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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Small-scale precious stones miners praise President Edgar Lungu’s leadership

Economy Small-scale precious stones miners praise President Edgar Lungu’s leadership

Emeralds from the Kagem mine in Zambia’s Lufwanyama District.

The Emerald and Semi-Precious Stones Mining Association of Zambia (ESMAZ) has saluted President Edgar Lungu for the manner the he is managing affairs of the country as head of state.

Association President Victor Kalesha said in a statement availed to ZANIS President Edgar Lungu deserves credit for being running an open door policy governance system.

Mr. Kalesha said the Head should ensure that all ministers, permanent secretaries, district commissioners, mayors and all other senior government officers emulate his leadership style.

He said the President has been engaging different stakeholders at all levels, ranging from the general citizenry, investors among others just to get views on his mammoth developmental agenda of the nation.

“Most of the ministers and many other senior government officials from the Permanent Secretary down to some District Commissioners are not forcefully following up on issues.

“We obviously have a few ministers and senior government officials that engage stakeholders in their respective ministries and we see a lot of progress yet others are stuck due to lack of engagement with stakeholders and these are ones that are a danger to the developmental agenda of the nation,” Mr. Kalesha said.

The ESMAZ leader said regardless of numerous attacks and name calling from his critics, President Lungu’s palms has opened to embrace anyone willing to share ideas on how the nation should be developed.

Mr. Kalesha has also called on the Head of State to consider introducing a desk specifically for small scale miners at the ministry of mines, further stressing that the sector received less if no attention from government with regards to small scale mining in the country.

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  1. A report by a UK based Mining Consultant outlining the way forward for small-scale mining in Zambia is with:
    The President
    Minister of Finance
    Secretary to the Cabinet, and
    Lusaka minister
    So far, noone has shown interest

  2. Show us the money not just empty praise. Has the industry grown and by how much. How many jobs have you created, it’s okay being critical and nothing wrong with it. After all it’s us the people who pay the higher price if the president is not working.

  3. So you are busy praising him in the hope that he creates a desk for small scale miners at state house where you can also partake in the plunder.You are hopeless let’s hope your members vote you out in the next AGM.

  4. Have the chemicals that u use to clean stones gone to your dull brains, Pompwe uyu ati good leader, this lowlife is the worst president on earth, even if he went to MARS he wil still be the worst of the worst presidents in the universe, I mean ni chi dander head ichi

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