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Sean Tembo warns Dora Siliya to testify in the Eswatini case

Headlines Sean Tembo warns Dora Siliya to testify in the Eswatini case

Dora Siliya
Dora Siliya

Patriots for Economic Progress Party Leader Sean Tembo has requested the Minister of Information and Broadcasting Dora Siliya to attend trial and testify before the full bench of the Constitutional Court on November 13 November or she will be compelled to testify through a subpoena.

This in the case in which Mr Tembo sued the Attorney General Likando Kalaluka seeking for a declaration that President Edgar Lungu violated the constitution when he allegedly accepted a gift of land from King Mswati of Eswatini formerly Swaziland in his official capacity as a Republican President.

According to a letter addressed to the Chief Government Spokesperson Ms Siliya, Mr Tembo has warned the Minister to attend trial or he will issue a subpoena to compel her to testify accordingly.

Mr Tembo indicated that he relies on Ms Siliya’s testimony to support his case.

In his petition Mr.Tembo further wants a declaration that the President is a public officer and that all public officers in their official capacity were prescribed by law to obtain gifts other than casual gifts from people.

But in response the defendant Attorney General Likando Kalaluka asked the Court to dismiss Mr Tembo’s petition because the petitioner is not entitled to the claims he seeks against the head of state adding that the all the claims in the petition are misconceived and lack merit.

Mr Kalaluka argued that a person holding the office of President was not a public officer as the constitution which is the supreme law of the land excludes a person holding such office from being a public officer.

Mr Kalaluka further challenged Mr Tembo to prove Mr Lungu did receive a gift a gift from King Mswati and that the gift so received by Mr Lungu was received using his position as republican President, office, authority or any information in his possession as President.

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  1. Kalaluka must be living on paracetamol. These are unnecessary headaches that his clients are causing him. He should organize a workshop for them and sensitize them.

  2. She wont turn up and there is nothing those Judges most of whom are Lazy Lungu’s handpicked former classmates will do about it ….they will simply drag this case. Only a different govt can look into this case.

    • Lazy bum illiterate tribal online chair of Mapatizya Formula of the tribal grouping son of a polygamist father who never taught him toilet training needing my attention to do a diaper change HAGAIN. Beautifully, it is UNELECTABLE and UNADMIRABLE and CHILDISH. Still an Under FIVE.

  3. King Mswati is answerable to no one. He wasn’t elected but born into the monarchy. All land belongs to the king in eSwatini and he gives it to whosoever he wills. Who is Kalaluka to challenge Mswati? Who is supposed to be sued: the donor or the recipient?

  4. Sean Tembo’s cause is a righteous one that should be supported by all right thinking Zambians although it seems futile. This is through no fault of Sean but because our judiciary is compromised.

    It is because we let cases such as this one involving the Swazi land slip that we embolden our leaders to be even more corrupt. Public outcry and mass action should have been one of the many ways used to get ECL to come clean on this issue. Yet again we let him get away with it and make him and his cronies think they are untouchable. No one they keep auctioning strategic public institutions for personal gain!

  5. Sharon get a life. This is Sean Tembo’s case why do you always dream of HH? Jealous of his riches is what makes you hallucinate any time you open that your mouth.

    • @ Ideal, I want to believe Sharon and Tayali are one and the same person. Next you will hear Sharon saying it is HH behind the leakages in the xams!!!!!!


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