congo Brazzaville counterpart, Denis Sasongweso, who ran the organization since last year.

In his maiden address to the Framework, President Museveni said time had come for Africans to lead a prosperous life.Mr Museveni, however, said prosperity can only come with peace among Africans hence the need to end internal conflicts.

President Edgar Lungu was among Heads of State and Government who attended the meeting and addressed the delegates in his capacity as SADC chairperson of the organ for politics, peace and security.

In his address, President Lungu assured delegates from the SADC and Great Lakes regions that SADC was committed to ensuring that peace was restored in the DRC.He called for serious cooperation among SADC, the UN and AU to facilitate the end of the conflict in the DRC and other countries in the Great Lakes.

President Lungu has since left for Zambia.

He left Entebbe international airport at about 18:35 hours local time.


    • Hysterical ill informed students! If these are the future leaders then Zambia is not progressing to anything. These rioting thugs will breed more rioting thugs who will go on to perpetuate domestic violence because they are used to obtaining things through brutal force. When they don’t find Nshima at home they beat up the family.

      ELC must not be swayed by dunderhead UNZA pupils. Close the dam.n thing, we are fed up and sick of being sick and tired of these marauding knuckleheads

    • HH is the biggest thief we have had. He has money in Tax Haven. What he doesn’t know is that they will be waiting for him to die so that his (our Zambian) money will die too. But he is too CHILDISH like most other African Dictators who are involved in money laundering. If the money was “clean” why is it not in ZANACO?

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      The regulator of insusruance industry on 3rf October to increase premium by 31 Decembrr failing which it will prosecute their shareholders, directors and management.
      The regulator, Pensions and Insurance Authority, issued a circular to this effect.

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      Motorist beware!

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    • Lazy bum illiterate tribal hooligan bully online Mapatizya Formula UPND Chair and son of a tribal polygamist father who never trained him in toilet manners pooping in public HAGAIN! The good news is that it is UNELECTABLE and a TRIBALIST that will only manage to be a Paramount Chief of the Namwala people. Someone with a diaper give HATRIBES Gay Jay one, please.

    • @OVAL HEAD it seems you have had something to gain so keep flattering him as corruption takes an integrated growth. Corruption itches me, and if corruption is soothing you, then take advantage of him! We never voted for HIM to pothole our economy.

    • It is UNELECTABLE and will NEVER be like the smart President who is developing this country as he is doing. Tonga’s Tribalism will NEVER put UNDER FIVE in power, it only helps to alienate all sane people from CHILDISH.

  1. Lungu please go to the house of the funeral for UNZA student though they chased away your minister. Donot forget your are ba teka ba Zambia. Already watch your space and your political enemies. So far HH is slowly beating you 2021 is not far!!!!!!!!!!!!!! words of wisdom

    • Our humble leader seems not to care about the death of the student, he even joked and laughed when questioned about the death at the airport.

    • HH the Privatisation Thief and Money Laundering girl will NEVER be elected in Zambia because she is a leader of the COALITION OF THE WICKED. She also practices THREE MANSIONS and is afraid of prayers because the dark person who is in her.

    • Zambia was a beacon of peace before the fraud convict came into the political arena…..

      Who is the fraud convict ….

      A) HH
      B) GBM
      C) LUNGU

    • Who is the Privatization Thief, Inside Trading Queen and Money Launderer to Panama?
      a. GBM
      b. Lungu
      c. Hakainde Mental.

  2. My humble President, the Great leader, the man chosen by God to lead this Great nation, please hold a Press conference, where you can explain to the Zambian people what plans you have for mother Zambia.

    • As HH to give a plan of his Animo Farm and how much dung has been produced so far in the TRIBAL H-ORGANISATION of his – UPND.

  3. He does not make statements on corporation amongst zambians,or the spearheading of dialogue between political players, yet he is trying to portray a statesmans posture to the outsideworld what a worst of time and resources.
    If we zambians where serious we should have chained him to his seat and demanded he adresses the nation via a press conference and takes questions on issues such as;
    *Ndola lusaka highway
    *Police brutality
    *Incompitent executive/judiciary/ACC
    *The list is very long.

    • BOZO, those are my frustrations as well, the man can’t take questions so he uses Amos and Dora Siliya, it is so sad. I miss the KK days where he held press conferences, I remember one where he called a journalist stupid Zambian sit down, even FTJ had very interesting ones, but this great leader feels he is answerable to no one but the Chinese.

  4. Unza students are the dullest schoolers,please check don’t even need called future leaders.

    • @kelvin if u have been at UNZA you will realize that there has been a regular feature of demonstrations and protests …if you like ask Chagwa himself if there was none when he was at UNZA. Albeit he even participated in some of the Vivas …having seen Dora at Campus she should also know better the Vivas that happened while she was there. And now these people are your leaders. Maybe going by your comments it is understandable why we are failing in almost all spheres as a Nation except in corruption.

    • Sharon Sharon ….

      Who is the fraud convict who was debarred….?

      A) HH
      B) GBM
      C) LUNGU

      If you get this right you deserve a man….

    • BoSpakata, BoSpakata
      Who has the money in Tax Haven of Panama and is a leader of a Tonga Tribalism group? (Free Ticket to Namwala if you get it correct)

      A. Lungu
      B. Hakainde Mental
      C. Mutinta
      D. Charmaine.

  5. Titus musankwa please note that The Republican President as his ministers to represent him so don’t gain political mileage like Nevers Mumba said on a lost life .

  6. Angoni, then he should have sent a minister to this meeting which is just the same thing. This is serious issue it’s better to gain political mileage than appear like I don’t care we get from ECL. Tell the president he is alienating him from people who voted for him and if he continues he is going to be replaced. How can you have a president who doesn’t care about his people, what happens when we get a major catastrophe is he going to chose flying somewhere and abandon us.

  7. Who is this so-called insensitive and a failure in any analysis called ‘Nubian Princess’? Are you a disgruntled UNZA failure or someone who is so frustrated with life that the only way you feel better is by being a despicable human being? Perpetually anti-student and failing to reason on so many matters here. You and the likes of ‘Sharon’ need serious help. But first admit to the same and you will hopefully be attended to.

  8. This crop of African leaders don’t even understand the underlying causes of the strife in the DRC – nor the external forces that have helped perpetuate the massacres, the collusion and the control of resources at play. That is why they end up issuing hollow statements about ‘cooperation and peace’. What is the actual ‘blueprint’ you have agreed on and the action you are going to take to ensure peace returns to the DRC? Are you going to confront and expose all the foreign mercenaries? Are you going to present thought out practical solutions at a global forum? What next, after this latest meeting?

    • The tin pot dictators only meet to talk about future talks about a future road map that will be discussed when they meet to iron out particulars of a workable solution for when they meet……to try to implement minutes of future meetings on conflicts in the region….

  9. Every time they meet cooperation, cooperation, cooperation, cooperation All the resources spent just talk about cooperation.

    Keep your discussion a secret we have The WORLD Factbook we can learn a lot from there.

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