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Government indefinitely closes the Natural Resources Development College in Lusaka


Government has with immediate effect indefinitely closed the Natural Resources Development College in Lusaka.

This was after students protested over a new progression system introduced by the college management which prevents students from progressing if they fail one course.

The students fought with Police Officers deployed to restore order at the institution demanding that the decision be reversed with immediate effect.

Zambia National Students Union President Misheck Kakonde confirmed the development saying that the new system entails that students who fail in one course will not be allowed to proceed to the next level of the course.

Government is yet to issue a statement on the matter.

The closure of the College comes barely two weeks after the University of Zambia students rioted over unpaid allowances leaving one student dead.





  1. Retrogressive new system introduced by management. So student have to repeat like its grade 7?….come on.

    • Protests are normal and allowed everywhere. PF where are you taking us? and how long are we going to be oppressed in our own country.

    • Bring in the Chinese to come and run NRDC. And just what happened to the story that the Chinese bought NRDC. So which NRDC has been closed? is it the same Chinese one or what?

    • So if a Student fails it’s the govt’s fault? If management anywhere does something you don’t agree with it’s the party in power to blame?

      Zambians when are we going to take responsibility for our own failures, and attribute responsibility to specific managers (people employed to run affairs) instead of generalizing everything to the occupant of Plot 1?

      This Big Man syndrom is the reason we’re performing poorly in all sectors, as we wait for the mighty occupant of Plot 1 to do everything for us….

    • This is college folks. Where on Earth are students allowed to progress when they fail a class/course? Here in the U.S. at most, if not all colleges, the system is that you are given a certain number of times to repeat/retake the class/course if you fail (at my former College/University, it was twice) and the grade you get after that sticks and it will affect your GPA (Grade Point Average) either positively or negatively. Which in turn affects your graduation.

      Too LOW a GPA and you will NOT graduate (i.e. not be given a diploma or degree.) The only remind at this point is to find extra “MAKE UP CLASSES/COURSES” to pull up your grade/GPA for you to graduate. And in most cases this means spending more time (even years) in school/college. Probably at this time, your scholarship or…

    • Continue….

      financial aid (Govt assistance) will have run out and you have to pay out of your own pocket. Which can be prohibitively expensive to a lot of students. This is the reason why students here are serious with their college schooling. The moment you start college, the clock is sticking. Especially if you are on Govt assistance or scholarship….no bullsh*#ting around!

    • The dogs have come to zambia and taken over. Zambia used to he such a beautiful country. Now its only appealing to foreigners

  2. Morons they have failed to come up with credible ways of making money now they want to start milking dead carcasses’. They will make sure only a few pass so that students keep repeating and pay fees 100 times. This is what we call reverse economics, there should progression in learning and not these misguided illusionary thinking. Keep rioting baiche PF is up to no good. They came for loans now they have introduced this gibberish.

  3. Retrogressive indeed. Studens can proceed wile repeating the failed course kwasila. These guys are just something else. Just wait for a PF cadre or even Minister for that matter saying no its HH who met the students and told them to refuse. Blame games at their worst. Its just a disaster waiting to explode. The governentt just has no money to keep the students in school and cooked a lame excuse here. Just where do lecturers come up with such marubbish. Even some of them are known course repeaters at UNZA and no one chased them.
    Disaster PF!!!!

  4. By the time the students realize AVIC the new owners of the land will be demolishing the school in preparation for building China Town. But do worry, they college is just being relocated. The chinese very soon will be building the school of education to relocate that riotous school at UNZA and will be called a college.

  5. We don’t want half baked graduates. Stop drinking chibuku and concentrate on your studies, clear your courses and then progress! That is the problem with students nowadays. You kids have it very easy nowadays as compared to how college life was in our times but you still want the colleges to bend to suit you.

    • during your time college was free, jobs were plentiful and life was cheaper. Now you want to put your problems you had on top of the ones pertaining today and think you are building the cream? Education is about increasing an individuals usefulness not rendering some unable to continue with archaic rules, repeats cost money dadi. Let them just expand capacity if they need more revenue.

  6. A way of saving money and avoiding student unrest. Money has been spent on a $400m Presidential jet, while Zambian children are learning in thatched houses, civil servants are not being paid on time, student are not being paid on time.

  7. Too much indiscipline among the students. Did they even seek audience with administration through their representatives? Why resorting to ‘mposa mabwe’ whenever you disagree? It means you can’t sustain reasonable exchange of ideas with someone for a long time hence resorting to violence.

  8. Its long overdue. If you can fail a course at a college like NRDC, it simply means you aint serious with yourself. This new standard must be extended to UNZA main campus and Kitwe campsu so that only serious students who know why they are there will get their degrees.
    College and University education must be take very seriously and those that think its a play ground or political spring board must pave way for others. The closure is very welcome so that these chaps can go and reflect.

  9. They should have followed the correct channels with their grievances not just riot, this you can not blame on the counties leadership or the collages leadership , these kids need to learn how to be mature on the way they handle such situations you cant just be throwing stones for everything.

  10. NRDC open for Chinese students applications available for January 2019priority will be given to chinamen first Zambians apply cautiously

  11. In the UK if you fail you can not progress but you are given an option to retake the module…I think this govt is just taking this opportunity to save costs and move AVIC in ..this is govt feel with grade 9s and an educated foooool in the name of Luo.

  12. A student fails one course and is excluded! How far is this country going in terms of wrong things being done day in, day out? Give people second chances please. People failing to realize their dreams over one course? No, let’s be serious as a nation

  13. The government means well for these students, why should one progress with over loads and even fail to pass say with distinction , merit and so on and so forth? From what i get, the institution wants to get the best students to progress with their studies other than those who go there just to play and just drink Chibuku in Mtendere east! “PROGRESS AND REPEAT FOR WHAT’? These same students are busy eating the Tax payers money and some of you dull chaps want to support that! Shame on you ALL!
    VIVA NRDC management ABASH students…………

  14. Eeeeh U have failed a course why do u want to proceed? That’s we have useless UNZA Engineers who can’t even design a simple road net works. ..IT degree holders who know nothing about fibre internet and simple internet structures. Any one who fails must not be allowed to proceed . You went their to.pass not to have arrears.

  15. Congratulations to all the lectures at NRDC for taking such a good decision, these students who are complaining are lazy and foolish. As an NRDC graduate I went through the same system which promoted hard work and dedication.
    Just work hard and stop this stupid behavior protest reasonable things like, poor sanitation
    Now there are introduce the old system, you will know why it’s called chifwani!

  16. They were just looking for an excuse to shut down the college for a while to give the Avic people chance to move in an assess and prepare drawings on what they are going to do to the college when they finally take control. Once the avic guys have taken their measurements then the college will open again until of course finally the other so called campus is ready.

  17. If you fail one course, as opposed to say two, you should be allowed to proceed on the basis that you resit the failed course. This happens in a lot of institutions and used to be the case at UNZA. The issue was when you failed two courses, when you may then have either been required to re-do the whole year depending on the circumstances or be excluded. Failing one course in itself is not an indication that you are incapable. There are so many factors that can affect intelligent students in their lives and cause them to stumble in their studies.

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